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Fun Monday #28

Fun_monday_2This week the luverly ChrisB from Miss Cellania is hosting. She wants us to show everyone our aprons and tea towels. To be part of this Fun Monday I have embarrass myself by displaying my girlie things for all the world to see. OK fine, I’m in touch with my feminine side.

You may be surprised to learn that in fact I have tons of aprons…

That is just a small sampling, there are even more in another closet. Ok, I know some of you who clicked on the photos above (or below) for a better look may be saying "WTF? Those are tshirts!", well yes technically that’s true, but to us guys they are aprons.

Here’s one of my favourites…


But once in a while I have friends around and I don’t want the food to get dirty so I really do have an actual apron (for special occasions)…

Now before you start getting all high and mighty and carrying on about how wonderful your aprons are, who among you has monogrammed tea towels….


Now piss off and look at someone else’s aprons, I’ve got cooking to do!

Update*** In case you think I’m kidding, in a couple of hours, this bunch of ingredients will be a spectacular winter soup…


PS. Today I won yet another award, so come back tomorrow and watch me gloat! Oh yes, there will be gloating.


44 Responses

  1. Somehow the monogrammed tea towels don’t surprise me.

    The first photo surprised me. There is actually a small area of untidiness in your home?

    The last photo is wonderful. Very inviting. Hi, Beep.

    (I don’t have any aprons, and hadn’t heard of tea towels until today, but since we’re in the kitchen I’ll share a recipe on Monday.)

    Did someone specially make your towels just for you?

  2. *lol* at the Homer Simpson apron…that figures.
    Yes, enough about aprons. Whatcha cookin’, good lookin’? 😀

  3. Only manly men can (and are willing as well) show their girlie things. That is a very nice tea towel WT.

  4. Great post!

  5. That picture of the hanging apron is awfully Matha Stewart (ish). Very nice, crisp and clean. I put the “ish” away from Stewart just in case someone googled Homer Simpson and Martha Stewart.

    That is a fancy tea towel. You’ve definitely got me beat in that department.

  6. hmmmm… you’re cookin again. I smell a good post coming.

    (I’m getting sick of zucchini!)

  7. I see Beep got in the frame! Hmmm I’m thinking that tea towel would go well with my collection. Are we all invited to dinner !!

  8. OK so you got me laughing at your first aprons my hubby has lots of those too!

    I was surprised to see a real apron but then nothing about you should surprise me.

    As for the tea towels…wtf??? I mean I thought only really posh people went for things like that?

  9. love the homer t shirt!
    what time shall i be there for that lovely soup!

  10. Even your vegetables look wierd. What’s with the white carrot?

  11. Can I come round for some of that soup? It’s unbearably hot here right now (middle of summer, you know), and I could go from some good winter-ness!

  12. i own one apron. it was left behind by a flamboyant and loud friend, who left it behind after drinking quite a bit. it’s one of those full aprons that loop around the neck and tie at the waist. it’s navy blue and it says ST. PAUL WINTER CARNIVAL on it in white.

    she wore that, and knee-high boots. (oh yeah and a shirt and some kind of pant too, but the apron and the boots are what made the outfit.)

    and when we walked the dogs in the park, she drew many stares. (she is tall and busty and blonde, as well.)

    i have never worn the apron, because i know i could not pull it off the way she did.

  13. I usually wear an old T-shirt to cook or work in the kitchen. I hardly ever remember my aprons. Does that make me a guy? Checking–nope.

    Are you going to post the recipe for that soup? How about a Willowtree cooking blog? You could show us how to use all those strange Australian foods you mentioned in earlier posts.

  14. I love the t-shirts. Nice apron and looks so clean. Are you going to share your soup? It looks yummy.

  15. Just say no to crack!
    Nice apron, the way you have it hanging looks very old western…I was looking around for your hanging Dinner Triangle!
    That tea towel is awesome, I love it!
    All the ingredients look yummy, I will be waiting for the recipe!

