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Yep, another award youbetcha!

Listen up all you wannabe award winners, WT has done it again! Let’s take a moment to let that sink in shall we… ok, long enough, you may start applauding now. Sweet Jenni, that lovely blogger from KS with questionable taste in men (come on! she asked for that by posting a clip of Sawyer, mind you the music was ok), has awarded me the "Really Spooky Foggy River from Deliverance" award.

Isn’t that just the spookiest award you ever did see, or should that be Dead Sea, whatever. Jenni really excelled herself with her praise for me on awarding this little piece of bling. Not only did she award it to me in the much coveted "and Last but not Least" position (which is somewhat akin to "with all due respect", and we all know what that means), she described everyone she awarded it to (except me) as not really needing an award because in reality they were all actually pretty good bloggers.

Thanks Jenni, I’m doubly touched, but again I can’t help thinking mine doesn’t look exactly the same as the others (look closely).

Seeing as this award has something to do with reflecting pools or something, and seeing as how my awards always seem to be in the much coveted "and Last but not Least" position (except for the Awful Guy Blogger from Joy T., that one was a postscript to the actual awards ceremony) I got to thinking about my position in the blogosphere.

It feels a bit like that kid in high school that wasn’t cool enough to hang around with the jocks on a regular basis, although he wasn’t rejected or bullied by them either (nor was he treated as a mascot), but at the same time wasn’t smart enough to hang around with the brainiacs, although he could converse with them. And of course there’s no way he’d hang around with the geeks, they were just plain creepy.

And then in a Eureka moment that hit me like a bolt of lightening, an epiphany so clear that I’m embarrassed that the realisation came to in such a dramatic fashion rather than me just remembering… I was that kid in high school!

Update**  I’m a little bemused that some of the comments thus far have felt it necessary to offer comfort (albeit in some cases through sarcasm) for some perceived trauma I may have suffered at school, or that I didn’t fit in. Let me be perfectly clear, the opposite is the case. I was, and still am, one of those blessed with the ability to mix easily with people from all walks of life. At school I was equally comfortable with the cool crowd as I was with the scholastics (and in fact divided my time between them), having said that, my tolerance for dim-witted people was, and always will be, limited.

This ability to generally feel at ease with whoever I come in contact, has enabled me to circumnavigate the globe twice, hold positions in construction that required me to mediate between contractors and architects, and in IT, manage the design and implementation of large scale systems.

Or in other words, I don’t want no stinking sympathy!

PS. I would much rather you focused on the spectacular job of award modification that I performed this time, it’s really subtle (kinda unusual for me). Thank you.


25 Responses

  1. hey join the crowd.. that was me to… well part of the time the rest of the time i was just the dork;P

  2. You’re going to have to remodel and enlarge your side bar. Maybe someone will mail you a banjo or perhaps the kid who was playing the banjo for a really special award.

  3. I don’t think we went to school in the same decade.

  4. Wolfie – Well somebody has to be!

    Swampy – I’ll take the banjo, you can have the kid.

    Melissa – Hell, we didn’t even go to school in the same country. Your point being?

  5. Not sure where the banjo idea came from.
    If he is truly dorky as he describes (sort of – I read between the lines) then shouldn’t WT already be in the band?
    I reckon he probably plays his flute.

  6. WT, I’m just so chuffed to see I’ve been promoted to a chum, yipee I’m in WT’s gang!

  7. Amanda – Ah, that would be a reference to Deliverance I suspect.

    Beccy – What are you talking about? Oh yeah, now I see. I’m sorry, there must be some kind of a mix-up. (Just kidding, you’ve actually been there for a while.)

  8. Is that violins I hear playing!!

  9. some idiot (beccy) changed the comment name so the last comment was mine-just thought I’d clarify ! 🙂

  10. Oh!! Poor WT!!

    Not really.

    I’m a total geek, and now you’ve insulted me!


    Okay, that’s BS, too. Not the geek part; the “insulted” part. ‘Cause I’m one of those geeks who’s also a total bitch. We don’t insult very easily.

    Congrats on the …ah…um… “award” thingy!!

  11. Speaking of awards, has anyone noticed the Polling Booth in DubYaT’s side bar under The Dingo Award?

  12. And yet we are still hanging around you!

  13. I think all of us had a little bit of that kid inside of us.

    Gee, your awards are piling up dude! You’re running out of room.

  14. AWESOME award modification WT! Your skills absolutely amaze me. I’m in complete awe. And I’m also impressed that you recognized this award for what it is: The Really Spooky Foggy River From Deliverance Award. (I actually thought it was kinda perty before you pointed that out.) Now if you could just have added banjo music…

    I would like to correct something from this post though. Only three of the bloggers I mentioned seem to be famous. I’m basing that observation on the number of hits their blogs get and big (where folks vote rather than this pass it on stuff) awards they’ve won or been nominated for. Mental Multivitamin has gotten mention in print publications, as well. Quiet Life is probably not in that category, but you and she both get more hits and comments than I do, so you’re big time to me.

    As for high school comparisons, I’m still that awkward, slightly geeky kid. I’m too cool hang with the true nerds. I’m shy so I hide my nose in a book and everyone assumes I’m a brainiac and ignores me unless they want to look off my German test or have me write a book report for them. Then they hate me because I can’t bring myself to cheat even if it buys me temporary popularity. I envy people who fit in easily with any crowd.

    What else about this post? Sawyer is easy on the eyes but not at the top of my list. Oh, and I can’t believe you ignored my comment about awards with no moving parts.

    And I really do love your blog for the reasons I stated. There are just two blogs I make sure to visit every single day, and this is one. No lie.

  15. Man you are just being “ridiculous” with all this award nonsense. Get over yourself already…speaking of…when are you going to give yourself your own award??
    Is it crowded in here? I just don’t think the world wide web is big enough for your head…I mean the one on your neck not the one in your trousers! 😉

  16. oh nothing – I was basically just calling you old. 😉

  17. Award Schmaward. I think I’m going to drink something to see if I can say that five times, real fast.

    I’m thinking you played the banjo in high school.

  18. Congrats on your new award. 🙂

  19. When will this madness end? (all the award giving, I mean)

  20. Hmmm. People are getting creative with the award inventing these days… Congrats!

  21. this whole post is ridiculous.

  22. Stop showing up as a new post in bloglines. You’re making it impossible for me to reflect on you by constantly getting all up in my feed reader.

  23. That award is ridiculous. But it looks cool. Yep, I saw it right away. Definately your style. Made me laugh. Do I get an Observation Skills award?

    I’ll send you all the sympathy I can muster, since you “don’t want no stinking sympathy”, which means that you DO want sympathy, which I think we already knew. Most likely we’re all here out of sympathy. 😉

  24. wt, when enidd reflects on it, your award is totally ridiculous.

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