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Who says I’m eclectic?

Lene over at ‘The Seated View‘ had this on her blog today and I though I’d give it a go.

How smart are you?

Not bad huh? And before anybody suggests otherwise, no I didn’t cheat. Hell, it was just a trivia quiz. And speaking of trivia quizzes, here’s my Fun Trivia profile to prove that I’m a trivia buff. I haven’t been playing much lately, but I’ll get back into it eventually.

TypePad Comments: Usually when folks say they are having trouble commenting it’s because the blog hosts are making some sort of changes to their system (I’m talking about all hosts, blogger, TP, WP the lot). So just in case you haven’t noticed (and you wouldn’t if you haven’t had more than 25 comments) TP now gives you the option to decide how many comments you want to display per page, the default is 25. If you get more than 25 comments, you’ll see a ‘Next’ button at the end of the comments. Just thought I’d let you know, since the TypePad people apparently decided not to let us in on the joke.

And finally….

For those of you that are regular readers of Melissa’s blog, you would know that she recently had a couple of shopping carts come to visit with her. However what you may not know is that they were members of a travelling shopping cart circus that was in town for a few days…


Here is one of their more risky manoeuvres. From what I’ve read, this trick has cost the life of more than one member of the troupe (that’s how we spell it but you guys might prefer troop).

Oh, just a short note on yesterday’s post. Despite spending $24 million dollars a day on security for APUKE and despite Dubya bringing 600 of his best people over, including 150 Secret Service agents, to keep thing under control, a comedy show managed to actually join the motorcade and make it to Dubya’s hotel. The funny thing about it is that one of them was dressed as Osama bin Laden!

If you’re interested in reading about it, here’s the link. And here’s a link to an article about Dubya calling the APEC conference (that’s APEC with an A for Asia) OPEC by mistake.

Must have been a bit like this a few years ago….


Oh, and this just in!

I managed to get my hands on an exclusive photo of George Dubya deep in conversation with Vladimir Putin via an interpreter…



31 Responses

  1. I had no idea shopping carts had their own version of Cirque Du Soleil. That wouldn’t explain why they keep finding my car in parking lots, but it does explain the dings in odd places.

    I LOVE the last picture.

  2. That’s a truly ‘inspiring’ arrangement of shopping trolleys.

    I heard Dubya saying ‘O’PEC on the radio today, I think it was an intended joke–he really emphasised the ‘O’.

    Trading on his reputation for being a complete dumb@#$% perhaps? Which for a man in his position would be funny if it hadn’t been so disastrous.

    But what I want to know is when’s funny shirt day?

  3. Caroline – I saw the footage, and judging by the look on his face, it was a genuine fuck-up, (delivered by a genuine fuck-up). Not sure about shirt day, but I’m beginning to suspect it will be yet another joke on us all by that untalented fraud, Ken Done.

  4. Just for kicks, I tried it:

    Am-I-Dumb.com – Are you dumb?

    You’re smarter than me, WT, but your also older.

    (You missed me, didn’t you?)

  5. (Okay, I actually was at something like 96.63 percent, but to you that’s still dumber, right?!)

  6. Stephanie – Yeah I know what you mean, mine was actually 97.04%. Of course I miss you.

  7. Ugh, I can’t stand seeing Bush’s face.

  8. I’m dumber than you but not as dumb as Bush appears to be. 🙂

  9. You are way too smart!!!
    I have just heard on the news about those guys getting to the hotel dressed as Osama bin Laden!

  10. 1) Daggum it, I didn’t score as high as you, and

    2) I don’t know which one(s???) I missed!

    See what happens when people don’t put their shopping carts back? They go crazy on you!

  11. Ok, so I only got 94.7%.

    But thay was waaaay back on June 30. I’ve been reading your blog since then.

    Surely, I’m smarter now……

  12. what?? winston churchill isn’t the prime minister of england? what year is it, anyway?
    (i took that test a few months ago. and then i took it again just now. i have gotten stupider.)

