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A belated thankyou

I’ve been so busy falling of roofs lately that I forgot to thank two of my blog buddies (Robin and Karmyn) for sending me stuff. Now I must admit that I’m a little gun-shy these days when opening gifts and prizes from my Northern Hemisphere blog buddies because despite my sending out stuff like this…


To date, what I’ve received has been this…

100_1721 and this..Tiffs_prize_020

and this.. Rhino_008

For those not familiar with these items, that would be a)shampoo and soap, b) a dog’s tooth, and c) a plastic rhino (all of which are very nice but aren’t what you’d call souvenir material). So it was with some trepidation that I opened the following two items…

Dog_food_003          Dog_food_010

The first one was pretty heavy (as you can tell by the postage), and I was expecting big things from this packet, as I had been seeing these really nice packages of speciality candy, souvenir moss and collectable tins from Robin showing up all around the place. Plus we’d been talking about it for a long time, so consequently my anticipation was somewhat heightened, and I couldn’t wait to open it…


Hey that’s clever! Hiding my gift in an M&M packet so it doesn’t get stolen. Oh wait they are M&Ms and peanut ones too. It’s a shame I can’t eat them because of my diverticulitis. Apparently there was meant to be a key-ring too, but there wasn’t one in the package (or on the declaration form).

Now for the next package, the declaration form says chocolate bar and glass piece,



became this


Well at least I got a shot glass out out it! Somewhere there’s a guy walking around with a 95c key-ring and enjoying my chocolate!

I’ll be sending out some prizes on Monday (I had to get envelopes for them). Oh, and don’t get too excited if you were a winner, none of them are as good as the stuff in that first picture, that stuff was pretty good. I’ve cut back on the quality a bit after I received my first dog’s tooth.


34 Responses

  1. OT. Hey, we’s neighbours! I drive through Willowtree on route to Quirindi every Monday to put my fruit and vege order in. (I have a cafe in Wingen). Gee as I was saying. . . you wouldn’t think to look at it that anyone in Willowtree had ever heard of blogging, let alone there be one. By the way from a brief read, you’re a nut. Congratulations.

  2. Link – That must he the Ploughman’s Inn. Whatever happened to the cranky old Scottish guy who used to have it?

  3. Well, hell, your prizes are better than the ones I recently sent out. My winner just got a radio station coffee mug, and a radio station bumper sticker (with outdated coupons on the back of it, no less!).

    I do like the hats you’ve got up in the first pic, though. I’ll trade you one of those for a radio station cap. Maybe?

  4. I’ll get you my pretty!


  5. And the mutha who stole your highly collectible Rock City key chain (must’ve been the postal clerk since it wasn’t on the declarations page).

  6. That’d be just The Plough Inn. No idea about a cranky Scott. There was a Greek guy there for a few years, and some nutter who had a wide variety of bottled snakes.

  7. Have you not received the Ferrari that I mailed several months ago?

  8. I;m dyin’ here!

  9. Back with some more thoughts…

    1) I forgot to say “You’re welcome”.

    2) The prize WAS the frickin’ postage.

    3) Does someone hate you in your nearby post office? Are THEY behind this? Maybe it’s this “Link” who has decided to comment and obviously knows you…

  10. You do send lovely gifts Peter. I enjoy my magnets and linen towel daily! 🙂

    I’m sorry that you dinna receive all your gifts…

    Post stamps are so cool!

    Your critters are looking as cute as ever! 🙂

  11. Jen – Radio station coffee mugs sound pretty good.

    Robin – If the postage was the prize, then that means the US Postal Service was the winner.

    Swampy – I thought you were travelling. Did you find a computer somewhere? And no, there’s no sign of a Ferrari (but I suspect you already knew that)

    Link – That’s right! I knew Ploughman didn’t sound right (but I was close). The last guy definitely sounded Scottish (mind you, it was hard to tell as he only spoke in grunts). Plus the food was nowhere near good enough to have been cooked by a Greek.

    Min – Do you need me to call an ambulance or something? Or are you still just using the random comment generator?

  12. You send out prizes?? How cool are you??

    I’ll swap you. I can send boxes of wheat and soybeans and a real Jayhawk. You don’t know what a jayhawk is?? Consider yourself lucky…very lucky.

  13. You’ll have to pass the peanut M&M’s on to some other unsuspecting blogger- but just so you know I’m not a choc peanut fan !!!

  14. I’m with Robin – someone OBVIOUSLY is messing with you because I KNOW that chocolate bar was in there.

    Did the tape looked cut and masterfully put back together as if by magic?

  15. Maybe Karmyn accidentally sent me your chocolate bar and keychain?

    At least you just have the diverticulitus. If anybody sent me the peanut m&ms I’d think they were trying to kill me.

  16. Oh also – remember when you correctly guessed the mystery item discovered in my shopping cart laden street was a vcr? I have these great souvenir ideas for you but I can’t afford the postage. Or the items. But do not think I have forgotten you – in three years when my budget improves you’re totally getting some swag.

  17. Being still a newborn in the blogging world I am new to this gift giving…is it only when one wins a contest or are they just because packages?
    Would you send out awesome gifts if you received awesome gifts?

  18. Well you just don’t trade with the right kind of people. Ask someone, from say, Canada and I’ll guarantee you us Canadians send out ‘awesome’ swap packages!

  19. I just send my best wishes all the time

  20. You shoulda participated in my Flat Stanley. My son woulda loved seeing his Flat Peanut wrestling with your animals. And then getting cool stuff to boot. Now my FS care packages were usually educational since we exchanged with kids, but we could make exceptions for old farts.

  21. Ooh, Robinella, I remember doing Flat Stanley with my son – what a great project for kids!

  22. Oh, one of my favorite snacks!

    How about a close-up of the shot glass? I clicked it to big it, but that cut half of it off.

    Funny that this is your topic, because I went shopping today…

  23. Too funny! I have an excess of dryer lint- you want me to mail it to you??

  24. That’s the last time you get handmade CANADIAN soap that everyone else covets except you.

  25. Toni – Thanks, but I’ll pass.

    Marnie – Phew!

  26. No wonder he was a cranky Scot having to put up with you lot.

  27. I’m getting a little worried about the prize I have waiting here to send to you. Will it be slagged off or greatly appreciated?

  28. Toni, DON’T DO IT! The postage will be KILLER for dryer lint!

  29. I think you make me laugh as much in your comments as you do in your posts.

    You are a great prize-giver-awayer. I think I’d want the hat and the accent. Australian accents are awesome!

  30. Okay, this is getting scary. I just finished typing up a contest post myself! I’m not posting it until later today. I wanted to give the Aussie a fair shot at winning. It’s not fair when we Americans post our contests while you’re sleeping, is it?

  31. Puhleeez. That dog’s tooth is right up your alley. Don’t try to pretend otherwise.

    Before I sent it, you (the all-knowing guru of dogs and cats) didn’t even know dogs HAD baby teeth.

    Consider it the most precious gift of all – the gift of education!

    (Gawd…do I sound ready to go back to the classroom this week, or what?)

  32. urrr hmmmmmm

    i will have to work on this come up with a contest and make sure you win so i can send you an awesome pressie… maybe duplicates to make up for your brothers pressies and you being left out

  33. Nice gifts. 🙂

  34. Just send me the chocolate M&M’s, I have a load of grandchildren who’ll make short work of them.

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