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Update to yesterday’s post.

A few people asked about the maps we use down here in Oz, so I’ll post two for you. The first  map is the one that TheOtherBear mentioned in the comments, where Australia is in the centre. The second is called a corrective map.

Fig. 1  An Aussie World Map
The line you see running top to bottom and to the right of Oz is the international dateline. We do our maps like this because it’s just so embarrassing when someone can’t find their own country on the map (and even more embarrassing when someone tries to explain why). We learn from an early age that we should just point somewhere close to the middle.

Fig. 2   A Corrective World Map
I used to have a 3’x2′ version of this mounted on plywood when I lived in San Jose.

It’s only convention that has north at the top of world maps (that, and a northern hemisphere centric view of the world), we all know there is no up or down in the universe, and we don’t know the orientation of those looking at our world from a distance. (But I assume they are mostly hetero.)


50 Responses

  1. um, i think my posting qualifies as first because it’s more than one unintelligible word.

    i like that second map.

    so there.

  2. and then i’m the first posting and typepad gets my name wrong. stupid typepad!

  3. Actually – looking at the second map really makes my reality shift –

    I am so used to seeing the 1st type map that seeing the 2nd one alters the universe….wow, there really is a lot of ocean isn’t there!

    I feel dizzy now and all the blood is rushing to my head.

  4. Ha … at least these two maps actually have New Zealand on them. Poor wee islands get forgotten.
    So you think martians are hetero, huh?

  5. Australia is in the middle because the world revolves round me, surely?

  6. I thought all the maps in Australia were drawn in the dirt with sticks. My mistake.

  7. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy

  8. Geez I was bored to tears until the last sentence. Very funny. I like Melissa’s gay comment too. Who knows, maybe them aliens is both.

  9. That map has been photoshopped.

  10. Your tits have been photoshopped.

  11. nobody’s hearing my comments!

  12. What the heck am I Melissa? I even MENTIONED your gayness just above. Sheesh.

  13. Uh, oh WT done brought it on Melissa’s blog. He said hi to Mark which means he is now a texacangldoegian. Who is the other side now? I’m SOOOO confused.

  14. What the heck does that mean?

    Pretty wonderful nice darling?

    You DO love me.

  15. We all love you Jenn.

  16. That made me chuckle. I really like perverse people. No “t”, mind you.

  17. Simply Jenn, WT is no ally – just go see marnie’s blog. It’s turning into a showdown

  18. cool maps! I like seeing the world through a different view!

  19. You have won two free ipod nanos!

  20. Well, I liked my joke anyway – did anyone catch it?

    (hint – blood rushing to my head)

  21. I got your joke Karmyn. 🙂

  22. Thanks Melissa – A little mental instability going on- HA!

  23. I saw that joke on another blog.

  24. nobody cares!

  25. Well, I didn’t read it – so it was new to me.

  26. Well at least you won’t go wrong and lose your way.

  27. Hmmmm, which is more fascinating? The entry or the comments? Hmmmmm. Right, well, I’ll just go with the upside down map. I’m late to the party anway.

  28. And also probably not cool enough to be here…

  29. Ha love the comment banter!

  30. Hey Willowtree,
    Thanks for the maps. You always shake up my world so to speak. Our maybe I should say our world.

  31. Thirty-seventh !
    We bought that map. Where is it? Now I’ll be looking for it all day.

  32. you know, sometimes on this blog, i read the comments and i feel like everyone is at one party, and i’m at a different one.
    and yet oddly we’re all in the same room….

  33. in spirit of our brilliant so.carolina miss teen usa candidate: iraq and so.africa should be next to eachother on the map so people can see they exist and are on the map. i think australia should also be moved to the center of the atlantic and it would make it easier for people from europe and the americas to go there

  34. ummm I’m with Laurie…

    I feel like ya’ll are the cool kids and I’m just standing on the sidelines wishing I could join the in crowd!

  35. Phew, I’m exhausted from all those somments!

    It’s very weird seeing the map upside down…looks like a different world.

  36. raffi, is that all Americans or just the US Americans? and I am SO glad that that sweet young thing was NOT from Texas!

  37. katyabug, let’s start our own club!

  38. dude i think last poster should win a prize… ehh?

    now love the maps.. makes perfect sense to me

  39. Just to let you know you get a mention on my post today and probably tomorrows as well!

  40. I like the second map. As usual, you give us a whole new way of looking at things.

    I ditto Karmyn’s “I feel dizzy now and all the blood is rushing to my head.”

    And what does pwnd stand for? Please Whine Next Door?

  41. Dear willowtree. Looks normal to me. Also. Happy very belated birthday. I’m sorry I missed it, I was err.. Busy.

  42. Ugh I meant the top one is normal. It’s also more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. (and to the I). BTW, willowtree, you know you’ve made it on bwog-land when people vie for the ‘FIRST’ on yer comments.

  43. Hey I just realised if I’m too lazy to look up what time it is in Australia on that website I can never remember and can’t be arsed to bookmark, I can come here and post a comment and see the timestamp in order to figure out if it’s too late to call my maw and paw! Willowtree! You’re a lifesaver, you give me a hole lot more outta life.

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