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Geez not more awards!

Seems the more I complain about awards, the more I get awarded. This just proves two things a) my plan is working, b) you guys just like to annoy me, c) you don’t have to meet the criteria to win these things, and d) I obviously can’t count. So let’s do it chronologically (Mr Bush, if you’re reading this, it means in the order in which they were received).

Schmooze_award Shades awarded me this one so long ago that I forget what it was for, apart from annoying the crap out of her. She is a really nice gal from Texas with two dogs, four cats and husband. So far she’s managed to house train the pets. I won’t link to her as she is a very private person (shut up! she really does exist!). Shades if you want me to link to you just let me know in the comments. Thanks for the award.

, one of my oldest (she’s actually not really that old but her kids are aging her fast!) and dearest blog buddies awarded me this a little while ago. Susan is only  just now re-entering the blogosphere after spending the Summer watching her kids turn water yellow.

As you know it is completely against my nature to modify awards, as I’ve said before I think it is an insult, to not only the person who invented the award, but also the person who awards it to me. However, in this case I had to make a (very slight) modification because frankly the colours were just a little too gay for a great hunk of manhood like me (not that there’s anything wrong with being gay).   Thank you Susan, my name is Indigo Montoya prepared to die!

Creativebloggerawardwhite_215x38Laurie awarded me this last one just yesterday (dingo time). Laurie is another dog person who luckily has had more success house training her husband. Thank you Laurie.

As always, I will not be perpetuating the craziness by awarding anybody these awards. However in order to perpetuate some stupidity, I’ve come up with my own award and that will be awarded in a day or so.


26 Responses

  1. OOh, it’s eerily quiet here … all the Americans are still asleep …
    Er, congrats on more terribly auspicious awards!!
    My 3-year-old just hoiked your prezzie out the postbox … And it’s not cr@p at all!!!
    It’s lovely! (Anyone, if he says he’s sending out cr@p prizes, he’s lying!)
    Anyway thanks for a lovely heap of goodies, Willowtree … the small fry are already in love with the koalas.
    And now you and the menagerie are definitely in line for Christmas prezzies, t’will be fun, I haven’t shopped for doggie and kitty toys for ages! (Pity I can’t send a live crow, Beau would love it.)

  2. Melissa – I’m glad they made it! One down and two to go.

  3. I want to win one of your awards eventually — but not the dingo.

    I don’t want any canine digging in my flower beds

  4. I was awarded nine awards yesterday but turned them doon as a protest against the war in Iraq cos I’m on the edge.

    Only kidding “go Bush go.”

  5. I’m especially liking the Cranky one best. It just, well — fits. LMAO.

  6. The man with the mostest!!

  7. I think the colours of your second award are lovely and fetching, and just perfect for you. Every time I come over here, I marvel at the number of awards you’ve collected. I prostrate myself in awe of your skill. Alright, maybe not prostrate. Maybe just a lean-back-in-my-desk-chair and smirk. Good job, man.

  8. Your ENTIRE third paragraph from the bottom had me laughing. Out loud, even. VERY early in the morning. BEFORE coffee.

    Now, THAT…is why I continue to blog! 🙂

    You’re six shades of messed up, Pete…gotta love that!

  9. I was really wondering how long it would take for you to get the Nice Matters award, and how you modify it. Great job! You still crack me up.

  10. Pamela – These dingos don’t dig, they vibrate.

    Knudsen – There’s a war in Iraq? Why wasn’t I told?

    TLG – That was obviously the easiest one to adjust.

    Chrisb – Yessum.

    Jen – If I can’t get a prostrate, then a smirk is good.

    Robin – The Dingo is being awarded tomorrow and I suspect there won’t be so much laughing involved 😉

    Debbie – You must be wearing plumber’s pants.

    Jenn – Now see, this is why I never reply to you comments, you post them when I writing my own, and they show up when I hit publish.

  11. I think you have a prostrate don’t you? If you don’t, then maybe that’s why you don’t return my love.

    Or congrats on the awards, I’m sure I meant one of the two.

  12. you have dear blog buddies? really?

  13. First, we had a stray cat around here for a while that we thought was going to stay. He stuck around long enough to get a name, Inigo Montoya. He took off shortly after I spent $80 on him at the vet.

    Secondly, I’m so glad someone gave you the shoe award. Somewhere around here I have a Christmas ornament that looks like the original shoe, only in blue. I thought about stuffing it full of flowers and sending it to you, but, alas, I do not have your address and that sort of thing can’t be left in the comment section. Then I thought I’d do the same thing and take a picture of it and send that, but it looks like that won’t be necessary now. Which is a good thing because it’s still a little too hot to get up in my attic and dig around for it.

    Oh, and lavendar is still a pretty gay color. I’m a girl and I don’t even like lavendar except where it occurs in nature.

  14. Ha! You see, you already did a good deed! You sent Melissa’s kids presents! You can do good deeds. I knew you weren’t a total jackass!

  15. It’s my birthday, I’m blog whoring, and I have a new blog…

  16. You modified the colors?

  17. Well congrats to you. You know, hmmm, I suppose your dogs and cats clean your house, since your housecleaner wife is away because it always looks somewhat tidy in your Funniest Pet Videos.

    And back off buddy, I burn the meat around this house!!!

  18. Not exactly the graphic I was expecting on the size matters award.

  19. Congrats on the awards!

  20. I like the boot – and yes, size does matter….but so does knowing how to use it.

  21. I’m sorry you never had a pen-friend. You have lots of them now.

  22. WT you gotta watch your rep man cause if you keep giving out cool and awesome pressies there gonna think your soft man then where would ya be?

    the award? i feel sorry for the poor sod who’s gonna get it ;P

  23. Considering the last award – I’m glad I’m not in the running. That thing was so pink…it reminded me of your dogs’ lipstick tubes.

  24. Congratulations, WT. I don’t know how you do it. No, seriously. I don’t know how. Well, except the cranky bugger award. That one actually makes sense.

  25. 1) NOW your blog forgets me when I comment…

    2) DamMiT

    Somehow I think you’re LOVIN’ it….

  26. I know you don’t like awards so don’t look at my post today 1/9/07!!!

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