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Great new invention

Remember folks, you heard it here first!

Br_dawn_of_the_deadCommenting got you down? Is the time and effort required to leave a witty, clever, insightful , or hell, even a meaningful comment got you looking like this? Are you frazzled after a session of reading blogs and leaving comments and just want to get your life back? Then this may be the answer you’re looking for!

If you’re tired of the amount of time it takes to come up with witty or meaningful comments for all the blogs you read, then this is for you. Thanks to  Mindy over at Mama Drama those brain wracking days are gone forever! Min has finally perfected her "Random Comment Generator". This little gem is the answer to those age old blogging dilemmas such as "What the fuck do I say to that piece of shit post?" and "I didn’t actually read the post but I still want to comment."

Below are a couple of photos of this magic little device, followed by some examples…

Slot2_2 Isn’t that just the sweetest piece of machinery you ever did see? Never again will you be at a loss for a comment, and after a while people will be so used to the comments being short and cryptic that they will no longer even notice that they don’t seem to have anything to do with the post.

The classic lines hide the impressive technology within, and you would be proud to have this in your Living room. It would even go well in the bathroom (given the quality of some of the posts around, you might like to produce comments close to shit too).

It comes in several colours (kinda like a chameleon having an orgasm) to match any decor.

For a better look at the technology involved, let’s open one up and see what inside. You’ll soon understand what all the buzz is about…

InsideAs you can see it’s pretty hi-tech, and it’s completely user configurable, as we supply an eraser as well as a pencil. In no time at all you’ll have yours set up to deliver just the kind of clever and insightful comments that you have become known for, but with a lot less effort (and words).

So come on, get off your arses and get to the phone now, our operators are just reading magazines and I’d prefer them to be working.

Not convinced? Well let’s have a look at some of the output of this wonder of the blogoshpere…

These are actual comments left by real people to genuine posts, it don’t get no more real than this folks!

Mindy (her real name) used to be a very sporadic commenter (in fact I only had about 15 comments from her in the year prior to her getting an RCG). But since she got her "Random Comment Generator" things have certainly changed. She now comments regularly and these are just some of the gems produced by the RCG over the last couple of weeks:

On a post about gift packages:…  I;m dyin’ here!

On a post about lookalikes:…  I’ll buy that for a dollar!

On a post about aprons:…  Great post!

On a post about Nutella:…  Amen!!!

On a post about my Blogiversary:…  What!!??!!

On a post about a Ferrari:…  close one!

On Yesterday’s post about lying:…  Atta boy, Willow!

On a post about being tired:…  Hi marnie!

On a post about a new music discovery:…  How’s it going, Willow?

On a post about stuff on the net:…  Love it!

About my dogs running away:…  Treats for everyone!!

On getting an award:…  *LOL*

And my favourite, on a post about me falling off a roof:…  Hilarious!

Let’s hear from Min herself "Thinking up comments use to be such a pain in the butt! Now with the new Random Comment Generator I’ve not only revived my passion for blogging, I look a whole lot better too."

So come on, what are you waiting for? Why spend time struggling over what to say in a comment? You’ve seen what it did for Min, we guarantee results like that for you too!

Get those cheque books out, or if you’re in America you can even use a checkbook!

45 Responses

  1. I had something pithy and witty to say, but I just can’t compete with you. Or Mindy. So, I guess I’ll just say “Great post! Hilarious! LOL”.

  2. That thing looks very similiar to the slot machines across the river ovah there in Mississippi. They generate comments too, but I’m trying to tone my swearin’ a bit so I won’t mention them out loud.

  3. If I have to be witty or meaningful all the time, screw it. I’m here to relax.

    You’re so mean 😉

  4. Ugly Foot Wit

    Um – I think it needs some more work.

  5. Oh I laughed like a drain … As for forking out for one of those machines = isn’t that what my thumb’s for? To suck comments out of??

  6. What??!!??

    Damn, you’re right. It works.

  7. my problem is the exact opposite. i tend to comment longer than the original post.

    so the random comment generator would be useful for me, too.

    just like a chameleon having an orgasm.

  8. Min’s gonna kick your butt with a pair of her razor sharp stilettos…!

    She’s giving me all her good stuff today, no need for the RCG ;).

  9. i agree with robin she’s gonna kick your butt.. dude i thought you had stopped with the picking on commentors?

    it was kinda funny though

  10. Wolfie – I’m not picking on commenters, I’m starting up an RCG dealership.

  11. Oh man, sign me up for one of those…..if there was an award for the lamest commenter…yeah, it would be me:o)Oh yeah “Great post!”

  12. Whip that frog with a lemon fancy, Willow!

  13. Oh, and I guess it was pick on MIndy day – I hit her in my blog too! I guess we’re both going to get our behinds kicked good!

  14. hi marnie!!!!

  15. Oh, and I guess it was pick on MIndy day – I hit her in my blog too! I guess we’re both going to get our behinds kicked good!

  16. Pamela – You have to pull the lever!

  17. So, how many times have you seen a chameleon orgasm??

  18. Great re-write….

  19. If it helps me to get my punctuation correct, I’ll get my ‘cheque book’ out!

    BTW did you take any photos of the turtles/tortoises??

  20. Claudia – Depends on how much effort I’m prepared to put in, and what toys I have, but three times is about the best you could expect.

    Karmyn – Great re-comment!

    Chris – No, and I’m kicking myself! (I didn’t have a camera with me)

  21. Check’s in mail.

  22. HA! Very WT. You Post Suck.

    Looky there! It *does* work!

  23. “Thanks for sharing.”

    Well, that machine does work.

  24. Great post!

    I was going to push “Post” but decided that wasn’t very funny.

    I have a hard time with funny, witty comments most of the time. Most of the time I can’t even think of anything hal interesting to blog about, much less comment about. I’m glad someone finally said what I was thinking.

    And I loved the frazzled blogger pic!

  25. I’ll buy that for a dollar!

  26. Atta boy, Willow!

  27. Of all days to drop by for a first visit.
    Now to think of something really witty and clever to say. *ponders*

    Ha. There. *satisfied*

  28. Ah good, there’s hope for me yet.

  29. Great Post Suck. *Pulls lever again*
    Atta Boy Willowtree. There it worked that time. I had to give a slight kick.

  30. Have checkbook open…

  31. I hope it’s as good for you!!

  32. Great post!


    Love it!

  33. What is this sh*t? Is it bi-annual bash mindy day again so soon? You complain that I never comment…so I comment. Now you complain because you don’t like my comments. Shall I write a complex analysis of every post that you publish so you’ll know it’s been read? Sure, I’ve got time for that!

    What else can I do for your blog Willowtree?

  34. Min – Naked photos would be nice.

  35. By the way, that comment actually hurt for me to leave it. It’s the only time in I think my whole life I’ve used the LOL acronym.

    PS. You hear the man, Mindy. Naked pictures, pronto. Pity he didn’t clarify who they should be of.

  36. Wait, Jenny’s volunteering naked pictures of herself? Again?

  37. Sheer brilliance!

  38. Twit.

  39. You’re a funny bugger.

  40. Link – You’re half right.

  41. I just used the random comment generator on another blog – BRILLIANCE! Now we’ll have to see what naked photos you get from Min.

  42. I didn’t know what to write the first time I saw this because I was laughing too hard. Then I thought of something but have read more comments and now I’m laughing again. Damn!

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