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Now this is more like it!!!

Today I got this in the mail from Mary. It came all the way from the East Coast of America. Now this is definitely more my idea of a gift from the States! Although I did have a pretty good idea what it might be (because Mary had already told me she sent me something), I wasn’t sure what exactly it was until I opened it. So you can imagine my pleasure at opening the package and finding this inside…


In case you can’t read the note it says "WT, you are just about the hottest piece of man meat in the blogosphere, and while I know the chances of me ever hooking up with you are pretty slim, a girl can dream can’t she? So I’m sending you this as a token of my affection. PS. Don’t let all the lies that Daktokian dorkchop is maliciously spreading about you get you down, we all know you’re not gay, but we’re not so sure about him!"

Ok, I may have misread one or two words (Mary you need to work on your handwriting) but it’s pretty close.

There is only one truth in this life, and that is that the Allman Brothers Band is the best in the world at producing road music. Always has been, always will be. If you’ve never had the experience of driving long distances with Allman Bros music blaring from the car stereo, then you haven’t lived. And the best Allman Bros road music was written by Dickey Betts.

Here’s an Allman Brothers Band clip, I could have posted a Dickey Betts and Great Southern clip as that was the CD that Mary sent me, but this one goes back to when I first became a fan.

A huge Thank You and some big hugs to you Mary, I’ve been trying to find a Great Southern CD for ages!!! I’ve already gone for a drive into town to test it out and it works just fine.

PS. If you don’t know who Dickey Betts is, he’s the one with the gold guitar doing the singing.


33 Responses

  1. Well, I think I may have found a new music intrest! Thank you! Off to look for more music by them.

    Also, great job on the translation of the note, made me giggle:o)

  2. Oh yeah, and FIRST!
    and second! woohoo!

  3. I’d better get my eye prescription checked. Either that or clean my computer screen.

  4. I have LIVED!!!!

  5. Dicky is a great musician. Now if he could just stop getting drunk and beating on people he’d be good to go. I spend a lot of my Saturday mornings playing the Allman Bros.

    And you’re not gay? I guess my husband won’t let me come visit you anymore *grin*

  6. i gotta figure out how to get other bloggers to send me free stuff.
    starting with you, willow. just box up Belle….

  7. So there ARE people in the States who like you??

  8. Mommyca – You won’t regret it.

    Karmyn – Or just cover your mouth when you sneeze.

    Kaytabug – Well there ya go, there’s a post right there!

    Jen – Hey, he’s a Southern Rock musician, if you want someone laid back and showing good behaviour, you need to get someone from CANO.

    Laurie – Just ask, you’ll get something for sure, except Belle that is.

    RC – Of course there are people there who like me! Apart from the people I actually know IRL (including my best friend of 30 years), there’s a number of bloggers who love me. Don’t be put off by the small but vocal minority that is intent on insulting me, they’re just jealous that I’ve got all the cute pets.

  9. I can’t help it that the post office likes kitschy cheap gifts and wants nothing to do with southern rock!

    Apparently, I HAVEN’T lived……

    Happy listening :)…yep, your excitement is palpable.

  10. Robin – And the postage was only five bucks!

  11. Finally! You got it! Your interpretation of my note was hysterical. I knew my handwriting was not good. Next time will type.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the surprise. I love the clip. Allman Bros. are the BEST! They need to get back together.

  12. Hey happy days, ok so I still haven’t posted your prize but am fully recovered from the hangover and have no excuses…

  13. What a nice way to start my morning. Thank you for the clip, WT. You know you have *mostly* really good taste in music. (I’m still scarred from those Ian Drury and the Banshees or whoever clips.) Oh, and I like you *and* I like to insult you. I only tease people I like.

  14. What an awesome gift!

    Your note translation reveals a bit about your state of mind, now, doesn’t it? Reminds me of my husband. When I say “hi, glad you’re home” to him, he hears “meet me in the bedroom”.

    Damn men. 😉

  15. Don’t think the hubby EVER sits down for an extended guitar-jamming session where he doesn’t play at least one Allman Bros. tune.

    Have the original album for “Eat a Peach…” Wasn’t one of the original band members killed by a truck carrying a load of peaches?

  16. you need another trip to the coast I think.

    I enjoyed the clip, too.

  17. Not a fan of the Allman Brothers. My preference runs more towards classic, CLASSIC, rock and some country tunes thrown in when I’m in a “tears in my beer” kinda mood.

  18. Mary is quite the spicy girl. I have an old Allman Bros cd that my Mom left here. Who knew they were so loved.

  19. Thanks for the clip. I downloaded some Allman Bros this morning to go with the Lynyrd Skynyrd and Doobie Bros…sure makes the morning go by a little faster.

  20. Never heard of the Allman Bros but very good. Love the interpretation of Mary’s note LOL And. Is there really someone out there calling you names? That’s not very nice. Want me to go flatten their tires? Beat them up? Sit on them?

  21. well hell if i’d have known you like southern rock all ya had to do was ask my dad has one of the biggest collections ever… i go to him all the time for music:) dude all ya had to do was ask;P

  22. umm how can anyone not know the allman bros?

  23. and hellow you told laura to “just ask”? i have been doing this for ages and still aint seen nothin in the mail from you;P

  24. ok i have now done my duty to up your comment count for the day LOL

  25. hi marnie!


  27. It comes as little surprise that Willowtree LOVES a musician named Dickey Betts, but doesn’t appreciate things like soap, or treasured items like dog teeth. Big Surprise. Do I even need to say it?

  28. That noise sounds alright to me 🙂

    I have several things for you, if I ever get a chance to pick up the last couple ideas and mail them off!

  29. there is a rumor in the sphere that if we show up at your house you’ll bend over and crack a smile

  30. Pamela – Huh? Have you been reading Dirty Uncle Mark again?


  32. this is absolutely absurd. i figured by now i would’ve received something in the mail, but nothing. and to top it all, you get a bootleg of betts!! that’s it, i’ve offficially quit blogging. have a good life, willow.

  33. I can believe what DUM said, but PAMELA???!!!

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