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Fun Monday #31

It’s that time again, time for all the comment junkies out there to get our outfits ready and hope someone gives us something. Yep, it’s Fun Monday again. This week the lovely Lisa has asked us why we blog (hmmm, I think I just answered that)…

I’ll approach this the way teachers do when they don’t know the answer to something (to all you teachers out there… and you thought we didn’t notice!). I’d like to explain why I blog by asking a question of my own: "Have you seen the crap that’s on TV latelyβ€½ ".

Well I guess that about does it. See you all next week. Oh wait, there is something that I wrote in the early days that fits the bill nicely: A Thought About Blogging (from a year ago). Go on, click the damn link, it’s only a short piece, and don’t forget to come back after you read it, as the comments are closed on that post, and I need my comment fix. I could have just cut and pasted the whole thing, but I wanted to get your hopes up that my Fun Monday post was a short one.

PS. I’ve been given a couple more awards that I’ll be bragging about tomorrow.


50 Responses

  1. When was the last time I was your first comment??

  2. Just went back and re-read that…why I didn’t comment on that one when I read every other old post (back when I was stalking you and commenting to every post :/) is beyond me.

    You seemed a little “kinder…gentler…” back then. I think you were just getting things cranked up. πŸ™‚

    Funny, I linked to my Blogging Chicks post from that Carnival…you need to put your tin cap back on ;).

  3. i still remember the name of my penpal when i was in fifth grade. Patricia Campopiano. (and patricia, if you’re reading willowtree, hi!!!) she lived in argentina. it would be a stretch, really, to call her a penpal. i got her name and address from my fifth-grade teacher, who was handing them out like m&Ms. i wrote her a letter, and she never wrote back.

    you’re right about blogging–it works better than penpals. (maybe that wans’t your point. but that’s what i took away from it.) bloggers tend to write back.

  4. I’m laughing at Julie’s comment about how Ree was going to have a hard time with 60 comments for her photo contest! Seeing as she hits over a thousand on most now!

    That aside. Back to you. Coz it’s all about you wittle bear.

    *pauses to think*

    Nope. That’s all I got for now;).

    (jk — good post)

  5. Nice observation about the penpals, I liked reading your earlier post. I think that this written before I discovered your fun blog. Before blogging, I used to enjoy e-mailing friends and family with personal notes and messages. Then, many of them decided to send the ubiquitous forwards and quit writing the personal messages. Many bloggers seem to enjoy conservation rather than phony messages about Bill Gates is going to send you money.

  6. Robin 1&2 – It’s been a while, I post at a different time these days. My being nice at the beginning of a relationship is just classic sociopath behaviour.

    Laurie – If you took anything about penpals away, then you got the point.

    TLG – I hadn’t noticed that comment, but I remember it now that you mention it, my post was written back when Ree averaged around 8 or 9 comments per post.

    MJD – My email filter deletes any forwarded emails (regardless of who they are from) so I never have to open them. Forwarding to an email list the single most effective way to ensure that all your friends will get more than their fair share of SPAM, as both trojans and bots use them to create their own lists.

  7. I likened it to pen pals also. I never had them when I was a kid. Didn’t have the patience for it, snail mail and all.

    I’m sure glad you didn’t run out of material over the year since that post. And you’re right. TV sucks.

  8. Just peachy…you have my real address.

    Come to think of it, that wasn’t my REAL address, just my arch-ist of enemies.

  9. I came back after I read it. You need your comment fix? Didn’t you mean to say that you are a comment slut (just like the rest of us)? Blogging really is a lot about the feedback that you get from your readers – it is sort of the letter back from the pen pal.

  10. I came back after I read it. You need your comment fix? Didn’t you mean to say that you are a comment slut (just like the rest of us)? Blogging really is a lot about the feedback that you get from your readers – it is sort of the letter back from the pen pal.

  11. well i guess that explains all the videos of your kids;) *grin*

    you never get boring WT

    that was a good reason to btw;)

  12. I think when you viddy your pets, you should have a camera on each side of the door.

  13. I’m too sleepy to be a bitch, so I’ll just say that whatever your reasons for blogging, I’m glad you do it. I have laughed so hard at (uh, with) you lately that I just keep coming back for more. You’re right. Classic sociopath behavior.

