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The Dingo Award Aug 07.

Welcome to this month’s scheduled Dingo Award ceremony.

The battle for this prestigious prize raged throughout the month, with at least five votes being registered by mid August! Then towards the end of the month, when I told people that voting had been open for almost three weeks, and left a trail of breadcrumbs to the polling booth, things really hotted up and eventually produced a clear winner.

It is with some glee that I announce that this month’s winner is non other than that siren of snark, that termagant of terse, that virago of vitriol, the matron of mean herself, Robin from Pensieve!  Come on let’s give it up for Robin!


With a massive 33% of the total vote, Robin is clearly a worthy winner. Yet despite this convincing win, Robin was initially surprised that she was even in the running: “HOLD THE PRESSES YOU MUTHA! I’m in the VOTING for one of these things???????” After being informed that she was indeed in the running, in her usual tactful manner, she accused me of cheating : “BTW, are you stuffin’ the ballot box?” However, when I replied that she was winning completely on her own merits, she replied, “I’ll get you my pretty! Bwwwaaaahaha!

I really can’t understand why Robin would be so surprised that she was in the running for this award, after all she has always been so supportive of me in the past:

  • You never cease to amaze me…37 comments (including mine) for THIS piece of crap nothing???!!
  • Hey……..I cannot.  Believe.  This topic.  Originated with you.  it’s just so…so…ummmm, such a woman thing?   It’s cause you’re a rockin’ girl blogger, isn’t it?
  • This is your most boring comment section EVAH!   Then, again, it wasn’t exactly your most interesting OR entertaining post, either.
  • Would you like some cheese with your w(h)ine?
  • On the first part of your post, “la la la, white noise, white noise”
  • Do I win a prize for the BEST comment EVAH for the Lamest Post evah???
  • Clearly you will stop at NOTHING just to get a few people to comment to your blog. Sheesh…the nerve!

It’s not just me who has been fortunate enough to receive Robin’s encouragement:

  • Swampy, those aren’t words, those are L.E.T.T.E.R.S..
  • OH MY WORD!  Melissa has MAN HANDS!
  • Thank you, Min, for winning this prize so the rest of us wouldn’t have to. (not so fast Robin)

Of course, then there’s her helpful suggestions to improve my blog:

  • Can we watch you boil a pot of water next?

Always delivered in such a caring manner:

  • Getchur butt up earlier and get a decent picture of a foggy morning!

I admit there have been times that I have tested her patience a little:

  • Hmmph…hands on hips, bottom lip poked out.  The Southern Belle wants to bit$*smack the Aussie.

Then there was the time when simply being snarky just wasn’t enough, and she decided to sabotage my blog:

  • Hey…remember when you accidentally forgot to close the italics on a comment you wrote at my blog a while back and the rest of the comments were italicized?   I think I’ll do that <i>now 😉 (and she did)

But at the end of the day Robin is a nice person who is happy with her life:

  • Maybe my boring-in-comparison-to-Willowtree’s life ain’t so bad after all….

That is until she realises the reality of her situation:

  • Dang it…I forgot I wasn’t in Disney World anymore….

Now you might think that a significant amount of effort was required to glean these cut and paste examples of Robin’s comments from the hundreds she has left over the past year, but in fact I only had to go back over a few weeks (and she was away for two of them). Also, each dot was from a different comment.

Once again Robin, congratulations on your award, you definitely deserve it!

Update** I assumed that everyone would know the history, but then I realised that may not be the case, so just to set the record straight, Robin is one of my oldest and best blog friends. She has been a constant and humorous supporter of my blog since virtually the beginning, and I wouldn’t want her to change a thing.


37 Responses

  1. *golf clap*

  2. wowser.
    i’m never commenting here again.
    too scary.
    plus, i’m not worthy.
    plus, too scary.

  3. oh yeah. congratulations, robin. please dont’ hurt me….

  4. Ruuuuun, Forrest, RUUUN.
    You done pissed a Suthun Bayell awwwf boy.

  5. This IS going to get interesting!

    You beat me to the punch – I was going to ask how long that actually took to cut and paste all of the comments.

  6. Can’t wait to see what Robin has to say about this!

  7. Willow, I’m impressd by the number of awards that you’ve won!

  8. Min – That’s only because my readers are such a perverse bunch.

  9. Hey WT, Robin has your number.

    Hey Robin, I’ve never read your blog. But I’m going to have to start.

  10. I’m trying to figure out if it would be worse if you liked me or didn’t like me.

    And Robin? I’m a little intimidated to click over there, much less comment!

  11. If she does that italics thing again, and someone else notices it, can they put a closed italics code in their own comment and expect it to stop italicizing those after it?

