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See, I told you.

A short while ago I mentioned that I mixed comfortably with all the different (not to mention diverse) groups in high school. Well, this is how I was able to manage that impressive feat…


As you can see I have a fairly even spread (except for the dork quotient which is pretty low), this meant I was cool enough to hang out with the ‘in crowd’ (including the jocks, as I played representative sports) but also smart enough to keep up with the brainiacs. It also means that I put absolutely no credence in some half-assed, time wasting game that someone with even more time on their hands than me, came up with!

Now for an update on APUKE, which is being held in Sydney at the moment. What better way for the leaders of our democratic country to showcase the benefits of democracy and capitalism (and show those pesky terrorists that they’ll never achieve anything), is there than to close down half of the biggest city in Australia, put up barricades everywhere and order its citizens off the streets!

Despite the plans being agreed to, and finalised two years ago, and despite everyone being told two years ago exactly what would be closed down and when, and despite nothing changing in the mean time, the leader of the world’s only remaining superpower decided a week ago to come two days early, throwing all the security plans into disarray and forcing people to take an extra two days off because they couldn’t get to their places of employment.

We’re told that we all have to put up with having our city closed, and a state of marshal law declared, because even though the world’s largest and most profitable companies manage to do this type of thing through teleconferencing, email and various other electronic means, this is just not possible for our political  leaders. Their time is so valuable that they simply can’t risk any sort of down time due to technical problems. Sort of makes you wonder how Dubya had enough spare time to go bike riding for 4 hours yesterday afternoon. This, yet again, was an unscheduled side-trip that no-one knew about before hand, throwing our police into panic mode. No wonder that fucking moron has made such a mess of things!

Speaking of Dubya and his efforts to show the world just how smart his people are, his motorcade whisked him to his first meeting just before lunch, and I kid you not, the venue was 100 yards from his hotel which made it exactly 26 yards shorter than his 20 car motorcade, honest! (it was one of the funniest things I saw on TV all day!).  I tell you, he’s nothing if not thorough in his efforts to change the opinion of the last 15% of Australia that doesn’t already think he’s a fucking dipstick.

Did I mention that the Secret Service has permission to shoot to kill on our soil? Or that any roads that the President’s motorcade intends to use are closed to the public (who normally use them to do things like….hmmm, live their lives).

Fortunately we all smart enough here to realise that it’s the present administration that’s the problem, not the nation. So
our affection for the American people in general remains strong and
will continue to be so for as long as I can foresee, or until you guys decide to impose freedom on us too 😉 And I stress that it’s not Dubya who is responsible for these bizarre security measures, it’s our very own mini Dubya, John Howard. 


32 Responses

  1. They ARE effing dipsticks.

    Your teeth make you look like Bugs Bunny.
    Bugs Bunny in a cowboy hat.
    Just thought I’d point that out.
    Now I’m going to go laugh my ass off.

  2. Thank you for sharing that.

  3. ah, tha’ts our dubya.
    i wonder where he would score on that dork test.

  4. The only Dubya I claim anymore is Dubya-T!

    Hi, Peter!

  5. Tiger Lamb Girl is gunnin’ for your next “Dingo”…!

    Interesting juxtaposition, a nerd test and a presidential rant….

  6. I would just like to say that these tests are always skewed toward one or a few segments of the nerd population. Just because I am not a computer nerd, a sci-fi nerd (not enough Star Trek questions!), a comic book nerd, or gamer nerd does not mean I am not a nerd. If there would have been questions about macroinvertebrates or wildflowers or venomous snakes of North America, I’m sure my science scores would have been higher. As it is, I guess I will just have to be happy with a semi-high score in history and literature and overall dorkiness/awkwardness.

  7. The scary thing to me is he got elected not once but TWICE! which makes me really appreciate when you say:
    “Fortunately we all smart enough here to realise that it’s the present administration that’s the problem, not the nation.”

    I did not vote for him. Not even once.
    I saw something on the TV yesterday about him commenting about how much he can make on the lecture circuit after his presidency is over. HA! Really? Will people pay to hear that????

  8. Just when you think the Royals couldn’t get stranger, they do. They do think, the entire administration, that they are Royals and above the little people. You know, it wouldn’t shock me if he tried to seize power in a coup at the end of his term. Set himself up as World Dictator for life.

  9. Please tell me that picture is on your driver’s license.

    I saw our awesome leadership display on the news. I’d apologize on behalf of my country, but I know that with John Howard you totally get my embarassment already.

  10. Dubya is a raging idiot. I am embarrassed every single time I watch the news. His presidency is the first time I’ve ever understood how someone might come to leave their own country over politics. If it weren’t for the kids, I’d be living somewhere else until America comes to her senses.

  11. Ridiculous. That’s all I have to say on that.

    What are short goods?

