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Whine and shine.

I can live with the stop start traffic, I can live with the housess being built so close to each other. Hell, I can even live with the realization that everyone living here is a moron (at least everyone living here and driving a car this morning anyway). But what I forgot about, and what I can’t live with, is that MDW still has dial-up!!

She rarely uses the computer at home so she doesn’t  really care that much, plus you have to wait until someone calls you about switching, because it’s heaps cheaper that way, than if you choose to switch to broadband yourself (I’m serious, they offer lots of incentives to get you to switch, but only if they are trying to convince you).

I did manage to get around to a few Fun Monday posts yesterday, but it was just so painful. I had to skip anything with more that 4 photos, and sometimes I just sat there waiting for the comments window to load. It’s amazing how quickly you forget how bad it is. I did remember that I was on the verge of walking away from blogging completely a few months ago because of it. Thankfully they finally installed broadband in my area before that happened.

I’ll be back up the bush tomorrow, if everything goes well, so I’ll catch up on everyone’s FM posts then. Bentley and Buddy are already itching to get back. Belle and Beau are at the vet’s getting fixed, and the three cats are fending for themselves.


28 Responses

  1. Would you like some cheese with your w(h)ine?

    And, just what, pray tell, is “diap-up”? Does YDW have a little “condition” you haven’t yet blogged? Might you be having her “fixed” somehow with Belle and Beau?

    Some typos make me smile…like now :). We’ll chalk it up to your utter frustration.

  2. Oh poor Belle and Beau – well, actually – good for you WT for being such a responsible pet owner. (my in-laws only spay their females and leave the males to run around and impregnate the neighbor cats).

    Dial-up – dinosaur talk.

  3. Robin – When you pointed it out, that made me laugh too. But it’s fixed now, just like Beau and Belle.

    Karmyn – That’s just plain dumb, not only is neutering much cheaper than spaying, not neutering your cat is what gets him run over, or injured by either other toms or angry neighbors. Life is much easier when you get rid of sex.

  4. Are you back yet? Are we just expected to wait around forever? Jeez.

    Don’t read my latest post yet – it has two youtube links. You’ll throw the monitor out the window in frustration.

  5. well you’re not supposed to be blogging anyway when you go see mdw

  6. dial-up does suck, but at least it’s better than nothing, I’ve found (though it does make one want to hit the machine – repeatedly).

  7. I didn’t know Beau and Belle were broken.

  8. You definitely deserved that whine. I could NOT live on dial-up I’ve become so accustomed to fast. I remember sitting and waiting for pages to load UGH. I feel for you.

  9. Oh, can you dive to a motel parking lot and spoof signal? We do that occasionally while traveling. 🙂 we have even sat in the parking lot, spoofin signal to make reservations at the motel online as it’s usually cheaper. 😀

  10. ohh and i had cheese and crackers at my place;)

    gotta love that dial up.. so not

    have fun!!

  11. A little whine never hurt anyone, really. I do it all the time *grin* Dial-up, you poor, poor dear. Well, all will soon be right with the world again. And thank you for slogging through a slow connection to come visit me, that was very sweet of you!

  12. *violin is screeching for you*


  13. Poor, poor WT. You are supposed to be spending time with YDW, NOT blogging. However, I did wonder why you never came by and commented yesterday….I guess I know now. Dial up would be hell at this point – it’s all about speed and efficiency!

  14. grinning at your posse.. the blog… well at least you have a computer there to use – regardless of how painful! Always fun to play catch up here!

  15. “Life is much easier when you get rid of sex.”

    Ain’t it the truth? Just kidding, I think…

  16. Yeah, no way could I handle dial-up any more. I can’t stand it if my computer takes long to do anything.

  17. My broadband is pretty slow and can be frustrating but I would hate to go back to dial up! Hope Belle and Beau getting post op pampering!!

  18. Dial-up? Where do you guys live? Australia?

  19. We finally ended up switching because DSL was cheaper than dial-up!

  20. I know how you feel, we rarely used the computer till we got broadband, and because we got it as soon as it came into our area we’re paying loads and can’t change until a year is up!

  21. “Life is much easier when you get rid of sex.” If you could convince my DH of that, I would be so obliged. And rested.

  22. Life may be easier, but it is less interesting. How about life is more interesting when you’re easy. Well, that’s what our cats seem to think anyway. We’re planning to get them fixed, one at a time to make it easier on the budget. We probably will start with the males for the reasons already mentioned.

    There are other phrases I’m biting my tongue to keep from commenting on. It would be improper to mention them, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

    I hope you’re enjoying your time with YDW. Don’t worry so much about keeping up with the blogs:o)

  23. poor little belle. ship her over here and we’ll nurse her through her recovery.

  24. “I’ll be back up the bush tomorrow…” LMAO I totally get what Jenni meant by “improper”! I hope your trip back into the bush came out ok. That was not the improper comment I wanted to say… seriously… I do hope you had a safe trip back!

  25. I’m with theotherbear. Never understand why they call it “fixed” when everything is in fine working order BEFORE they start the surgery, and nothing works after.

    go figure.

  26. Belle and Beau are getting tutored? They’ll be smarter than you now.

  27. *snort* Better late than never.

  28. I can’t imagine having dial-up – at ALL! I would curl up in the fetal position and suck my thumb.

    You are a brave man, WT.

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