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Once in a blue moon…

No, I’m not talking about my butt on a cold winter’s morning. I’m talking about how there are thousands of amateur musicians posting clips of themselves almost playing music on YouTube. For the most part they are, well… amateurish.

But once in a very rare while, you get something like this….

The future of music is in good hands, lets just hope he doesn’t simply end up taking a job with the county. Shove that up your arse American Idol! (In case you’re wondering, it is an original.)

**I’m adding these two as an afterthought for Jenni In KS who seems to think Aussie Rock consists of Ian Dury and the Blockheads (actually a  British band) and ACDC. This is a bit more up tempo than the other clip so if you want to stay mellow, you may want to skip it.

The sound is a bit out of sync, and fairly low fidelity, but you’ll get the idea…

That was Cold Chisel.

And finally, Jenni since you have has such broad musical tastes, I thought you might like this one…

Now in case you think I’m being a bit snarky (which obviously I am), here’s the comment that inspired me to post the last two clips.

"Gotta say I don’t really dig these two songs (WT: Both by Ian Dury).  Danny came over to watch the last video and said, "I don’t think I like Australian rock."  Then I reminded him of ACDC.  I chose not to remind him of Air Supply, but that’s pop anyway.  I thought about turning the sound down and just watching for the crazy facial expressions, but I think I would have really missed out on that second song.  And the drummer in the girly tank top and pink tights?  Wow."


33 Responses

  1. Yea he’s pretty good. Are trying to tell us you are not a fan of that pussy cat, Simon Cowell, I thought you were an animal lover!!! 🙂

  2. Help I’ve commented twice sorry can you delete one??

  3. ChrisB – OK, I deleted one of the duplicates. Would you like me to delete the third one telling me you commented twice? Simon Cowell is not a pussy! Pussies are at least useful.

  4. DayUm. He’s really good!

    Great find, WT!

    I’m staying out of the pussy convo. :p

  5. He is good. Unfortunately when you click over to see what comments are on the YouTube video it’s full of “stfu and die” and “Faggy voice”. Bah.

  6. TLG – Now see, you say you want me to include you in the responses, but then you say you’re staying out of it. Sheesh, no wonder us poor guys are so confused!

    ToB – Ah yes, that’s the down side of having a blog, I miss the highbrow conversations of MySpace and YouTube.

  7. Thank you, WT! This is so much better than the giant dildo award.

    I stand corrected on Ian Dury and the Blockheads, but he sounded more Australian than these last two bands (which I liked, btw). Where’d their accents go? I suppose Keith Urban doesn’t have much of an accent when he’s singing. Can I just take a moment to say I don’t much care for Keith Urban? He’s too pretty and too pop, although he’s got a few decent songs.

    Oh, and Kylie Minogue. Can’t forget her. Although I can’t think of anything beyond that “Locomotion” song which was a remake. Now I’ve got to go look her up. I’m sure you have many fine musicians among your countrymen, Air Supply not withstanding. (I loved Air Supply when I was in 6th grade. I’m a bit embarrassed by that fact now.)

    I loved that first song! I’ve got to go check out this guy’s MySpace page and hear some more. I don’t understand, though. Is he Australian, too?

    Thank you for a musical start to my morning:o)

    Oh yeah, ACDC ROCKS! And this is my favorite song: http://youtube.com/watch?v=6XKuxxZ2JCI

  8. Nice snark 😉 The first guy is good, it’s a fairly simple melody, but his guitar work is pretty clean. It’a little bit Dave Matthews-ish. And I’m pretty sure you’ve aptly demonstrated the variations in Australian music LOL As for pussies…oh, never mind.

  9. Jenni – I wouldn’t put money on it, but as far as I can tell, the first guy is American. As for the accents, that’s actually an interesting piece of pop culture trivia.

    The Beatles were the first to realise that Rock and Roll had to be sung with an American accent or it didn’t sound right. In fact I’ve seen old footage where both John Lennon and Paul McCartney explain it.

    It is even more obvious when it comes to country music, there are some Australian country singers who sing with Aussie accents (if you want to hear what it sounds like google Sara Storer) and it just sounds ridonculous.

    That ACDC song is with the Scottish guy singing, I’m more of a Bon Scott fan. Oh, and I always hated Air Supply, they were only half Australian anyway, the blonde guy who played guitar was English.

    But let’s not forget INXS, LRB or ONJ.

  10. How’s it going, Willow?

  11. Ahhhh INXS – how my heart pines for thee Michael.

    I suppose you could list Australian musicians all day – but don’t forget Midnight Oil.

  12. Min – Ah… oh, kaaay. Do you have a stamp made up that says that or something? Because I think that’s what you said to me on your blog too.

