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Stuff I found on the Net

I put so much effort into creating my cooking post that I’m plum tuckered out today, plus I’ve got to chop some firewood. But knowing how you guys like a good laugh, here’s some stuff I found while surfing the net.

First off, we’ve got those crazy Japanese people trying to win money by causing themselves pain and injury. While the clip is funny in it’s own right, I can’t stop laughing at the American voice over (and no, I don’t think the voice over is really part of the show).

Crazy Japanese Losers.

Next, a bunch of pictures that show how my photoshop skills are improving (just kidding, they’re not really mine, but you would have worked that out for yourselves).

Unsettling Photoshopped pictures.

And finally a cartoon….



29 Responses

  1. I’ve actually watched that show – hate to admit it.

    Some of those photoshopped pix made me squirm.

    but I loved them all. I can’t wait to see what Karmyn’s kids have to say about them.

  2. I love that show, I think it’s hilarious.

  3. Great cartoon. The cat/shark thing made me cringe, especially as I had a kitty sitting on my lap as I peruesed those. As for the Japanese show…I confess, I’ve seen it before. I suppose I shouldn’t be so embarassed about it, as apparently as least two other people have, too!

  4. Love it!

  5. Okay, PERUSED. Geez, I need to proof read. I really do.

  6. Very funny stuff there, WT. My brother has a whole season of that show on DVD. When he and his wife were living in South Dakota, they couldn’t get cable out in the country and there was nothing to do, so her parents recorded this show and Family Guy.

  7. Too funny! The comments remind me of Jason Bateman’s comments on Dodgeball. I can’t believe the photoshopping- I can lighten pictures and do pre-defined actions. I suck.

    And yes Downward Dog is yoga, but I believe it could me used in more imaginative ways. Not for me though my shoulder would pop out of socket and I’d be an unstable tripod!

  8. loved the cartoon. its so real. its not just driving either. what with all the pricks, you have to watch where you walk too.

    Your Beau and Buzz remind me of my Sasha and Roscoe. Cats rock…well, they just are, actually.

  9. Love the watermelon/cactus cartoon. I think I need to print it and hang it up in my office.

  10. Chopping firewood? Yeah, I was impressed. But it made me hotter, and not in a good way.
    You MUST keep the cartoons coming. They are absolutely hi-freakin-larious. Thanks.

  11. hee-hee. that cartoon was funny. now i’m off to watch the japanese show.

  12. now that i’ve seen the japaner and have stopped laughing enough to regain control of my bladder and my fingers to type this message – oh. my. goodness.

  13. ok people do some seriously crazy things to get on to t.v. for real!!!

    those pics were cool wicked cool

    have fun with cutting wood tee hee

  14. Just ONCE I’d like to see one of those crazy Japanese kids make it to the finish line.

  15. Photoshop should not be used to make a dog into a seal.

    I’m going to make some chicken soup today, thanks to you.

  16. Crazy Japanese Losers is the alter ego to a show we like to watch called Ninja Warrior. I am always impressed that no matter what happens, they always end up smiling, whereas most folks would be cussing and blaming somebody. I almost peed my pants when that guy latched onto that boulder and rolled. Whew! Thanks for the laughs today. I needed the stress relief after the cast removal ordeal.

  17. Stopping by from Jen’s site to say hi. Love the photoshop pictures and am trying to figure out how they got that picture of my dog. My kids love the Japanese show although it makes me cringe. Okay, cringe AND laugh.

  18. Those pics are impressive. Someone knows Photoshop!

    The cartoon is awesome!

  19. Wow, those photoshopped photos were awesome! My kids will get a big laugh out of those.

    I like the cartoon this time 😉

  20. Re video:

    Do they not feel pain? They are always smiling… I can tell you right now that if I were hit by a boulder, I would not be smiling.

    (although I try to stay away from rolling boulders)

  21. An open comment to everyone – Unfortunately I’ve only got 3 channels where i live so I haven’t see the the show on TV, but I have seen it on YouTube a few times.

    My question is the same as Marnie’s “don’t they feel pain?” I think the funniest thing is the commentary, you have to play it a few times so that you can focus on what the guys are saying.

  22. I laughed at the video with the American voice over….but the photoshopped pictures cracked me UP.

  23. As hard as I try not to comment – I can’t help myself. The cartoon was hilarious. The pictures were unsettling….but damn good. I wish I had the Photoshop skills for that. I couldn’t hear the voice over because I wasn’t willing to turn my music off. Ok..maybe I didn’t know how to turn the music off.

  24. I loved the cartoon!! The pictures were very unsettling! Great skills but just wrong!!!
    The video was my fave! I laughed so hard!! Thanks WT! Between “Rectal shaver” “Carpet muncher” and “Sherbet tights” the last one has to be my favorite!

    My first thought while watching was “How sure are you this is American voice over? I kept thinking about the movie “Better off Dead” one of the Japanese kids talked like Howard Cosell!” Either way that was hilarious!

  25. Beckie – Why would you try not to comment???

    Kaytabug – That’s a very good point! There are heaps of Aussie actors on TV with American accents.

  26. I don’t want to know who…I was so disenchanted when I heard Hugh Laurie’s British accent for the first time like a year ago. I love House and I saw him in both Stuart Little Movies… I totally thought he was an American! He does the American accent so well it is scary!

  27. those photoshop images are effin awesome!

  28. Totally excellent cartoon!

  29. The cartoon cracked me up.

    I have never seen the show before and was laughing. “Karen Griffin paints life size boogie men in children’s closets.” ROFLMAO

    The photo shop thing just freaked me out a bit.

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