  12. Thanks for the insider’s view on what our illustrious leader is doing to jack up your country too. I wish he’d run into a hungry dingo. And rabid, too. And every poisonous snake, spider and stinging anything you’ve got. Any other suggestions?

  13. wonderful abt. the motorcade. this from someone capable of taking an unscheduled bike ride. since the entire visit was off schedule, why not just ride his bike to the meeting? that would have been fun to watch….

  14. I’m absolutely shocked to see that your dork percentage is that low! 🙂

  15. So you’re a big fan of the U.S. president, ha?

  16. Even I have finally come around to the idea that he IS a dipstick. It’s taken me quite a long time.

  17. Do you think you can keep him over there/under there for awhile?
    Interesting ‘brain profile’ on you. Not surprising at all.
    In reference to your comment at my place yesterday, when we visit Sydney, you damn sure better be there !

  18. Well – when he was running for President, I got stuck on the highway for 2 HOURS because he was driving on the Overpass that went over the highway – so they had to shut EVERYTHING down. And he wasn’t even President yet.

  19. When his motorcade came by us in DC, there were so many cops whizzing by – we almost got blown away!

    Glad he’s there and not here. Our village has lost its idiot! WOOHOO!

  20. Weren’t my vote that elected him. I think he should be grouped in with the illegal aliens since he’s adamant in his inability to learn proper English grammer,, Hell, it’s worse than mine and I’m from Arkansas so I have an excuse. (that’s my excuse for not being able to spell worth a shit too.)

  21. Crap on the commentary. I have a painting I did when I was 17 that looks remarkably like you. I’ll have to post it if I can find it. It was just some guy in a magazine, I think. Hey, you didn’t model in your younger days, did you?

  22. Dubya to John Howard:
    “Mini Dubya, stop humping the ‘laser’. Honest to God! Why don’t you and the giant “laser” get a fricken room for God’s sakes?”

  23. I hate arrogant pricks!!!

    I was waiting for this post!

    I thought of you at the grocery store today…more on that later!

  24. Half-assed time wasting game? Hey I like wasting my time doing those tests! And because I’m too nice I’m not going to ask where the asshole category is on that nerd test. Because maybe it was there but the percentile was so low it didn’t register. Ya. That must be it.

  25. Didn’t vote for him the first time. Didn’t vote for him the second time.

    In fact, he is what made me get up off of my lazy ass and finally register to vote. Of course it was so that I could vote against him.

    Counting down the days till he’s gone….. and apologies to Australia. And the world at large.

  26. Willowtree…I think that my 3-cornered pirate hat fits my 3 cornered head very well, even though I’m not the next Johnny Depp and do have to agree with your comment at my wife’s place.

  27. How many times did you have to take the test to arrive at that score/title?

    I haven’t been following the little meeting going on over there, so I’ve got nothing to contribute on that. When I heard he went to Australia, my first thought was, “Oh, how nice to give personal condolences to Terri on the first anniversary of Steve’s death.”

    Seriously, I wish he would visited her on behalf of all of us.

    Did he?

    But, hey, I bet you can’t out-bike or out-jog our President 😉

  28. Hi Stephanie!

    Laurie – It has been widely reported that Dubya has the lowest IQ of any president since they started keeping the statistics.

    Robin – It was unintentional, but I guess fate had a hand in it.

    Jenni in KS – Boo hoo.

    Mary – He only got elected once, he rigged the system the other time.

    Brian – There is some who feel that he may declare that America is in a state of war and therefore suspend elections. I don’t think that way but I’ve seen it written about.

    Melissa – All I can say is that I’m glad we are such a small powerless country, otherwise our guy would make your guy look good!

    gingjen – I give in, what are they?

    RC – For a country that puts so much store in patriotism, and gives so much respect to the President, it’s a measure of the man that he generates so much negative sentiment.

    Lisa – Why?

    Heather – Not this one, that’s for sure. There’s something wrong when Clinton gets hounded and threatened with impeachment for screwing an intern, yet Dubya seems to get away with screwing the entire country.

    Shades – You Texans have always been a bit slow (kiding!).

    Swampy – No thanks, you can have him back…now!

    Karmyn – Well I’m glad to see he’s spreading the love.

    Tiff – Hahahaha!

    Brenda – He’s refusal to learn to speak English is simply stunning!

    Robinella – As a matter of fact….

    Mark – o.k.a.y…

    Kaytabug – This could be interesting.

    Joy T. – You do realise that saying you won’t mention something is actually mentioning it, don’t you?

    Blue Momma – No need to apologize, our guy is just as bad, but he’ll be gone soon too.

  29. 30 BABY!

    It’s later and the more is at my place!;)

  30. You sure get a lot of abuse, I think you’re very brave putting that picture up and claiming aganist all reason that you aren’t a dork.

  31. Robin, stop trying to take the heat off yourself. I was just being honest!

    Robinella – yes he modelled in his younger days. Ask Marnie to show you the pictures. I’m sure she has some hidden somewhere.

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