    Karmyn – In fact I’m trying my hardest to forget the Oils, never was a big fan. That tall bald doofus is a member of parliament now.

  13. That new guy’s got chops. I like him.
    How about I send some of this Texas heat your way? Sound good?

  14. He’s good. Plays guitar.

  15. “Let’s get physical,physical. I wanna get physical…” I guess that’s what was going through Michael Hutchence mind before he died. He oozed Sex, so I suppose it’s only fitting he un-officially died of auto-erotic asphyxiation.
    WT how could anyone forget those last 3 you mentioned?
    Cold Chisel sounded a tiny bit like ACDC but with a southern rock sound… maybe it is just me. Good find with Justin Steere.

  16. Ooh yeah, kaytabug – Olivia Newton John. She was just on TV here in the states telling us all how to do breast self exams.

    WT you haven’t showcased Olivia singing yet; I’m seriously beginning to doubt your Australian credentials.

  17. I like all of today’s music.

  18. Melissa,all the credit goes to WT. He mentioned her in his second to last comment, that was what made me break out in song! I seem to do that a lot! For instance, “You Shook Me All Night Long” is screaming in my head right now…

  19. ahh there is something special about guitar players, though I will wait to tell you that one when you grow up… or perhaps when i grow up whichever comes first…

    dude just given you shit bout the comments but it did get a response tee hee

    this guy i liked… very nice!

  20. @ kaytabug – well, I tend to ignore his comments. 😉

  21. Heather – No thanks, I’ll get my heat in a couple of months (and it will make Texas seem like the Antarctic).

    Mary – Geez, you’re such a chatterbox.

    Kaytabug – No, I think it’s just you.

    Melissa – I may not have showcased ONJ, but I have seen her perform live (at the Greek amphitheatre in LA).

    KT – Thanks, but Melissa doesn’t read comments anyway.

    Wolfie – Wait… now am I suppose to respond to this one or not?

    Melissa – Oh, it’s just mine you don’t read, that makes more sense.

  22. Hi, Willowtree!
    Your blog very interesting, let me give you a warm hug from Chile…
    You can visit my blog, if you want…lets read one another…
    All about Australia is amazing to me…

  23. I personally like the two musicians on my own blog, but to each his own.

  24. Whatever floats your boat darlin;)

  25. I really like this find…wow..can I post on my blog- do you mind ?….( is very Dave Matthews -ish…and that is a very good thing..) okay other Aussie folk- Keith Urban ( sorry- but not a hit )….how about Men at Work ? ( and not just that Downunder song…)…I am just grateful for Russel Crowe…( doesn’t he have a band?)

  26. Wolfie – Ah, that would be about 6ft of water. But do you know what really burns my arse? That would be about 3ft of flames.

    Enigma – Mi clip es su clip. It’s fine by me and I’m sure he’d appreciate all the exposure that he can get. I forgot about Men at Work, and you’re right they were more than just “Down Under”. As for Russel Crowe, pass. He’s a Kiwi anyway.

  27. That first one was really good. Wish I had talent like that. If he had a CD or DVD, I’d buy it.

    I still like AC/DC, and now so do the kids. My middle son always says, “Put on ‘Thunder’!” As in Thunderstruck. It’s odd, because that was the favorite song of DH’s best friend who passed away, and the middle son is named after him.

    I liked INXS. When I hear them I’m taken back to the summer of 1988, best days of my life…

    Midnight Oil was OK. I liked them in the 80’s.

    Air Supply? No thanks.

  28. Now I can’t get “Beds are Burning” out of my head. Thanks.

  29. Now I can’t get “Beds are Burning” out of my head. Thanks.

  30. Yea, well… I GUESS he’s alright and everythig.

    I mean, he’s no Fifty Cent but, hey – we can’t all be geniuses.

  31. Skye – Are you kidding me? He’s way better than Fifty Cent, I’d say he’s at least Six Bits!

  32. I did forget INXS! How could I do that? I probably scrubbed my brain a little too hard to get rid of too much info about the circumstances of Michael’s death. I did think about them a few times during certain CSI episodes, then I had to rescrub my brain. I wish I could forget Olivia Newton John so easily.

    Are you kidding me? The Beatles totally sang with an accent. Maybe it wasn’t their full on accent, but I can hear it. It is funny that a lot of the accent gets dropped for most people when they’re singing, though, or an American accent picked up. I don’t know which. I suppose an American accent would sound like no accent to me, except there are so many different types of American accents.

    ACDC – Scottish/Australian/English, eh, they all have those funny little accents. It’s cute, kinda like your spelling of “realise”:oP

    I also can’t believe I forgot Men at Work. Now guess which song I’ll have running through my head today.

  33. What’d you say? I was ignoring you.

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