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Three fifty two and counting

According to Uncle Mark (the dirty guy), all I ever post is pet pictures. Well phooey on him, I post pet clips too!

If you look real closely at the bottom of the door you’ll see what Belle is after, or you could just wait until the end when I open the door…

She’s getting bigger isn’t she?

Oh, and thank you all for your nice Birthday Wishes yesterday. There were a few notable absences, but I guess not everyone realises it’s all about me.

**Updated: Just a quick reminder that voting for this Month’s Dingo will close soon, so if you want to vote you better get to it. (It’s been in the sidebar all month but no-one has noticed)


37 Responses

  1. Thanks for doing my work for me. Happy Birthday too. I’ll mail your card when I get around to buying one.

  2. She is soo cute! I say “yay!” for pet pictures and clips. If I had a pet I would post pics all the time, but people have to settle for my kids:o)

  3. HI MARK!

  4. cute – I love when kitties put their paws under the door – especially when my bare toes are within reach.


  5. Awww, they’re cute, WT. I have to say, I wondered initially whether it was some large Australian spider (shudder) but then there was no mistaking that kittypaw. Whew.

  6. what on earth sort of spider would make that scary clicking noise!
    Cute video – wish my pets got along so well. My cats hate each other almost as much as they hate my lounge, which is sporting some new holes this week courtesy of one of them, and I wish I knew which one it was.

  7. LOL! When you opened the door and Beau was on the other side, I really did laugh out loud.

    Yes, she is growing, wow!

    My kids will get a laugh from this post. I really should go to bed now, before it’s time for them to wake up!

  8. When I said, “Yes, she is growing, wow!” I was referring to Belle. Just wanted to clarify that…

  9. Too sweet! I knew who was behind the door. It’s cool that they get along so well.

  10. The video is gone 😦 There it is! It was “invisible” at first, but then appeared on your page :). Stinkin’ adorable (as always) and it’s sweet how Belle knows to be gentle.

    BTW, are you stuffin’ the ballot box?

  11. Keep the pet pictures and videos coming. Beau the tormentor and Belle taking the bait!! I’ll have you know I did vote but what I didn’t realise was that I could vote more than once otherwise I would have been ticking boxes on each visit. So here goes again !

  12. I *tried* to post a pet video last night. Blogger has a new feature where you upload the video directly to your blog without a third party, but I couldn’t get it to work. I gave up after an hour of checking back to see if the video had finished uploading yet and posted two personalized JibJab videos instead.

    I didn’t know we could vote for who gets the Dingo and surprise, surprise I’m in the running, too! I was so excited to find that that I went and voted for myself.

    (Did I just say I was excited at the prospect of getting a dildo? Out loud?)

  13. happy belated b-day (i haven’t been around the blogging world the past couple of days).
    and i was noticing that she’s getting bigger when i saw that you said so.

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLOW!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  15. send her on over. riley awaits.

  16. Hey I noticed…as did a few others…I only voted once,like chrisb I wasn’t aware one could vote more than once! I’m going back then!

    Bella is too adorable!

  17. Hey from Seattle…just checking in to say hello between wedding festivities. Will watch the clip later.
    Hey, and I “announced” that polling booth in one of my comments many moons ago. SO. I DID NOTICE.

  18. No I tried voting again and it wouldn’t let me worst luck!

  19. that was great

  20. I love how she keeps looking back to make sure you’re still taping. A diva in the making, perhaps? Very, very cute dog. The cat…well, it’s a cat.

  21. by the way, regarding your new slogan: no kidding. i tried it yesterday with our visitors’ chocolate labs. all they did was leap on me and try to lick me to death but really i think that’s all that chocolate labs know how to do.

  22. Happy (late) birthday pal!

    And for the record, I enjoy all the pet pictures!! Little angels!

  23. I voted before and it just let me vote a second time.


  24. Darn that no opposable thumb thing, eh?

    Tillykke med foedselsdagen! Ok, so I’m a day late, but I figured I’d make up for it by offering the birthday greeting in Danish…

  25. Awww, she’s sure cute!

  26. I’ve been absent for a few days so happy belated birthday, I’m sure it was a good one.

  27. Personally I don’t think there are enough pet pics/clips, but what do I know. Both Belle and Beau are getting bigger. Very cute how they still play together. And why is MY name up for a nomination for the award?! I am sweet as pie for cripes sake! 🙂

  28. Fun video with very fun animals, WT. Happy Birthday, Peter. I am sorry that my wishes are late. My sister’s birthday is today, which ends in 4 minutes. I forgot to wish her a happy birthday too. Take care. I hope that this is your best year ever.

  29. Hmmmmm…..I’m in fourth place….obviously I’m not being a sarcastic bitch lovely person enough!

  30. ps i’m probably violating some willowtree rule that i don’t know about (i STILL don’t know who the mythical marnie is, for instance) but i have bestowed an award upon thee… don’t worry, it’s not the “nice” award. it’s the creative one. because your blog is nothing if not creative. (it’s pretty nice, too, but i didn’t think you’d care for all those flowers and high heels. although what do i know? maybe you would.)

  31. ALWAYS love the pet pics/clips! As soon as I saw that little dark shadow appear/disappear under the door, I knew! They are just too sweet together. She IS getting big!

  32. hilarious!

  33. Now when RePete wants Funniest Pet Videos, he points to my laptop instead of the TV. We just watched FPV and the theme seemed to be cat and dog wrestling! Thanks for the extra tube time.

  34. They are soooooooooo cute!

  35. She IS getting bigger. I’m always amazed at how fast puppies grow up! But, then again, that’s why I prefer puppies to human babies- they go through all the annoying or icky phases in a much more bearable amount of time!

  36. aww they can’t even be seperated by a door. to cute

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