  13. no thank you don’t care to know how stupid i am…

    least im not as much of an idiot as that idget in office…

    stop already rubbing it in that we have him.. i swear i didn’t vote for the sorry piece of kangaroo pile

  14. Speaking of tshirts, I want one with the last photo on it. Too frickin’ funny.

    I prefer the way you make him look stupid to the way he makes himself look stupid. Mostly I just prefer to pretend he’s dead in a ditch somewhere.

  15. whoo – hoo! Thanks for pointing me to something that makes me look smart. All I have heard since school started is “That’s not what Mrs. Harmon says” and “That’s not how Mrs. Harmon does it”. It’s a dang good thing I like Mrs. Harmon. Thanks, WT, I needed the ego boost today.

  16. Will come back to read later, BUT just remembered I hadn’t answered your question, “Why is there an “A” on the wing of a Navy jet?”
    The letter signifies which training wing the jet is from. In this case. the “A” is from Training air wing 1, Alpha from the East Coast. There can be any combinations of letters. If it begins with an “N,” the plane is from the West Coast.
    Oh, and that should be, “Bet you’re not as smart as I.” giggle giggle

  17. So do you think Melissa’s shopping carts were being abused and had run away? I feel so horrible now making snarky comments about them. The poor things probably just wanted to live free.

    Off to take this trivia quiz to see just how much smarter I am than you.

  18. DAMMMMIT – I missed one too many.

  19. LOL! Good comments on the photos! How ODD! I always associated “troupe” with things like dance troupe, gymnastics troupe, circus troupe, acrobatics, etc… but used the other form “troop” for military reference only… well… and boy scouts…

  20. Can you keep Bush? Please?

    I was at 87.4%, but then I’m Uber Cool, which is better.

  21. I have to take this test. I HAVE to do better than I did on the Nerd test.

    That is funny the Lady K thinks you are old enough to go around making comments about boobs in grocery stores. You gotta be REALLY old to get away with that kinda thing.

  22. Thank god the carts finally made it to freedom. I now realize that they were shamed by Karmyn’s comments, which is why they tried to turn on their sides and die a lonely death in the bushes. The pain and depression nearly killed them. Eventually, though, someone with a sunnier outlook (and clearly much nicer than Karmyn) came along to give them hugs, and appreciate all they had to offer.

    Only 15 more months till Bush is out of office! Hurrah!

  23. i scored 4%, but it’s the probably the 4% you didn’t get, willowtree.

  24. eegads Beckie! That’s the other Lady K ppl keep googling! Not me! You are an instigator! I’m shocked!

    WT would never make comments to a woman about her boobs in a grocery store. He is obviously smarter than that…he proved it even!
    He might however say that he liked a particular saying on a shirt that a woman in a grocery store was wearing. Because he is a gentleman!

  25. Well I did it twice with the same answers and the there was a difference of 25%, that sounds pretty dumb to me.

    I can’t believe the security let Bin Laden lookalikes through, *sniggers quietly*

    I spell troupe as well.

  26. Also, that result is photoshopped.

  27. I’m loving that shopping cart photo. Truly fascinating. It really should be apart of Walmart’s 8 Wonders of the World.

    Hey, by the way!
    Stop by my corner of the blogosphere. I’m a standup comedienne blogging her way to stardom. I would love for you to stop by and leave an insightful comment–always appreciated coming from new blogger friends!

    Once again, nice coming across your blog!

    Quest For Comedic Stardom

  28. Damn you, I only got 94%. I just know it was that dadgum meter/mile question and maybe that kilogram question.

    I’ll take it again and again until I surpass your score. Then I’ll know you’re dummmmmer ‘n me.

  29. Oh dear. I’m not very bright. Sigh.

  30. Oh, I love this post! I was rolling with the Bush stuff. I mean, you have to laugh or you would curl into a ball and cry. It’s that rediculous. Ugh. Don’t get me started.

    I’m not going to tell you what my score was on that test. No. You would laugh at me. I need to go read some books and get ed-ju-ma-cated, apparently.

  31. enidd wants to know what the interpreter has in her hands…

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