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My apologies

Here are three videos, one that will help make some sense of yesterdays comments, one that shows the revenge of the blonds and one that just makes me get dizzy from laughing so hard.

Video 1. I’m sorry that some of you felt left out yesterday, I hate the idea of anyone thinking there is a clique of cool kids here. I don’t believe in cliques at all, besides we all have to stick together here because we are so much cooler than the rest of the blogoshpere. Now, about the video, this is what would happen if corporate meetings were run along the lines of a comments section, I like to call it the Meeting…

Video 2. This clip is about what happens when a brunette puts her trust in a blonde, despite having previously told hundreds of blonde jokes, (turn your sound up just a little), I call this one Ooops…

Video 3. Finally, this clip has absolutely no redeeming qualities, and shows me up for the insensitive jerk I am. It’s the sharting equivalent of a perfect storm, all the elements are present at the same time to make this probably one of the most embarrassing moments you’ll ever see; a camera, a few people, an upset stomach and water. Watch how maturely everyone handles it, this one I call ‘the Perfect Shart’

I must be a bad person to find that last one so hysterical. I don’t even have to see the clip any more to start laughing maniacally, and it’s starting to freak the critters! Avagoodweegend.


41 Responses

  1. Ok so I was just late to the party… so I should have called my self the new kid…Sorry… but this is the cool club.Right?
    Great videos just wish the first wasnt so choppy skippy was hard to catch it all but it was hilarious!! That last one…OMG! How embare ass ing
    I do not think you bad at all for finding it funny! Not that you needed my opinion!

  2. Kaytabug – There’s no need for you to apologize, that’s the whole point of this post, I’d hate to think anybody felt left out. Just one comment is all it takes to make you part of the gang.

    Oh, and you need to watch that first clip a few times to make out what they’re saying.

  3. Buhahahahaha!!! I love the people that did the first video! I wish I could work at a place like them, ya know get paid to play around:o)
    The second one, all I can say is “ouch”.
    And for the last one, who could not find that funny?…..Ok, unless your the chick that darkend the water…..

  4. now it all makes sense.

    That last video was rank.

  5. First, first, first.

    OK, I wasn’t first, just wanted to say it.

    That last video? So wrong! And you for liking it so much? Oh, so wrong. Not bad, but wrong, wrong, wrong!

  6. That second one gives me the heebie jeebies. I bet those girls aren’t friends anymore. Talk about head injury!

    The last one is Nas-ty. Girlfriend needs some Pepto.

  7. *PING* (lightbulb switches on)
    Now I’m off to watch them again …

  8. You’re such an insensitive jerk…
    (is it wrong that I watched the last one more than once?)

    And I was howling at the first video.

  9. I have watched it twice…but I know I will a few more times as my hubs will LOVE it! It was so fitting! You find the best stuff!!!

    BTW woo hoo for me!! I ended up being first for the day!!

  10. LOL, that first one totally fits the comments.

    That second one, yikes, I just wanted to know if she’s OK. It couldn’t have been pretty. And how many beers did she have before attempting that? And why not attempt it over a more forgiving surface?! … So many questions.

    You are definately a male to find #3 so hysterical. My boys would fall down laughing if they saw that one. Me? *yawn* I’m a mom. Poop doesn’t faze me.

  11. Hmmm Did you really mean poon? I think it’s spelled pwnd

    In case you’re wondering, this is what poon means.

  12. That last clip was just nasty, but I was still laughing over the first one. And the funniest part is that I know which commenter I am.