  12. Um, congrat, Robin … I think …
    A dubious honour indeed.
    I went over to her blog and it’s not a scary place at all!!

  13. Jenn – You should go there, she’s really very spiritual.

    Blue Momma – a) It doesn’t make any difference!

    b)Ha! Robin is a really nice person, she was just kidding around when she wrote those comments. She has left hundreds of supportive comments here (but they were of no use for this exercise). You should visit her site, you’re just seeing her Mr. Hyde over here.

    Shades – Yes, that’s exactly what you do. However she told me she did it so I just closed them myself. It was worse when I did it at her place because I didn’t know I’d done it, and it was the first time we’d ever seen it, so neither of us knew what the hell was going on!

  14. Congratulations to my Trashy Friend. I just hope she doesn’t post “that thing” next to the Swampy Award on her side bar. People might wonder about me.

  15. Well deserved Robin! Post it proud!

  16. her silence is deafening. . . . . .

    (whistling inserted here)..
    think I’ll just blog on over to Pensieve and see what is swirling.

  17. Well done. Congratulations…I guess…Robin!

  18. Too funny – taking all her comments out of context like that makes her sound horrible…..anyhoo – I’m glad it wasn’t me!

  19. I came. I saw. And then I bloody well forgot where I was gonna go next. Dang.

  20. Congrats Robin. Make sure to post about this great award.

    *Sighing with relief* I am glad I am not too snarky.

    WT you ever wonder if you just bring out the worst in people?

    I don’t really think so, just a question. 😛

  21. Is she in hiding?
    And you can seriously altar (or is it alter?) the rest of the comments by not closing your own italics? See, no one can say we don’t learn anything here.

  22. I said this for the last one and I’ll say it again. Better her than me. Ewww!

  23. off to visit!

  24. Happy Belated b-day, WT!!!
    Love the Dingo award today! Robin is the best! So are you!!

  25. Geez, Peter, is this the best you can do with all the gems I’ve handed you over the past year or so? Haven’t I given you waaaaaaaay more ammo than THIS? Okay…because I’m feeling extremely generous…how ‘bout a few more cannonballs for your arsenal ?

    1) Termagant? Virago?? You’re calling me a SHREW???? (I admit it…the reason it took me so long to comment was I had to look up those words, lol… Hey…I learned something new! Don’t cha love it when blogging is educational? 😉 ).

    2) Hmmm…a lovely proof text that convincingly demonstrates words ripped out of context can make Lassie look like Cujo, Belle (the Beauty mind you, not your mini-beast) look like Cruella de Vil, Bono look like Idi Amin… and even Jesus look like ol’ satan himself. If that was your goal, sugah, you get an A+!

    3) With “some” glee you’re announcing this month’s winner???

    4) Haven’t I already won this before, but without the sidebar bling? I guess I’m just consistent, huh…and that’s a virtue, right? So, I’m s.u.r.e. you meant to call me virtuous, not vitriolic… Honest mistake, all is forgiven.

    5) Wouldn’t banning my IP address been a whole lot easier than writing a whole post givin’ me the finger?? Wait a second, I WROTE the post…does that mean I gave MYSELF the finger???

    6) “…just to set the record straight, Robin is one of my oldest and best blog friends…”

    I wonder how differently this would read if I was one of your “youngest and worst blog enemies”?

    You’re one of kind, Willowtree…and to quote one of my favorite bluddies, “…I wouldn’t want her him to change a thing.” 😉

    (Weeelll…maybe one or two things…;) )

  26. A worthy winner but is it pistols drawn at dawn from now on!!

  27. doesn anyone else ever feel like it’s a compatation in WTs comments and your just not worthy?

    just wondering

  28. WT, congrats on all your awards.

    I love this post in honour of the wonderfully sassy Robin.

  29. golly enidd was in the running for this? if she’d have known, she’d have got her mum to come and vote for her. robin, next time victory will not be so easy…

  30. WT you need to find some music for the next ceremony. Maybe something with a “porn” feel to it.

  31. your update came too late. i am terrified of robin. keep her away from me. she seems like she might hurt me. also, i am never commenting here again. like i said in my last comment.

  32. I have never been so relieved to come in dead last. Congrats Robin.

  33. One day, if I really try, I might just be bitchy enough to win a pink ribbed vibrator with a blob of ermine stuck to it. WTG, Robin!

  34. Is there a prize for second place?

  35. Hey, Laurie. Stop commenting already.

  36. Congrats….I think! Love the pink ribbed vibrator!

  37. nope. not one more comment. nope. not from me. this place is too scary.

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