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My apologies

Here are three videos, one that will help make some sense of yesterdays comments, one that shows the revenge of the blonds and one that just makes me get dizzy from laughing so hard.

Video 1. I’m sorry that some of you felt left out yesterday, I hate the idea of anyone thinking there is a clique of cool kids here. I don’t believe in cliques at all, besides we all have to stick together here because we are so much cooler than the rest of the blogoshpere. Now, about the video, this is what would happen if corporate meetings were run along the lines of a comments section, I like to call it the Meeting…

Video 2. This clip is about what happens when a brunette puts her trust in a blonde, despite having previously told hundreds of blonde jokes, (turn your sound up just a little), I call this one Ooops…

Video 3. Finally, this clip has absolutely no redeeming qualities, and shows me up for the insensitive jerk I am. It’s the sharting equivalent of a perfect storm, all the elements are present at the same time to make this probably one of the most embarrassing moments you’ll ever see; a camera, a few people, an upset stomach and water. Watch how maturely everyone handles it, this one I call ‘the Perfect Shart’

I must be a bad person to find that last one so hysterical. I don’t even have to see the clip any more to start laughing maniacally, and it’s starting to freak the critters! Avagoodweegend.