  16. Nice apron but the tea towel is the best. Monogrammed tea towels? Very lucky. The soup looks like it’s going to be good. Still have a hard time wrapping my head around it being winter there when I’m sitting here in the middle of summer.

  17. Are you going to share some of that soup. I love me some parsnips. (I was going to call you Mr. Reddy Kilowatt, but then I realized how wrong it sounded.)

  18. Homer needs some crack filler that Marnie has a her place. I want that WT tea towel. Don’t tell me you monogrammed it yourself. Are you the official Soup Nazi? When is dinner served? Oh well, by now, you’ve eaten it all.
    And a post script to the “cartoon” in your previous post…obviously, I wasn’t paying attention to what that woman was doing to that “woodchuck.” That is a “woodchuck” isn’t it? I don’t get it.

  19. Oh, yum – soup! I love making soup in the winter. There’s sosmething so homey and comfortng about a big pot of something wonderful on the stove.

    I’m with you on the aprons – t-shirts work just as well. And at lunchtime, papertowel instead of a plate for your sandwich. Minimize dishes! is my motto…

  20. you did save some of that soup for me right? say yes please? looks yummy

    i don’t even have an apron so your several steps ahead of me;) as for the tea towels I actually have a few of those that were monogramed with our last name given to us when we were married the man and i 😛

  21. Homer HAS to be my favorite!

    I liked your pics and post.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

    Happy Monday & rest of the week!

  22. Looks like yummy soup!! I’ve got some cabbage in my fridge that needs to be eaten, was thinkin ’bout throwing it in some soup.

    Thanks for sharing WT!

  23. Your comment on mjd’s was just precious! And so are your feminine qualities.

  24. all right…where’s Willow and what’d you do to him??? Are those fresh veggies I see???

  25. Ok, until I saw the pic of the food, I was thinking “why does he have all these aprons, he has no food to cook”!!

    I’ve been proven wrong!

  26. Nice aprons. I could really go for some soup but it’s 94 degrees F with 90% humidity here.

  27. The Homer tea towels are inspired and the soup looks like it is going to be so great!!

  28. came back to the veggies.
    we ate parsnips much when I was little, because they stayed edible in the root cellar.

    … the little round things have my curiosity up.. is that garlic??? can’t tell

  29. Love Homer. His briefs are super sexy. I would have thought him a boxer kind of guy!

    The soup sounds deeelish! I’m making a pot of beans for dinner, but with some of the same ingredients. Yummy!

  30. Love the tea towel!! Where can I get me a monogramed tea towel??

    Oh, and the Homer Simpson “apron”? Classic!

  31. Gloating? You’re going to be gloating. This I have to see.

    Please send some soup. It’s 58 F here. Thx.

  32. I’m totally impressed. Of course, somehow, I suspected that not only could you cook, but had a classy apron to boot.

  33. I think I’m not girlie. I have two aprons and rarely wear either one. That’s what my husband’s T-shirts are for. LOL

  34. BTW, take out the turnip and I’m all in. Looks like a yummy chicken soup.

  35. Can we expect you to post Your Girlie Side in the near future?

  36. Your first apron picture very closely resembles my aprons. Except I don’t do well in white! And that winter soup looks to be mighty promising.

  37. Yum, home made soup.

  38. I’m so confused, isn’t it already tomorrow

  39. NZ could do with some hot soup here too, it’s about 5 degrees … But you should be making Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Broth from scratch, not using a carton, where are your morals???
    PS the “proper” apron is very pretty …

  40. Melissa – Why? Do you ride a horse to work?

  41. OOH! If you are ever going to give a prize away for anything again – PLEASE PLEASE send me one of those cool teatowels. I think they are great.

  42. I know I’m stating the obvious, by saying, ‘Nice monogrammed tea towels!’, but they ARE nice. And i’m too damned tired to be a true smartarse.

  43. Ditto Karmyn.

    And, have we ever seen a picture of you wearing that apron? It looked familiar….

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