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What a loser!

I guess by now you’ve all read or heard about that useless sack of shit, masquerading as a human, that got caught owning a dog fighting enterprise. Yes I know his name, but I won’t be writing it for two reasons, 1) I’m not prepared to waste my time typing the letters simply to identify someone that shouldn’t exist anyway, and 2) bizarrely, this 6’4" pile of excrement still has his supporters and I don’t want them finding me through google. Who knows what those fuckwits are capable of.

I’m not going to go on about what happened, any sane person would know intuitively that it was completely wrong. But just in case you can’t grasp the enormity of the situation, I managed to get my hands on some video footage of a particularly vicious fight. The barbarity becomes apparent immediately. If you have a weak stomach you best not watch it…


Ok, you got me, it’s really just my guys. But they could have been contenders! Ok, this time it’s the real thing…


Ha!  Gotcha again! Man I am such a scream!!

But don’t get me wrong, I genuinely am pissed off about this whole disgusting affair and I really hope he gets what’s coming to him.


45 Responses

  1. I can’t even watch when this comes on the news, I get so mad. I say we put the butthead IN with those dogs. Oh ya. I said butthead. And we’ve been waiting for some more YouTube fun!

  2. Belle’s no idiot, is she? Hides under the coffee table where the other two can’t get at her (two against one – isn’t that against the rules?).

    My stomach started hurting when you talked about having a video. I wasn’t going to watch it – and should’ve known you wouldn’t put such an abomination up – but I still got upset. You said “I really hope he gets what’s coming to him” – I agree. And can think of several methods along a poetic justice kinda thing. Except, I wouldn’t subject any dog to the trauma.

  3. I’m afraid I don’t know the guy’s name. I heard something vaguely, recently, about a guy (some sport’s figure?) who’d been running a dog fighting business….and what an asscrack he is, but I know nothing else. Damn, I wish I could google his name and find out (maybe email me or post it in my comments and I’ll delete it after I see it?).

    Thanks for the videos of my babies – I mean your babies. So cute!

  4. All together now, Awwww…

    They are so cute and entertaining. And there’s no screaming or blood or tears like when my 3 wrestle.

    You could have your own cable channel showing nothing but your pets playing together. Seriously. Preschoolers and seniors would watch for hours.

    That dude you mentioned needs one of your awards. I hope he gets one in prison.

  5. 351, and counting.

  6. yer going to jail mcwillow

  7. Mark – [soup nazi voice] “No pet clips for you!”

  8. This is 3 times I’ve tried to post this, so it probably means I shouldn’t, but here’s my last mept.

    I love watching your puppy dogs play.

    As far as that fuckwit mentioned…strip him nekked, dip him in a vat of bacon grease, along with all those other fuckwits involoved, and turn those poor starving dogs loose on them.
    I know that’s not what JWHD or BWHD would have done but my mind just can’t comprehend the evilness and brutality of this travesity.

  9. That should have said, “my last attempt.”

  10. in the first one I like the way Bentley and Buddy keep checking you out in the middle of going after the puppy. too cute.

  11. @ Mark: you knew he couldn’t hold out much longer – there’s been waay too much non-pet content lately.

  12. LOL! I refuse to write his name, either.
    Loved the videos. I’m glad you posted some, it’s been a while!

  13. I’m just glad I checked your blog AFTER RePete went to bed. When you show those incredibly adorable babies of yours, we have to watch them over and over and over…maybe I’ll have just one more look.

  14. Gosh they are too cute! I loved how the 2 guys kept lookin’ at you.

    I agree I hope something worse than the karma thats already coming to get his ass,sorta like swampy’s idea!

  15. Bastard!

    No wait, that OTHER dog fighting ring is the bastard. Your dogs are hilarious and so cute.

    How come you’re not breathing in this video? It made me sad.

  16. Not heard of this bloke. Why are your dogs so quiet when they play-fight? You’d think Stalin was going to commit genocide for real when Enidd’s do.

  17. Goodness they are cute! I have 3 dogs too, but they are huge (except the Chihuahua who is huge at heart) and I make them wrestle outside or they would knock the walls down with their romping. I love watching pups play.

  18. Hey wt, mark should be in the running for the Dingo Award.

  19. Kaytabug – That was a few weeks ago when they weren’t exactly sure if they were going to get in trouble for harassing the pup.

    Enidd – They aren’t allowed to make noise in the house, but outside they can get pretty loud, specially the beagle.

    Melissa – I’ll take that as a nomination shall I?

  20. oh, the horror!! not bad for 501…

  21. bently cracks me up.. seriously go get another girl so you can even the odds for belle it’s not fair two against one

    man are you lucky that my kids were asleep when i watched this otherwise id call you up and let you listen to the girls screaming for the cute puppppieesssss

    as if we didn’t have three of our own. *rolls eyes*

    as for the ass wipe mentioned above well i think you should strip him naked cover him in honey and tie him up over a red ant hill out in the desert and watch him suffer slowly and painfully.. while everyone stands on the side line drinking ice cold water and betting on how long he’ll live.

