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My 500th post.

Wow! My 500th Post!

Where did the time go? It seems like only 499 posts ago I was writing my first post, and as you can see if you followed the link, I have always been cutting edge.

Usually when a department store celebrates a birthday or milestone of some kind, they give out prizes. Well I’m not a fucking department store so there will be no prizes! However there is an award.

Just like Peter Falk, yesterday I tripped over the clues and ended up solving a mystery. You see, Min’s comments taken individually were, hmmm… shall we say interesting? But it wasn’t until I gathered them all together for my post that I kicked myself (and then whipped myself with a cilice, but that’s another story) for not having realised prior to seeing them all in one place that Min had qualified for a Dingo!

Actually she was overqualified! So much so that not only do I need to award and unscheduled Dingo (voting will continue for the regular award), but I also have to award another one for her work in de-constructing comments by constructing her Random Comment Generator.

So it is with great annoyance that I have to award Min not only the standard Dingo, but with additional pique, the Super Dingo (sometimes referred to as the Dingo with batteries, you know kind of like ‘the medal with bar’).

For being consistently catty, snarky or just plain strange, Min has outshone all her rivals (and let me tell you there are heaps of them out there!).

It is therefore with great pleasure (not as mush as the actual award can give, but still a lot) I award Min of Mama Drama this special unscheduled Dingo.

Minx_award_small1 For her innovative efforts in bringing commenting to a new low, we here at the Dingo are thrilled to present this first ever Super Dingo to Min of Mama Drama.

Her work on the Random Comment Generator was truly remarkable. We just hope she gets as much pleasure from this award as we did while we were checking to see if the batteries worked.


34 Responses

  1. I would like to hear the other story.

  2. I’m overwhelmed, entranced, enraptured…um…how do I get my comment back from yesterday?
    I love my beautiful pink nirvana device! I’m going to keep it right next to the RCG!

    Mamadrama’s 25,000th comment is coming up soon…I think I’ll give my old dildo away as a prize!

  3. Congratulations Min – what a prize.

  4. I must say two things:

    a) Congratulations on your 500th post!!! 🙂


    b) Thank you, Min, for winning this prize so the rest of us wouldn’t have to.

  5. Min – I’d love to give you back your comment from yesterday, but I deleted it when I realised it was from you. Not that it was nasty or anything, it’s just that you already had more than enough snark to qualify. Hey wait a minute… it was nasty!

    Robin – Ah, you might want to check the current standings.

  6. I live in a sheltered world cause I thought a “dingo” was a wild animal down under. (slaps forehead)

  7. 500? Wow…you blubbering old fart!!!

  8. congratulations for the min-dingo
    another word for someone’s lexicon.
    *not mine.

    AND congratulations to Willowtree’s uh….Peter for his 500th post.

  9. (Pssst, WT, I have to say I think it’s much more creative to fuck yourself with a cat than it is a bunch of batteries, but it’s your award….)

    Congrats on 500 posts!

  10. ahh only you would celabrate this way… gotta love it

  11. Congratulations on your 500th post – you’re a veritable veteran of the blogging world.
    Poor Min … that award is appalling … but I keep going back to look at it …

  12. Congratulations, although I would add that your stat should have an asterisk next to it. Your blogging record is arguably tainted because

    a) you’re a swede, and

    b) two of your posts have showed off your ass and/or your creamy white thighs.

    This doesn’t even address your pirate fetish, although other blogging experts may wish to bring that up as well.

    So, without further ado: Happy 500* WT!

    ps: hi marnie! (watch as this joke never. gets. old.)

  13. Melissa – Thank you for your, very rare, kind words.

    a) It’s better than being a turnip.

    b) My record is valid as I used body doubles for both of those photos.

    Marnie and I are no longer talking, please refrain from using her name on my blog. However, Mark and I are about to announce our engagement so stay tuned.

  14. Good thing the award doesn’t have a kick start on it. She might burn her leg.
    Five-hundred? Wonder how many hours that adds up to?

  15. Cause for celebration getting to 500- crack open the champers.

    Min will be celebrating in a different way!!

  16. “It is therefore with great pleasure (not as mush as the actual award can give, but still a lot)…”


    Keep me update on when you decide to give away vibrating dingoes. 😉

  17. I can’t believe my cheeky mother’s comment!

    Congratulations on 500 posts WT and to Min on her award!

  18. Oh God, it’s used. Better her than me.

    Congrats on your 500th. Your math assumptions are asstounding!

  19. I think the 500 posts break down as follows:

    2 – (as pointed out by Melissa) of your naked body and creamy white thighs

    5 – “photoshopped” photo posts

    20 – “serials”

    23 – miscellaneous

    450 – Pet photos.

    Happy 500th! Looking forward to hundreds more pet photos.

  20. Happy 500th Post.

  21. Congrats!!

    But please, no matter what level I stoop to, don’t ever give me this award. It would get broken far too easily.

  22. Now that thing could produce some Random Comment Generators.

    Congrats on your 500th.

  23. To celebrate your 500th post, you need to hand out some Dingo Love.

    Better yet? Give our Dingo Love awards. I’m calling shotgun!

  24. Uhm, and I didn’t mean the – uh – Super Dingo.


  25. Congrats Min! Uh….use the award proudly?!?!?!!?!

  26. mark: you forgot all the posts where he begs for and/or whines about receiving awards. There’s got to be at least 100 of those.

  27. Willowtree, and Enidd didn’t think you were a day over 499.

  28. HOLD THE PRESSES YOU MUTHA! I’m in the VOTING for one of these things???????

    I didn’t get your comment earlier…so I came back…STILL didn’t get it…then I noticed that *&%$% poll thingy clicked it…and GREAT, just GREAT, I’m tied for the lead.

    Somehow I’m not feelin’ the love…the only reason I’m not curled in a fetal position under the baby grand is 1) my soul sistah Swampy is tied with me, with Nikki and Melissa in hot pursuit, and 2) I don’t have no stinkin’ baby grand.

    It’s that whole M&M fiasco, isn’t it?

  29. Melissa, you’re absolutely right, let me recalculate:

    2 – of your naked body and creamy white thighs

    5 – “photoshopped” photo posts

    20 – “serials”

    23 – miscellaneous

    100 – complaints about not winning awards/winning awards

    350 – Pet photos.

  30. Congrats on the 500th post! And ummm congrats to min on receiving your award. I wonder if these are proudly portrayed on the sidebars like most awards?!

  31. Congratulations on creating 500 posts in only 425 days.

  32. HI MELISSA!!!

    WT ~ *ignore*

  33. Oh wow, how clever? You know *ignore* is totally mine, so stop using it!

  34. 501 now, what the hell have you been doing? get cranking.

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