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Home at last!


How Embarassement!!!
Have you ever parked your car next to an identical one in a parking lot and when you came back from, the shops, try to get into the wrong one? Well that happened to me this morning. MDW gave me some of her frequent flyer points so I went and bought a 120Gb external drive (romantic aren’t I?).

I noticed the car when I pulled in so I should have remembered, but I was just so jazzed about getting a new toy that I didn’t pay attention. The thing is, I got in all right, it was only when I went to start it that I noticed that Bentley and Buddy were in the car next to me, and this got me thinking that i may have the wrong car. It was a simple enough mistake, see for yourself…


What?!?! Hey I can’t tell the difference between a candy and a crispbread, how the fuck am I supposed to distinguish between a Feroza and a Ferrari?! Boy you should have seen that baby, the hood (which is actually behind the seats), was Perspex or something so you could see the engine, sweet!

Oh, by the way, I’m giving a prize or two for the best and most correct rewrite of the first paragraph of this post. (Grammar counts)

Ok, we’ve got three winners, they are all a little different, Viva la difference! (ChrisB was the closest to how I would have written it)


34 Responses

  1. Man, I’m so glad to be home! I can’t believe how fucking slow dial up is! This is SO much better. Things just seem to fairly fly along and boy that coffee was good too. I got Beau and Belle and now I think I’ll just put my feet up and get over the drive.

    I can see how you would have made that mistake, the two look so similar. Glad your little critters helped you out. 🙂

  2. There has already been a perfect entry, but I unpublished it so there’s no cheating. Lisa, I’ll re-publish it tomorrow (my time).

    Ok, now there’s two, Melissa yours shows some individual flare. I’m not really sure you’d want the prize, tacky Chinese made Aussie souvenirs are exactly the same as tacky Chinese made New Zealand souvenirs.

    That’s all folks, Lisa, Melissa and Chris are all winners. If you want you prize, send your postal address.

    Boy that was quick, maybe I should have put more thought into it!

  3. Man!I’m so glad to be home: I can’t believe how fucking slow dial-up is. This is so much better – things just seem to fairly fly along. And oh boy … that coffee was good too. I got Beau and Belle and now I think I’ll just put my feet up and get over the drive.

    Geez, I’m too old for homework. I left your delightful language because it’s what I consider to be “evolved grammar”.

  4. Man I’m so glad to be home! I can’t believe how fucking slow dial up is. This is so much better things just seem to fair fly along; and boy that coffee was good too. I got Beau and Belle and now I think I’ll just put my feet up and get over the drive!!
    Why am I doing this when I should be getting the daily newspaper and finding out what’s happening in the world but I know what’s going on in your little corner of the world- enjoy that coffee!!

  5. Hey Peter, don’t know about the paragraph, (it looked normal to me anyway). Just wanted to say that I’m glad to see that your not like others that post pictures of their cars, and try in some way to cover their personlised number plates.

  6. Man I’m too late to enter could you please adjust your post timimg to suit me?

  7. I’m always too late to enter these things. It’s what I get for sleeping. Or maybe not getting up early enough to take advantage of the difference in time zones…Glad you made it home okay, and coffee sounds good. It’s not quite 6 a.m. on this side of the world, so I think I could use some of that.

  8. perhaps you wre in the right car all along. it’s quite possible that belle and beau switched vehicles, just to play with your mind.

    it’s something boscoe would do.

  9. I’m still trying to figure out how you “flew” your vehicle using those frequent flyer miles to where ever it was you and the dogs went to purchase some thing-a-ma-jig for your computer that might make it fly faster oh, that’s what the frequent flyer miles were for and I still don’t notice a difference in those two vehicles except that they have different license plates and maybe one has dogs and the other one doesn’t…

  10. See, now our car really was easy to confuse with others. It seems charcoal grey is a very popular color and half of them are Saturn Ions. We traded it in recently for a newer car of the same model in green, so it’s slightly easier. Saturns sure are popular around here, though. The best way to tell it is my car is still by the amount of dirt on it. The folks at the dealership always remark about that when I bring it in for an oil change. “Live down a dirt road, ma’am?”

