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One of those days.

Ever had one of those days when the date on the calendar matches the DOB on your driver’s licence? Well this is just such a day for me (obviously I’m just talking day and month).

47 Responses

  1. Gee, Happy Birthday, Willowtree!! Had I known, I’d’ve sent a non-diverticulitis-inducing cake across the ditch for you.

  2. Happy Birthday my Aussie friend!

    Unless this is another shameless ploy for attention, in which case, piss off.

  3. Happy birthday Willowtree.

  4. Happy Birthday! Hubby’s birthday is the 24th, too.

    We’ll have some cake for you, but I don’t think we can handle all of those candles.

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Aww, Willow. Happy Dirtday to you! That’s how my nephew used to say it and I just love it.

  7. Hey look! I found a video of Willowtree celebrating his birthday:

  8. Your puppies are so cute!!

    Happy Birthday Willoooooowwwwwtreeeeeee
    Happy birthday to YOU!

    My husband had his 40th two days ago. 🙂 You two could have shared a party.

  10. hmmm i was going to say happy birthday but the others beat me to it…

    darn i’m late again

    i have gotta work on that.

    have a wonderful day WT

    and stay outta trouble, if you can;)

  11. My brother’s birthday is today too! Happy birthday, I may remember your b-day forever now.

  12. birth-day isn’t enough. you deserve to celebrate birth-week! Go for it and enjoy yourself!

  13. \~/ Cheers. Happy birthday and many more cats and dogs.

  14. Pete –

    H – Here’s hoping
    A – an abso-bloody-lutely
    P – Pash with YDW.
    P – Pavolova and
    Y – Yabby on the

    B – Barbie while
    I – in-the-altogether (without any
    R – rellies showing up.
    T – Take a good
    H – heap of the
    D – Darwin’s stubbie
    A – AND remember to have a good one.
    Y – Your Yank friend, Karmyn

  15. Karmyn’s tribute is just great. Hope you and and the posse celebrated in style.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂

  16. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, sorry, what I meant to say was ‘Expiry Date‘ not ‘DOB’. I’m kidding! It really is my birthday!

  17. Happy birthday, another year closer to death.

  18. Oh no! A psycho Virgo–just. Sheesh. But with an excellent sense of the ridiculous. Rare.

    Many happy returns neighbour.

  19. Link – I’m a Leo / Virgo cuspan (only 0.2 deg into Virgo) and I like to think of myself as more Leo than Virgo (Virgos are just too pedantic, even for me).

    Karmyn – That was very impressive!

    Jenni – Thanks for the link.

  20. Now, now, let’s not bash Virgos, my husband is one, dear.

    At the risk of sounding like everyone else, Happy Birthday, Willowtree! Let us know what present the dogs and cats give you… 😉

  21. Hmmm, you and a few others:

    (how the heck do you do links in comments??? Anyone???)

    Do you mean like this? [Ed by WT]

    There is just no good way to be original when you have 20 or so comments before mine….so…I’ll just join in and say happiest of birthdays to you, old friend….emphasis on old ;).

    (well……….you ARE older than me, though not by much 😉 ).

  22. Hmmm, I’m up in the polls, I must be doing something dreadfully right.

    And Karmyn’s tribute??? WAS SHE SMOKIN’ PENCIL SHAVINGS???

    Cute….reeeeal cute :).

    Happy BD……..but you forgot to tell us what number this is…!


  23. Hmmm, I’m up in the polls, I must be doing something dreadfully right.

    And Karmyn’s tribute??? WAS SHE SMOKIN’ PENCIL SHAVINGS???

    Cute….reeeeal cute :).

    Happy BD……..but you forgot to tell us what number this is…!


  24. let us know what the posse gives you.

  25. Hey! It’s your day! You can do whatever you want and you get to eat whatever you want! Happy Birthday! Your surprise is on it’s way….

  26. Aw shucks, *kicks at the blade of grass swaying in the wind*, Happy Birthday DubyaT. Eat some cake. Without nuts. xo

  27. Since I can’t top Karmyn’s comment, I’ll serenade you Golden Boy and Inquisitor style:

    Happy Birthday to you
    You live in a zoo
    You look like a monkey
    And you smell like one too!


    …wait…what’s Chewbacca doing here?

  28. Just pretend I’m singing Happy Birthday to you in my most sultry Marilyn Monroe voice. Because hey. YOU are worth a blonde bimbo singing to you on your special day! Hope your day is special and unique just like you are.

  29. Happy Happy Birthday Willowtree!! Hope it was a great day!!!

  30. A cuspy Virgo – no wonder you are a tempermental perfectionist!

    Happy B-Day! And it’s a Friday – so you should spent the entire weekend celebrating!

  31. Well Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day. I will keep the sarcasm to myself for just today. My inner bitch will be back tomorrow. Don’t worry.

  32. I’m late again, but this time it is like I missed the party. Oh well, Happy birthday to ya and many more.

  33. Dude. I’ll stop ignoring you for a minute to wish you a happy stinking birthday!

    …and now back to your regularly scheduled snark.

  34. Happy Birthday, Willowtree.

  35. Darn it. A day late 😦
    Happy belated birthday from the one on the wrong side of the world, where this was written…yesterday by your standards.
    (gosh golly gee whiz; it really *is* difficult to be original in a sea of greetings.)

  36. what the hell was that crap about virgos?

    dude im a virgo;P

  37. Just as long as the picture on the license doesn’t match what you actually look like.

    Happy Birthday – belated by now,but still…

  38. Happy Birthday.

  39. Every June 20th when I fill out a deposit slip or write a check I ALWAYS write my DOB instead of the current year.

  40. Well that’s a relief–especially for you!

  41. Happy Birthday!

  42. Yeah…like that.

    Thanks for the explanation.

  43. Happy Birthday! I hope the cats and dogs all sang for you!

  44. All the best to you on your Birthday WT

  45. You mean it’s time to renew your driver’s license?

    ~*~*~*HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!~*~*~*

    I hope “the kids” were extra good for you, and you did something special to celebrate. Here’s to a happy, healthy year full of blog-worthy adventures.

  46. Happy Birthday, dear, sweet Willow…..so old are ya?

  47. I didn’t forget you. I just can’t get to you most of the time!

    Happy Birthday, my friend!! And many, many more!!!!

    (All the best and cleverest lines were taken…)

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