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It’s late and I’m tired

So I’ll just leave you to ponder this for a little while….



31 Responses

  1. That is freaking hilarious and I have so many comments I’d love to say, but instead….I hope you have a good day WT.

  2. I can totally understand that you wanted to shave yourself after it was made clear in your last post that people do not know or understand aussie rock. Please do not post photos.

  3. I’ve seen variations of that one before. Still makes me giggle. Is that you in the sink? How much shaving foam does that take, anyway? *grin*

  4. hmmm. not sure the above commenters quite understand that picture, if they think the beaver might be you, WT. unless there’s something about you that i don’t quite understand.

  5. She ought to be paying closer attention to what she’s doing. That’s some dangerous work and to look into the camera and have a thought bubble could result in catastrophic injury.

  6. I’m printing this and taping it to Danny’s monitor. Too funny!

  7. Laurie, I understood the cartoon just fine, really (of course, my sarcasm meter might be broken, if that was your intent, disregard)… I just think it’s fun to poke at WT now and again. Having seen some pics of him, he could use a good shave *grin*

  8. She’d better off giving that beaver a Brazilian.

  9. ha-ha. I spewed on my screen.

  10. It’s not late, but I’m tired, too.

  11. Now that’s funny!

  12. When did you take that picture of Marnie?

  13. Melissa. *soup nazi voice* NO LUSH FOR YOU!

  14. Oh, and hi Willowtree.

  15. Hi marnie!

  16. C’mon. It couldn’t be helped.

  17. Mark – I don’t know how anyone could shave with a thought bubble in the way!

    Min – You should really wipe that off.

    Melissa – A couple of days ago, and it wasn’t easy let me tell you! Oh, I got Marnie to sit in the sink easy enough, but I had a hell of a time trying to get Caroline to hold still and stop laughing.

  18. Hi JohnBoy.

  19. man there are just so many ways I can go with that it’s not even funny… so far I have thus managed to stay at least pg 13… your pushin me though WT i have a naturally gutter minded instinct and darn it…

    your baddddddd boy

  20. you and your razor wit

  21. And she’s wearing an apron is that one you will be borrowing for Monday!!!!!

  22. Why would anyone put a beaver in the sink?

    Nevermind. Don’t answer that…

  23. She may be better off slapping some wax on that bad boy.

    Funny cartoon!

  24. Why is that lady giving that woodchuck a bath?


    That is too funny!!!

    Waxing is not a woman’s friend.

  26. Waxing may not be a woman’s friend, but a woman can be her own worst friend when she does things like shaving a brazilian while on vacation. I think I may just be (have) the dumbest beaver around.

  27. too funny. Where do you find these things???

  28. As long as I’m not expected to wash my snake, do you wash snakes or are they self cleaning like cats?

    I like the menu you have going on doon the left of yer blog.

  29. You can’t fool me, WT. You’re last mentioned because I almost didn’t put you in there. I wasn’t sure how you’d take to an award that doesn’t have any moving parts.

  30. that made me spit diet coke out my nose!

    now I’m going to drag my husband in here to he can see it. He’ll love it!

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