    School starts today, so I will already be grading a writing assignment and various other papers thankyouverymuch.

  11. How about (yes I know the contest is over, but I can’t help myself)

    “Man, this fucking dial up sucks sweaty donkey balls.”

    I’m right aren’t I?

  12. and how can a contest be launched, closed and judged all in the space of time it takes bloglines to tell me you’ve put up a new post???

    no wonder i never win anything.

  13. It was like reading Hebrew.

  14. Wow I can’t believe I’ve won; sometimes it pays to be the early bird. Beccy don’t whinge you are only jealous let your poor old mum wallow in her Andy Warhol moment!

  15. A friend of mine once loaded an entire cart of groceries into the wrong car and of course once she realized it had to unload them all too. Guess who came out of the store during the unloading?


  16. Natural mistake – I mean, the names of both cars start with an F, right?

  17. I like that license plate! Classic WT. I’m with Beccy…can you please adjust your post time so I can enter the contests.

  18. I would confuse a Feroza and a Ferrari too.

  19. Geez. I blink twice and take 2 seconds to go paint my flucking cupboards and I missed out!

    Congrats Chrisb;). xo

  20. Omg, I just noticed the licence plate. You’re a tool WT.

  21. That was worth staying up late for. 🙂 I’m usually too late for contests as I don’t always visit blogs daily, but every other day. Last night, however, I couldn’t sleep. :0) YEA!

  22. Dude, I have limited time now that my kids are back in school, and you still haven’t posted the injury story? Swede.

  23. Welcome back!
    You should rewrite that post from Bentley and Buddy’s perspective. I bet that would be funny!

    I have, however, confused cars before. Mostly “Now I know I put MY car in the next row over, because that’s where I ALWAYS park. What’s it doing here…?”

    I remedy this by now obsessively scanning the license plate before I’m anywhere near any vehicle that resembles mine. Funny the time one parked within two cars of mine, and I kept pushing the trunk button with no result. I finally looked up, aimed at the matching car and- we had a winner! Other shoppers loading up groceries in their own vehicle laughed at me.

  24. close one!

  25. dammit a day late and a dollor short…

    so not fair…

    ah well…
    what do you mean that you coudln’t tell the diff in teh cars? even i could LOL

    glad you have your high speed back and are no longer on dial up;)

    have fun

  26. contest? Huh? What the f…….. I missed it? UNFAIR – I’ve been making Salsa.

    yup – hard NOT to confuse those two cars. They are so similar. {:-)

  27. ** sigh **

    I’m with the Becckiey’s…

    And, you and your little details, Tag boy…;)

  28. Not me, nu’uh, I’m de Queen of da misspellers ’round these parts, I could read it just fine like that, no need in me trying to change a thing.

    I left Wal Mart (god I hate that place) one day pushing a load of groceries and a toddler, got to my truck, tried to unlock the door and it wouldn’t unlock. I stood there cussin and a’swearin and this hand appeared over my shoulder dangling some keys. A voice behind me said, “Here, try these.” I bout peed my pants.

    Now, bout the corn. We mostly grow cotton and rice here in the Mississippi Delta, but corn prices (due to the possible surge in ethonol production) were so good a bunch of the farmers decided corn was the way to go.

  29. Thanks to the kids, I just look for the car with round animal stickers on the windows, given to them free by the teller in our bank’s drive thru, grrr. I’m sure she meant well.

    Guess what was in a basket by the checkout at the gas station today? Ferrero Rocher. I nearly laughed out loud.

  30. I just saw a car similar to that last night on “Rides”. Although I think it was an Enzo. Not that I know what that is…

  31. How did I miss this contest. Bloody work, interfering with my web browsing time!

    I love your personalised numberplate. I wondered who had that one when I applied for it and it was taken.

  32. Woy Woy?

  33. I noticed you redid your license, too

  34. I DO hope that your chosen winner remembered that there should be a COMMA before the word “too.”

    Such as:
    “That coffee was good, too.”

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