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I’m legal and tender!

Boy it sure is hard work making money, in fact you could almost say I’m spent!

If you want to make your own, you can here.

I was reading today at Hayden’s place about a sales girl not knowing where Stockholm is, I think I might know why….

And finally….


30 Responses

  1. Oh I get to be first? UM –

    I thought the little green speck place was a place full of Wankers

    (and here I was rooting for the Swiss…don’t make me start cheering for the North)

  2. hahahahahahah – I just now got your title. hahaahahahahahah

  3. Karmyn – That map isn’t completely accurate, in fact there are equal numbers of wankers and kangaroos.

  4. I think Santa is up more and closer to center. Other than that it’s pretty accurate.

  5. You’ve been chatting with Miss South Carolina I see. 🙂

  6. aw cm’on, willow. we know that there are people who live in canada! i think they’re called Mounties.

    this is my last comment here. ever.

    i mean it.

  7. That map seems right to me. Except I don’t believe in Santa.

    Can you doctor up the map…and do one according to Aussies??

  8. Well, I was flipping through the channels last night, I landed on the local news and stayed there for about 2 minutes. They were interviewing someone from Kansas who had been in New Orleans helping with the rebuilding effort as a volunteer. He said many of them had no idea where Kansas is, but they were happy to see him. I thought WTF? It’s not even that far.

    It isn’t just the U.S., though. I think many people are just so self-centered and only really concerned with what is going on in their own little lives that they don’t care to know much about anyone else. Danny and I went to England and Scotland for our honeymoon and then back several years later. We met quite a few people who were only vaguely aware that Kansas was somewhere in the U.S. and some not even sure of that. On the first trip, Danny wore his cowboy hat a lot, and people thought Kansas was somewhere in Texas. Danny was also asked repeatedly if he was an oil man like on “Dallas”. They were *not* kidding.

    There are idiots all over the globe.

    Shouldn’t your face be on the $3 bill? Or is that just an American expression;o)

  9. Gee it gets confusing. You shoulda just asked them where the yellow brick road led and they woulda ended up here, where the roos are.

  10. Oh, someone needs to find the clip of the gal from South Carolina and post it. She would fit right in on your map.
    Great title !

  11. WHOA! We’re supposed to know where places are? I told my nutrition class last night that Colorado was New Mexico. If I don’t know the US, imagine how well I know the rest of the world. WAIT! I know it just like the map.

    How can a dickwad be tender?

  12. It’s clearly a map of Bushes world. No argument with that.

  13. I’m sure you’re aware of this, but you look a lot like Hank Williams Jr. in that first picture. Or maybe Charlie Daniels. As far as Canada, there are generally two kinds of Americans: those who don’t know we exist, and those who all think we live in igloos. I prefer the first kind, because they don’t bother me.

    And I love number three. I may just have to borrow that for something…if you don’t mind.

  14. Uninhabited? Uninhabited?! Me and the polar bears are here. Because Jen’s right, a lot of American’s think we live in igloos. I found that out when I was in Las Vegas last time. Uninhabited. Humph!

  15. Hey, now. I’m an American and I actually know there are people in Canada. Because I have seen them. In Hamilton. I think Hamilton is a suburb of Buffalo. Or something. 😉

    Hey, Laurie, quit commenting already.

  16. They forgot to mark the place where chocolate comes from.

  17. Posessed by creativity this week, huh? Loved the map!

  18. Terrific title – thanks for the chuckles.

  19. Uninhabited, except for Marnie, who is the security guard.

  20. eeeh what was that?

    ohh yeah the world according to bush the jackass

  21. Yea!!!! Robin got the Dingo. Yea!!!!

  22. “they do our laundry” seesh, *put’s hands on hips* that’s what my husband say’s I’m good for, now I know where he got it from!:o)

  23. Hey now…I know ppl actually live in Canada in homes not igloos, I knew that even back in HS. I really dislike ignorant ppl.

    Darn it according to the last one I am a total Dickwad!! Which I thought one needed a dick to be called a dickwad…guess not…

  24. funny stuff! thanks for the link to the money generator… i used it today as it perfectly tied in with my current blog subject of my quest for world domination. the map will also be posted sometime in the future… i guess i am a plagiarist in some regards… but i will give you credit (maybe 😉

  25. What’s that one Bellamy Brother doing on the dollar bill?

    Geez, they only had ONE HIT!

  26. You’re just dying for another Marnie-fight, aren’t ya?

    I think “commies” would be better – have a hard time thinking someone that ignorant would even know the correct spelling of communists!

  27. Love the map. What do the classroom maps look like in Australia? Is the Northern or Southern hemisphere on the top? I took a geography class in college that had maps available featuring the Southern hemisphere on the top of the map. The maps were intended to jar the ethnocentrism of the students.

    Although I know a few dickwads in person, none of the Internet folks that I know are dickwads.

  28. Who is the country and western bloke on the money? I have long suspected that I am a Dickwad, today I was called a fascist, not bad.

    Yeah right as if the Yanks have world maps.

  29. mjd – in my experience Aussie maps don’t have the southern hemisphere at the top – but they do have Australia in the middle of the map, with Nth and Sth America off to the very edge of the map.

    At first I thought Karmyn was referring to Canada when she said the green place was full of wankers, possibly because that’s where my hubby is from and after all he WAS being very annoying this week. (And John, if you happen to read this, that was totally a joke, you rock.)

  30. Where is UK on the map?


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