  14. I can’t believe I didn’t comment before about blogging being similar to penpals. (I wrote about pictures = how lame).

    (also snickering about the 60 comments at Ree’s – oh how the days have changed, huh?)

    So – yes, blogging is like Penpals – only a lot faster and more gratifying.

  15. I kind of think of it as the whole pen-pal thing too. Yes, I clicked the damn link. You crack me up! Someone mentioned that you seemed softer back then and I thought so too. You are so much MORE, now. πŸ™‚

  16. Gawilli – It’s funny, but once you get used it IM, even email seems slow!

    Robin – No it was your address, I’ve got photos to prove it.

    Beckie – I initially used the term comment slut, but given the number of women readers I have, I changed it to junkie.

    Wolfie – You’re just saying that because you want a prize!

    Karmyn – What are you worried about, your mother wrote about bowel movements!

    Lisa – That may be my next banner sub text “Willowtree, now MORE than ever!”

  17. I got into it for the same reason–leaving comments on other blogs and not having a blog to link back to. And then I realized that blogging could fill my NEED to journal every damn thing that happens, and at the same time give friends and relatives their kid photo fix and update.

    I’d never thought of blogging as having pen pals, but you’re right, I guess it is. As a kid I always very badly wanted pens pals in other countries. Hmm, now I do πŸ™‚

    Well, this comment is my Fun Monday post, LOL. I’m on vacation! Come check it out.

  18. Interesting thought, I finally have a whole mess of penpals that I can actially send a letter off to. (I’m also thankful for online banking!)

  19. lol great ‘have you seen the crap that’s on tv lately’!! never thought of blogging as having pen-pals, but you are right, now wonder when i get to meet them!

  20. You’ve hit the nail on the head Willowtree, it’s just like having a penpal only better and easier!

  21. Great post and I agree with all others: Blogging is like pen pals!

    I have posting too…

  22. You hadn’t notice that comment?

    And you call yourself a comment-whore?!!?


  23. correction: noticeD!

    argh. the ‘d’ wasn’t responding.

  24. Until you reminded me I had forgotten about my teenage penpals (thanks you’ve given me an idea for a future post).

    Brag…. surely not!!

  25. Kila – Your blog is a true journal.

    Susan – Ah yes, online banking.

    her indoors – I’m not all that keen on meeting anyone, I’m too much of a hermit for that.

    beccy – I like the ‘easier’ bit.

    Steffi – Nice to see you again.

    TLG – I didn’t notice it when I made the hyperlink to the post earlier today, but as I said when you mentioned it in your first comment, I did remember it, so there’s really no need for a snort.

    Chris – Surely you jest! You don’t mind me calling you Shirley do you?

  26. Looks like a LOT of us here on in our spiffy blog commenting garb, ready to take on Monday!! [from what I read on the link you provided, you’ve been blogging for just a little over a year!! Do you notice any changes in your style from before? Just curious]

  27. DANG!! ^From post above^ “Loos like a LOT of us here {ARE–not, on] in our spiffy blog commenting garb. Too early in the day for me. :o)

  28. I like your explanation. We’re not TV watchers in our house either, but that just means we have more time to be addicted to the Internet.

  29. H.Anni – An ‘outfit’ is junkie slang for a hypodermic kit.

    To no-one in particular – If you think I seem to be responding more frequently than usual, tonight is a particularly bad night for TV.

  30. I never had a pen pal, but I see the relationship.

    This blogging thing is so addictive. It’s definitely my drug of choice! How the hell else would I ever run across someone whose Barbie was taken by a dingo?

  31. Geez, you almost sounded….pleasant in the linked post. What the hell happened?

  32. Were you “nicer” then just to hook us in? The evil plot thickens. *LOL*

    I left a comment to satisfy your “fix”.

  33. This is my first visit to your blog. I came over from Laurie’s. You’re very . . . interesting. In a good way. The animals are adorable.

  34. i think, if you were to give awards for best comments, kaycie should win. she’s right. you’re very . . . interesting.

  35. You have such a restrained, subtle way of hinting that you might like a comment. Positively Canadian of you. πŸ˜‰

  36. I feel like I am being used. You just like me for the comments I leave you! sniff sniff

    I loved having pen pals! Not that I had many. i always wanted one from a foreign country and Now thanks to blogging I do!!! That was a great post. I am still waiting for the day I can say that
    a) you didnt make me laugh
    b) that post SUCKED!

