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See, I told you.

A short while ago I mentioned that I mixed comfortably with all the different (not to mention diverse) groups in high school. Well, this is how I was able to manage that impressive feat…


As you can see I have a fairly even spread (except for the dork quotient which is pretty low), this meant I was cool enough to hang out with the ‘in crowd’ (including the jocks, as I played representative sports) but also smart enough to keep up with the brainiacs. It also means that I put absolutely no credence in some half-assed, time wasting game that someone with even more time on their hands than me, came up with!

Now for an update on APUKE, which is being held in Sydney at the moment. What better way for the leaders of our democratic country to showcase the benefits of democracy and capitalism (and show those pesky terrorists that they’ll never achieve anything), is there than to close down half of the biggest city in Australia, put up barricades everywhere and order its citizens off the streets!

Despite the plans being agreed to, and finalised two years ago, and despite everyone being told two years ago exactly what would be closed down and when, and despite nothing changing in the mean time, the leader of the world’s only remaining superpower decided a week ago to come two days early, throwing all the security plans into disarray and forcing people to take an extra two days off because they couldn’t get to their places of employment.

We’re told that we all have to put up with having our city closed, and a state of marshal law declared, because even though the world’s largest and most profitable companies manage to do this type of thing through teleconferencing, email and various other electronic means, this is just not possible for our political  leaders. Their time is so valuable that they simply can’t risk any sort of down time due to technical problems. Sort of makes you wonder how Dubya had enough spare time to go bike riding for 4 hours yesterday afternoon. This, yet again, was an unscheduled side-trip that no-one knew about before hand, throwing our police into panic mode. No wonder that fucking moron has made such a mess of things!

Speaking of Dubya and his efforts to show the world just how smart his people are, his motorcade whisked him to his first meeting just before lunch, and I kid you not, the venue was 100 yards from his hotel which made it exactly 26 yards shorter than his 20 car motorcade, honest! (it was one of the funniest things I saw on TV all day!).  I tell you, he’s nothing if not thorough in his efforts to change the opinion of the last 15% of Australia that doesn’t already think he’s a fucking dipstick.

Did I mention that the Secret Service has permission to shoot to kill on our soil? Or that any roads that the President’s motorcade intends to use are closed to the public (who normally use them to do things like….hmmm, live their lives).

Fortunately we all smart enough here to realise that it’s the present administration that’s the problem, not the nation. So
our affection for the American people in general remains strong and
will continue to be so for as long as I can foresee, or until you guys decide to impose freedom on us too 😉 And I stress that it’s not Dubya who is responsible for these bizarre security measures, it’s our very own mini Dubya, John Howard.