    Ah, yes, I remember one time when I was commenting on WT’s blog. The sun had long since sank beyond the horizon and I sat quietly at my computer enjoying a nice Jack and Coke, the perfect ending to a perfect day. Little did I expect the wisdom and witticism’s dear Willowtree had in store for his faithful followers that day. It was a post I would look back upon with great fondness all the rest of my days and the comment section wasn’t too shabby either. Indeed, it became a story told to generations of little barefoot children growing up on the wild Kansas prairie. I told my children who told their children who told their children who told their children who told their children who told their children who told their children who told their children who told their children. Until one day one of the little buggers had the gumption to ask, “Wait a minute! This was an Aussie? I thought only kangaroos lived there. Kangaroos who listen to AC/DC, because all marsupials know that AC/DC freakin’ ROCKS and that is why great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandma Jenni got that new ringtone for her cell phone, so she could totally rock out every time someone called her, only they were never really calling her, just one of her KIDS!” And thereafter, everyone from Kansas assumed that this Willowtree person was indeed a kangaroo.

  13. Those videos are photoshopped.

  14. I came here to check the time. You just created a lot of work for me.

  15. Kila – Huh???

  16. De-lurking here just to say I was watching the last video and was treated to smellivision because one of the cats decided to take a really fragrant dump in the litter box right behind me.

  17. what exactly was that brunette trying to do with that blonde, anyway?

  18. ok for the record I was trying to say what that one guy was screaming in the video that tho other kept saying he didn’t know what it meant… I wanted to go with something in the video but what I really wanted to say was

    BTW I am with melissa…I think the last video is photoshopped that is why I kept watching it.. it reeked of fake…

  19. First of all, Happy Belated Birthday ! Sorry I missed it. Where was I? Oh yeah, at a wedding.
    Second of all, I will have to come back when I have more time to watch the videos.
    Fourth of all, we have a house full of company and it’s time to feed them breakfast.

  20. Oh, good, your clock is back! All this time I’ve been wondering what time it is 😉

    I love your new colors and design. Can you come paint my house these colors?

  21. Photoshopped or not it’s very funny.

  22. swampy, do NOT watch that third video while you’re cooking breakfast. or any other meal.

  23. Melissa – So is your butt!

    Jenni in KS – Ok gang, can I get a “Nobody cares”? You have got to be a touch typist!

    Patty P – Nice of you to de-lurk, with that kind of comment you’ll fit right in here.

    Kaytabug – It certainly reeked of something. btw, you could have used ‘assmunch’, or ‘buttwipe’, or ‘jerkward’, or if you speak canadian, ‘dorkchop’. All are acceptable.

  24. OMG!!! These are just too funny! Maybe I’m not as grown up as I thought because I watched that last one more than once too…and I can’t wait to show my sweetie!!!

  25. You’re not hearing me!

  26. OK – I thought they were all damn hilarious.

  27. I’ll give some props to Jenni in KS.

  28. What is it with men and their humor about body functions? It’s that frontal lobe region, right? 🙂

  29. I’m too scared to watch the videos, but wanted to say I LOVE the new orangey/gradienty margins! And the swirly/cool design behind the banner.

    Awesome, man.

  30. Sit Bentley. Stay Bentley. Speak Bentley.
    Yup. You’re right.

  31. You TOTALLY need to watch this:

    If you haven’t heard of “The Whitest Kids U Know,” their humor is right up your alley.

  32. I’ve seen the poop-in-the-jacuzzi a hundred times and I still gag and laugh when I see it. ha ha ha I feel bad for laughing but not really. Dumb bitch shoulda got out of the hot tub when she felt her stomach gurgling. Lord knows I would have! Hope you are well WT. xo

  33. I like the new colour scheme. And you are a very naughty boy for laughing so hard at those videos. You are very bad. But since we’re both apparently going to hell, do you want the window seat or the aisle seat? *grin* And I know I’m not a cool kid…it’s what makes me so damn cool.

    Oh, and my husband says “hi”. You two should seriously just start a baseball e-mail thing or something. Or maybe I’ll let him post on my blog every week, just for you.

  34. Those were all hyterical! I liked the first one best, though.

  35. I must be really bad too.. cuz i laughed out loud…

  36. enidd’s dogs are looking at her very oddly. they think she’s woofing at the interweb.

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