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I’m no Fun this Monday

I’m sitting this Fun Monday out. The theme this week is about white lies. Now I suppose I could tell a little white lie, and say I’m not playing because I have to do volunteer work at the local orphanage, or that I’m pulling a double shift at the leper colony, but the truth is I don’t like the theme.

I’m not now, nor have I ever been, a big fan of lies; either telling them or being told them. And since I’m not racist either, I don’t care what colour the lies are. This probably sounds a bit sanctimonious, but that’s too bad, we all have a right to our opinions, and seeing as this is my blog, mine is the only one that really counts here anyway.

The few times I’ve told lies in the past, I’ve not felt good about it, and I’ve definitely not been proud of myself for doing it, and it’s certainly not something that I’d write a post about.

The nearest I’d be prepared to get to writing about a lie, and it’s not exactly a lie as such, (but rather failure to correct a misconception, which is a lie by omission), is that I don’t correct people when they wrongly assume that I give a shit.

If you want to read about peoples lies, then go to The Uncaring Bear. Crap! I just did a post about lies, I may as well have signed up. D’oh! Nah, that would just compromise my integrity.


42 Responses

  1. This post was clever on so many levels, I don’t even know where to start. The “I’m no fun” title, the pinnochio photo, the “since I’m not racist either, I don’t care what colour the lies are” comment.

    Sheesh! I laughed from beginning to end.

    I wonder when was the last time that I was the first commenter on your site?

  2. Susan – Awww shucks…
    Isn’t that a great Pinocchio!

  3. You do to give a shit or you wouldn’t comment on blogs. So there!

  4. Well I enjoyed your unpost about lies. I stayed back this time, too. But I did post about tomatoes. No, really. I’m telling the truth.

  5. Clever as always 🙂

  6. Atta boy, Willow!

  7. Sometimes the most Fun Mondays are the No Fun Mondays. Damn, Willowtree you are funny and always fun. Great Pinocchio.

  8. Me, neither. I’ve never been good at them, and after my very first attempt failed and I got busted, and got my butt busted… I just gave up. It’s too much work.

  9. Oh, Willowtree, perhaps you missed the point of the topic this week. It wasn’t to celebrate lies, it was to confess to “little white lies”, which are different to big lies.

    See let me give you an example.

    If I said I was not offended that you publicly dissed my topic on your blog? That would be a little white lie. 😉

  10. Mine was in livin’ color…;)

    Do you know how difficult it was to come up with a post for this (seein’ how I said yes before I knew the theme?). The honesty police?? The girl who says “yes” when you ask if you look fat in those jeans?? (and not the “good” phat, the bad fat…).

    It did end up bein’ fun for me, though…and it sounds like you had a lotta fun staying out of it….

    p.s. That picture is PHAT!

  11. ToB – I don’t know, but can saying that you hated both my choices for last week, be considered dissing them? And if it was, would a white lie have been better? 🙂

    Would you have preferred that I lied? Or that I just said nothing? The timing is completely coincidental, I would have written the same post regardless of when it was, I’m not good with lies.

  12. I’m with you. Partly because I suck at lying. I can never keep them straight – who did I tell what, when, etc. In fact, I suck so much at lying, I’ve ruined several surprise parties by my inability to remember to keep the plans a secret.

    Clearly, I’m not CIA material.

  13. Oh if only I’d known how sensitive you were about ferrero rochers, I would have told a little white lie about them… if it makes you feel any better, I did have cruskits for lunch today. 😦

  14. Tob – Speaking of being sensitive, I’m not the one lashing out. :p

  15. Hmm, my tone was humerous when I read it through in my head. I didn’t realise you had not picked up on that till now. Try reading it again and imagine a smiley face at the end of each comment and see if that helps you understand what I really meant.

  16. Tob – Ah ha! The old missing Smiley face! It’s amazing what a difference they can make. I can do better than imagining it, I can go back and edit the comment!

  17. You weren’t on the list but I’m visiting you anyway. Did you whittle that pinnochio? If you did…awesome job. If you didn’t…awesome job anyway. And that’s no lie because I suck at lying!

  18. Just do what I do…sign up before the challenge is assigned, create your post, and leave town. Happens to me all the time.
    BTW,even though my posts are being televised automatically, my comments are live because I have Internet and a laptop, baby.

  19. P.S. Love that Pinocchio.

  20. I think I’ve been caught every single time I try to get away with a lie…either that I confess. Sigh…

    Lying is bad, m’kay?