  22. Yeah, yeah, nomination, seconded, bylaws, minutes…I have too much administrative stuff going on at my own blog.

    ps: send bentley over asap.

  23. I hadn’t heard about it. you mean people still do that?

  24. My oh my, you have cute kids!

    I agree whole heartedly about the fuckwit!

  25. I’m with you ! It’s really sad for the dogs… looks like they will all be pts since nobody’s going to claim them. Fighting dogs do not get rehabilitated…. at least not often..and these are doubtful. 50 more deaths at his hands.

  26. I get sick when I read about such cruelty.
    And then even sicker when I see little children abused.

    And sicker yet when the offenders don’t pay for their crimes.

    Lock them up. Throw away the key. Bread and water.

  27. Cangratulations on your 500th post! Any plans to retire?

  28. I haven’t kept up with the news on this. The only time I really get the news is when I’m driving somewhere and listening to NPR. What really gets me, from the few reports I’ve heard, is how damned smug he is about this. He doesn’t seem to deny anything really, just rests easy in the knowledge that he’s Mr. Big Football Star and so he can do whatever the hell he wants. I hope they give it to him good.

  29. Prison is too good for that guy!
    Now 2 against 1 is hardly fair but on second thoughts SHE’s in control!

  30. The “guy” should be tortured, hit, hung, and drowned himself. Plus he use to play on a suck ass team anyway. I have Zero respect for him and his “supporters”.

    It boils me when ever they talk about him on the news. One newscaster tried to play it out like he was the victim. OMG! I could not believe my ears. He is an over paid arrogant A-HOLE not a victim. The dogs were the victims! What would he do if his team lost and he was “drowned”. Put a new spin on the sports world.

  31. Cutest dogfights EVAH.

    Give the man a prize!

  32. …maybe the dogs should get the prize…they’re the cutie patooties…

  33. I love your pet home videos!

    And that fucker better get everything that’s coming to him.

  34. I figured that was why they kept looking at you…too adorable!! If it weren’t for that baying and booing beagles do, my next dog would be a beagle!!

  35. I have not been keeping up with the exact details, but I certainly hope he gets a maximum sentence–not some celebrity jail-time sort of thing. We seem to have huge problems with this sort of thing in Houston (yeah, TX, I know–the stereotypes abound) and maybe if this dumbshit athlete “role model” does some hard time other gobshites will think twice about engaging in this activity. . Now your dogfighting ring on the other hand should tour with Cirque de Soleil (’cause they come to Houston and I could see you and your pups) or something. Very entertaining. .

  36. You did get me, I was scrolling down-can’t watch that kind of stuff. I hope he gets every last little bit of what is coming to him, repeatly. Kinda like in Little Nicki when the devil shoves a pinapple up Hitler’s butt every day for eternity.

  37. Buttercup watched these horrible videos with me (can you believe I allowed my child to watch dog fights?)

    Anyway – these are her words:

    “Can we have those puppies come play at our house?”

  38. LOL Karmyn! They look like they are having quite the time. ..Hehe. . .We have the same entertainment but in our backyard!

  39. I was trying to think up a good comment when I got distracted by the post below with the auto commenting machine.

    All I could think of with your raslin’ dogs is, oh the dogmanity.

    Lame I know.

    Did you know that the 50 pit bulls seized in the raid will be put to death by the shelter because no one wants fighting dogs?

  40. That guy is an asshole and now of course the entire “sporting” community is going to back him up.People really do have their priorities jacked up.

  41. Ah, yes. I have to agree with you here. It’s created quite a stir over here in Virginia. He and his brother have created enough embarrassment to Virginia Tech in the past two years to last a lifetime. There is a complete lack of common sense on both of their parts. Shameful.

  42. Thanks for the email WT! Now fully up to speed.
    What a scumbag!!! Seriously. They should shove lard in all his orifices and set hungry wolves on him.

  43. As you know, I’m in the process of not losing my daughter but gaining a son…so the time I have to “globbing” is limited. Of course, your place is one I have to visit to say a little something…else.
    When I posted that rather lengthy post, I just had a Cheshire grin on my face thinking of you…knowing that you were wading through the words thinking, “Is the Beeatch, Witch ever going to shut the F up?”
    Am sitting here at my window looking at the Space Needle, happy that Blogging has made the world smaller and that I’ met you and all the others who so faithfully waste their time at my place. Kath 🙂

  44. I see this guy on the nightly news but I can’t remember his name either. He outta be hung.


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  45. Brenda – That may be so, but you still need to know which letters actually make up the word (hey that sounds a lot like spelling) and you’ll notice that all those words actually have the correct letters. However, I wouldn’t like to rely on this for contractual disputes.

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