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Not another pet clip‽

Yes folks, time for another pet clip. But first, here’s a cute picture for those who don’t have broadband…


And now for the feature movie…

Those blokes just never get tired of that crap!

Oh, I almost forgot, here’s one for the cat lovers…



44 Responses


    Mark, can we get a new pet clip total, please?

    Pete, are you getting your comment emails? Typepad hasn’t sent me any in two days.

  2. She is turning into a beautiful dog Peter.
    What those poor animals have to go through to score a meal! (& no residules)

  3. Melissa – Why don’t you just use percentages, it’s easier. Like how I keep track of Mark’s posts for example…so far it’s 65% recipes, 25% flower pictures and 10% whining about neighbours.

  4. Buddy’s sensible just looking at the youngsters from the sidelines!

  5. Oh, that cat looks SOOOOO Lovable!!! I just wanna pick it up and love it. And then take my Allegra. I love cats SO much but they make me sneeze and itch to high heaven. I am such a sucker for an animal, especially a sun-basking kitty who looks like he’s ready to have his belly rubbed. awwwww. Thanks WT for getting me all gooey before bed.

  6. A purrfect spot in the sun.

  7. ChrisB – Yeah, Buddy finds the youngsters just a bit too exuberant for his liking.

    Amanda – Careful, people will start talking.

    Beccy – That spot is actually in the sun room, and it’s really the place to be in winter.

  8. That’s it. I’m reporting you.

  9. I hear Animal Planet is looking for an Australian Wildlife correspondent. Interested?

  10. i love the way they roll on their back and expose the neck and belly. hit me! kill me! i dare you!

    riley does that too.

  11. i guess the more they play, the more they grow. they’re really awesome, willow.

  12. If I weren’t so self absorbed, I would love to have Buddy. He’s so perfectly round.

    And a cat’s work is never done. Someone has to soak up all the rays so the rest of us don’t get the wrinkles.

  13. Aw, very sweet. I love the way they keep playing together, and somehow not manage to kill each other. Belle’s quite a big bigger than Beau, now, isn’t she? I like the before picture. It was a bit like the cartoon before the feature presentation. I guess the cat pic could be the newsreel, but there’s nothing new about a cat finding the most warm and comfy spot in a house.

  14. That is an adorable pup. I love the way cats and dogs play with one another after they have lived together awhile. Our little schnauzer terrorizes the cats but it doesn’t stop them all from piling in my lap together to sleep.

  15. my daughters cats wanted to do that ALL NIGHT LONG. So much for a good nights sleep.

    ps. typepad forgot me. weird.

  16. The pictures and videos of your pets make me smile almost as much as my pets do. Thanks and please excuse the dangling participle.

  17. I want to scratch that kitty’s tummy. Nothing like a kitty sunning in the window.

  18. Belle is precious – exposing the soft underbelly.

    Beau is using the “sneaky butt attack.” Works for me.

    Hey – Enjoy W. being in your neck of the woods today. Keep him as long as you like!

  19. I’m looking at the sidebar pics of Belle and Beau and can’t believe they’re the same animals. They’ve grown so much. Sniff. What happened to the babies! Still cute as ever though!

  20. Buddy is just too cool for that. (at least today).

    Sometimes Beau looks like he’s a bit annoyed (when his ears go back), but he keeps coming back for more.

  21. I love the attitude of the cat who’s watching.

  22. awww they are just to cute;)

  23. my official “aawwwwww” for the day:o)

  24. You know how I know you’re gay? Three hundred and Fifty-three (353) pet photo posts.

  25. I’m in love with Mark.

  26. …I think Mark’s post are at least 2% Canadian now…

  27. hi marnie!

  28. Do either of those animals know that they are animals?
    I wish we had had cats around when our Boxers were puppies so that they would not think they were something to chase and eat. (They’ve never killed a cat that I know of. Only a coyote.)

  29. Link – Go ahead, I’ll just deny everything.

    RC – Sounds too much like work.

    Laurie – I think she just a a problem with balance (and peeing in the house).

    Raffi – Yeah, they’re lots of fun.

    Robinella – He sure it round alright!

    Jen – You can really see the difference in size now. I was just looking at an older clip and was stunned at how much Belle has grown.

    Kaycie – It’s amazing what animals will put up with in the pursuit of comfort and a warm lap.

    Pamela – Seems TypePad is having issues.

    Sandy – Dangle away, it’s fine by me.

    Nikk – Beep will actually let you scratch her belly, we’ve had cats that even though they look like they want you to, you ended up with a shredded had.

    Tiff – I debating whether or not to write a post about that very thing.

    Joy T. – I know, don’t you wish they could stay like that forever? Without the pooping of course.

    Karmyn – I’ve yet to figure out if Beau is serious or not, sometimes he really yowls.

    Brenda – I love that you think that dog is a cat!

  30. *sniff sniff*
    Buddy and Bentley look so cuuute.

    Beep beep. She’s all stretching on her back oozing cuteness galore too.


  31. Mark – I know, I’ve been hiding my flaming gayness for so long, and I’m saving all my love for you. Come to Australia and find out how great things are “Down Under.”

    Melissa – No, he’s all mine.

    Marnie – He’ll be 35% Australian by the time I’m done with him.

    I want a piece of Canafornitoka, the toka piece.

  32. Mark – That was funny! In fact it got an audible laugh. Weird in a “you’re gay and I’m not” kinda way, but very funny. Say hello to Bubba for me.

    Hi Marnie.

  33. Hi Peter.

    Audible laughs all around tonight.

  34. Hey Mark, I’ll tell you something, it’s quite an interesting experience to get a popup message saying that I’ve left a comment that I couldn’t remember writing!

  35. Came over from Ree’s site, Your pups & kittens are darling! How do you go from grotesque spa’s to darling animals?

    happy down under,

  36. Your template is a tad rainbow-y. Although, I guess if I were you, I’d try to woo mark by any means necessary. Must get lonely in the outback.


  37. LOL at that last photo. Now that’s relaxation.

    The gang here loved the video. I wish my kids played that nicely 😉 Too cute.

    My youngest said, while watching it, “I had a dream about this!”

  38. everytime I watch one of your videos I keep thinking that I need to get a kitten for Jake. then I think….. nahhhhhh!

  39. I was gonna say you’ve gotta know that Mark’s gay because HE’S the one counting your pet posts…but then I got totally sidetracked with the Willowtree/Real Willowtree comments. Funny boys, you both are. Funny and gay.

    The kids are precious…gotta love Buddy’s superiority complex–so above the fray!

  40. Well, sheeeet, I can’t wear my glasses all the time ya know. 🙂

  41. LOL! That photo!

    I bet Beau and Belle sleep really well after all that activity, don’t they?

    Don’t speak to me about cats right now.

  42. As usual, I’m reduced to awwwws… Love how Belle completely knows who’s in charge, rolling over on her back, appeasing the possibly pissed Beau. And that last picture? Major awww. Why do cats sleep on their heads? Mojo does it, too. Weirdest thing I ever saw…

  43. p.s. Yes, I know. The answer to that question is, as is all other questions regarding cats, “because they can”.

  44. Love the dog / cat pics. You are such a great writer!! OK…and maybe a good piece of manmeat too!

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