    A girl can dream!

  37. I like your reasons for blogging, and your thoughts about why you blog and why you enjoy it. I never thought of blogging that way. Hmm…

    I started blogging because a friend mentioned she might, and because I’d been listening to a local radio dj talk about his blog, and had visited it enough to find it interesting. I blog because I talk alot, and, as I’ve relocated so many times in the past 2 years, there’s not always a friend or family member around to talk to anymore. I grew up in a house where someone was always as close as the next room, and you could just start talking and be heard, without trying to get someone’s attention, etc… Blogging gets things out of my head that I don’t have anyone around to tell to. For me, it’s not like journaling, which I did as a teen- it’s more like venting, stating an opinion and knowing it’s out there for someone to see and do something with/about, or just to have some kind of contact with the outside world so I don’t feel completely like a hermit. I don’t like to believe in space aliens, but blogging is like sending a message into the atmosphere and wondering if anybody will reply.

  38. here’s a commint from enidd. just the one, mind, she doesn’t want you to get bad teeth.

  39. I agree with the TV comment. Definitely too much crap on. Good on ya for being quite the blog whore. It certainly can be fun.

  40. I love your Fun Monday!

    Ditto on the too much crap on TV!

  41. I can’t remember life without blogs … I love having virtual friends and peeking into other peoples’ lives. Sometimes it’s quite scary … but mostly it’s just jolly interesting.

  42. After gettin’ a hundred gazillion comments on some previous stellar posts of mine, my post feels naked today. Wait a second…that’s JENNY’S post today! I’m sooo confused…do I wear clothes, or don’t I?

    For the record, I really just popped over to tell ya I noticed your tagline change…or has it been like that for weeks and I’m slightly less observant than I thought?

  43. Damn, I’m always late to this party. For whatever reasons you keep doing what you do, I’m glad you are, because I always like reading what you have to say. You comment whore, you! *grin*

  44. YOU are my first read of fun monday… a quick stop really.

    Lately, I’ve been very happy with the photo’s of the lovely areas where my blogging friends live.

    I know that in my life time I will never have the opportunity to visit these places.
    Being there through a blogging friendship is the best I’m ever going to get.

    I’m sure glad I didn’t take a pix of Winnemucca = because you have been there already (:

  45. You sounded so nubile and innocent back then! Not only that – but YOU running out of material in 2 months? PUH-LEEZ.

    (BTW, I figured you were one of those who “couldn’t wait” for new photos, and clicked my flickr link a lot…but if you don’t want to do that, then watch for Wednesday.)

  46. I never had a penpal, but my husband did for years though and I was envious of the relationship. Funny thing though but he stopped writing her when we got together, and it made me feel like I had broke them up.

    As for blogging; I blog because I thought it was interesting, and fun, I am a writer and I thought it would be great writing practice, and it was something I knew about before my internet savy know-it-all sister did–ha!


  47. Blue Momma – Interesting point, to my knowledge I’m the only one.

    Nikki – People like you started commenting πŸ˜‰

    Debbie – Thank you.

    Kaycie – I’ve seen and heard the phrase “you’re very….interesting” a few time in my life, in fact I’ve even used it myself, and rarely bodes well. But welcome anyway.

    Laurie – Watch it sister!

    Kaytabug – So can a guy, though ours tend to be a little on the moist side.

    Shades – That was a ‘Fun Monday post’, not a comment!

    enidd – It’s a bit late for that.

    Robinella – Excuse me! If I was a blog whore I would have advertising, I’m a blog slut thankyouverymuch!

    Heather – Thankyou, where did you come from?

    Melissa in NZ – I can’t remember much of anything.

    Robin – a) if you want more comments, I’d suggest deep sixing the clothes, b) it’s been like that for a few days.

    Jen – You’ll just have to get up earlier if you want a good seat.

    Pamela – Phew, I’m glad I’m your first read, the first one always looks better before you have something to compare it to.

    Tiff – I always feel kind of funny looking at people’s flikr accounts, kinda like I’m prying.

    TLG – There that’s better, pouting is so much quieter than snorting.

    Janice – Hi, long time no see, I hope you are well.

  48. I agree, blogging can be a useful escape tool from crappy tv.

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