  21. Lying just adds to the great pall of bullshit that hangs over our world making it difficult to get any clarity on anything. I too don’t believe in white lies. My mother used to say it was alright to tell white lies. But wouldn’t that make you a hypocrit? I thought, before such time as I knew there was such a thing, but was learning to suspect that something was seriously amiss in my expanding little world.

    Er . . having said that . . .

  22. Very cleverly put (but I must disagree you are always fun even when you are being crass which you never are of course!!). I’m not playing ball this week either!!

  23. Lene – You’ve got that right, trying to remember your story is a real bitch, specially if you’ve told slightly different versions to different people. (not that I’d know about that)

    Joy T – You’re always welcome here, list or no list. As for the Pinocchio…I wish! I’d be a happy camper if I could craft something like that.

    Swampy – Gee I never would have guessed that you normally write your posts before the assignment is given out! Incidentally, that’s not a white lie, that’s sarcasm.

    Susan – Yep.

    Link – Ah, o k a y…

    ChrisB – Another case of a missing punctuation mark giving the wrong impression. Are you saying that you think I’m never fun? Because if you’re not, then there needs to be a comma or possibly a semi colon after ‘disagree’ 😉

  24. Well I just know that you are too damn clever and will have zillion of comments on this…isn’t that the plan?

  25. I have two sisters who could lie their way outta everything when we were kids. But me,,,I’d get two whippings, one for doing what I’d done, the other for trying to lie about it. I’ve just never been good at it.

  26. I came here last night because I realized I hadn’t signed up for Fun Monday, couldn’t remember who was hosting, and didn’t know the topic. I knew you’d have the info up. I really gave it some thought and tried to come up with something, but I just couldn’t do it, so I didn’t sign up either. It’s not that I’ve never lied, though it has been pretty rare. It’s just that there is only one “white” lie I can think of and that wasn’t so much a lie as a prank. (I think I’ll write about that today.)

    I don’t really believe in “white” lies. I think all lies are harmful. For those “Do I look fat in this” type of questions, I try not to lie but to word my response carefully. I’m not going to say, “Yeah, you look fat.” Instead, I might say that the outfit is not my favorite on you or that something else might be better.

    There are also those moments when I just don’t comment and people assume I am agreeing.

    I could write more, but maybe I should just post it on my own blog;o)

  27. Oh, forgot to tell you that I am trying to find out what the “A” on the tail of that T-45 Goshawk stands for. Have left a message on “Beav’s” phone and as soon as he tells me, I’ll let you know…honestly I will.

  28. You are a master WT and of course the picture is right on task!

  29. Well ho-dee-do buster! How is it that you get the most comments by not doing Fun Monday? I loved the post even though you’re a party pooper.

  30. It takes too much energy to lie. The little white ones are the worst – the more casual the lie the more likely to bite you in the ass.

    And I know this because I have been the biter. More than once.

  31. my mom always said that you better have a great memory to lie. Considering that I sometimes forget what I had for dinner last night, I’m better off not even trying!! 🙂

  32. I tried to read through all the comments, but there are SO many. I made it to TOB and WT’s missing smiley and had to stop. THAT is why no one gets my humor in real life. My smiley is missing.

    WT, entertaining- as always (and that’s no color of lie)

  33. dude i think im tired just from reading the comments.. short post huge amount of comments go figure:)

    I didn’t do this one either. didn’t have a clue how to do it. Lying not my forte

  34. This was a hard one – but good to know there is a semi-honest Aussie out there, whose tongue in cheek humor could be construed as white lies. Thanks for setting us straight.

    When in doubt, revert to alcohol – that’s what I did!

  35. Nicely put! I love the Pinocchio … and that’s no lie … he’s cute!

  36. Monday sneaked up on me too fast this week. That is no lie.

    Even if you didn’t officially participate you still give me a chuckle you comment whore. Another truth.

  37. I went with an omission, rather than a true white lie. I’m not much on white lies, either, and the big lies sure don’t need to be published, even on a blog!

    Your non-post was more entertaining than my real post. That really sucks. No lie.

  38. I am truly sorry that I said you were too good to lie which made it sound like you never lie. I fixed my error. I really enjoyed this post, always a guaranteed laugh!
    I just added to your comment addiction…damn it!I’m an enabler!!

  39. Love the woody. Hey, the generator did it! Clever machine.

  40. Couldn’t agree with you more, WT!

  41. Your integre-what?

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