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Bits & Pieces.

Don’t forget to play WT’s Daily Trivia Challenge. Just click on the link in the Sidebar and have fun.

In other news, Kila has tagged me for a meme about my middle name. Now I’m not really sure about the legalities of this one seeing as she had to spell my name backwards in order to tag me, but since my nameis so short I might as well do it anyway.

Indubitably, my all time favourite English word. My fascination with this word goes back to my childhood days. And my love for the first person singular pronoun grew stronger over the years, largely because of what it refers to. Plus it’s just so darned easy to spell. Anyone familiar with ‘A Dingo’s Got My Barbie’ will be no stranger to this word as it’s used quite often (in fact almost every paragraph starts out with it), some might say it’s used to the point of overkill, yet ironically it’s not used in this paragraph at all.

Along with the letter ‘m’, this is letter forms my second favourite word. I like it almost as much as my first favourite word because it too can only refer to one thing…me! If it wasn’t for the fact that it was a bit harder to spell than my first favourite word, it would be in equal first place.

Now where getting somewhere! Nestled somewhere between naranjo and narcolepsy is the word that best describes me…narcissistic. "What, No way!" you say. Yes sadly it’s true, I’ve never been able to find anyone who loves me quite as much as I do.

So you see, my middle name isn’t actually a name it’s an acronym.

And finally, I’ve got good news and bad news. Last night I gave dogs each a bone from my lamb chops, the bad news is that unfortunately Belle didn’t stop to see what it was before she swallowed it whole, however the good news is, that she still manages to take a crap in the sunroom if I don’t keep an eye on her at all times, so that should make poop watch a bit easier for me. At least this way I don’t have to go out and try to find which one is hers!

And finally, finally….There are likely to be a lot of typos in this post because somehow when I published it the first time 20 minutes ago, TypefuckingPad lost the whole brilliant post except the last paragraph (and I deleted that one myself out of anger) so I’ve just had to re-type the whole thing and it’s nowhere near as good as the first version, but at this point I don’t give a shit, although I wish Belle would.


29 Responses

  1. 1) Yes, it’s rife with typos.

    2) Perhaps one of your shortest posts evah, but also one that I had to read, re-read, and then skim one more time just to understand what you meant.

    a) …which might be because of #1.

    3) But I totally understand that, because indubitably, it’s frustrating when an entire post is obliterated by the TypePad gods (or even 75% of one).

    a) wanna go back to Blogger?

    roflwithlotsofsnorts 🙂

    (p.s. hope Beau is bettah soon! Pesky little lamp chop–you should know better than to give your pets sock puppets for treats!)

  2. I can’t believe I’m the first to post.

    That was wonderfully random, and I hope Belle relieves herself (and you) soon. And now, of course, we know your middle name. Assuming you just didn’t make it up. Narcissist, indeed.

  3. Damn, beat by Robin by a minute. Now, I’m let down for life.

  4. I could have been first if I checked the Dingo’s place before I read my e-mails.

    Originally, I missed the “I” and I thought that your middle name was An.

    I hope that your Belle does her thing and is fine. Take care.

  5. I tried to register in the trivia thing but it said ‘temporarily unavailable’. I’ll try again later.
    Also, mjd, I just snorted when I read your comment.
    How can I say I hope Belle shits the bone out safely without sounding weird.

  6. Robin – Rife?? I know there may be some typos, but I’m pretty sure I said Belle.
    Funny you should mention blogger though, as I was just playing around with my old blog the yesterday to see if things had improved. I’m not 100% happy with TP at the moment and my subscription is up for renewal so I was re-evaluating the situation, as I told the TP people.

    Jen – We’ll call it a tie. (or a cravat if you prefer). PS, yes that really is my name.

    MJD – The original post was easier to read, it’s actually quite hard to type with smoke coming out of your ears.

    ToB – There is no way to say it without sounding weird. The trivia site does it’s daily backups at around 7:00pm – 7:30pm our time.

  7. This was great, and I really like your middle name. Mine is Ann. How boring were my parents!?

    Indubitably. It IS such an English word. I can’t say it with my accent and do the word any justice. I have to use an English accent or just not use the word at all.

  8. I can barely read never mind seeing any typos…

    quick hello! 🙂

    You always have such an interesting blog!

  9. Thank you for the giant arrow. I couldn’t find what you were talking about the other day. There are too many brightly colored things on the other side of the page that distract me.

    We almost named our oldest Ian. Have you ever seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? The way the Greek father talks about the name Ian is almost exactly what Danny’s Italian grandmother said when she heard that was the name we’d chosen. It only made me more determined to use it. We only decided to use Caleb about a week or two before he was born–just hadn’t thought of it before. I still kinda wished we had named one of our kids Ian just to piss her off. Not that we haven’t had plenty of opportunities to piss her off. All one needs to do is BREATHE!

  10. I’m sorry. I got lost in that tirade about Danny’s grandmother. I meant to say that I hope Belle is better soon. That’s gonna be one painful poo!

  11. poor belle. she missed the great dog-pleasure of chewing.

    my midle name has only two letters. my post (should i do a memememem) would be quite short

  12. Interesting timing on this since I was planning today on throwing myself on your mercy and asking what you thought about Typepad and any advantages and disadvantages it might have. I already know what you think about Blogger. Ouch.

    Maybe another time…

  13. At least it was a lamp chop and not a cow shank! And Belle did keep all those other mean doggies from getting it away from her – silly little puppy. Hope she feels better soon so you can do something other than poop patrol.

  14. WT, I just tried to play the trivia game and it popped up with “temporarily unavailable” when I tried to set up an account. Just to let you know.

  15. I don’t know whether to laugh or be disgusted at Belle trying to pass a bone. (But isn’t that usually the case here?)
    We’re watching my mother-in-law’s dog (again), and she’s taken to eating napkins. After a poop (which for some reason is toxic yellow), a string hangs out her butt that we have to relieve her of. How’s that for disgusting?

  16. Hmmm…I’ve tried setting up an account for the trivia four times now and it keeps coming up temporarily unavailable. I’m wondering if you’re really just afraid of the competition and have set it up this way;oP

  17. “Crap in the Sunroom” – do you realize we have this in common? Zoe, at 6 yrs old, still hasn’t figured out how to tell us when she has to go and at least once a month it happens.

    and i’ve been trying to play the trivia game – but it never lets me in.

  18. You never fail to make me laugh Wt, so has Belle opened her bowels for you yet?

    I can’t play the game either and I so want to!

  19. Poor little Belle.

    Jack has decided the best place to crap is in my youngest son’s room. On carpeting of course. Damn dog.

  20. I can’t play either. I tried the id I set up – no dice – as well as attempting to play with a new one.

  21. Indubitably (I love that word, too) your posts make me smile. Sorry you had to type it all TWICE. Thanks for playing.

    I haven’t had any complaints or problems with Blogger lately. C’mon over 😉

    Good luck, Belle.

  22. My dog likes to find poopy diapers in the garbage and eat them, leaving a trail of soggy diaper parts on the floor…uck

  23. Ooh, hope Belle passes the bone safely – soon!

    I won’t bother to point out that smoke couldn’t possibly get past those teeth.

  24. Oh poor Belle! Passing a lamb bone … probably not unlike passing a kidney stone. Or giving birth without aid of lovely, painkilling drugs. Shame.

  25. Tried to play the trivia, but I couldn’t remember which war General Knowledge fought in, so I figured I was doomed before I started.

  26. Ouch! Is it actually possible to relieve yourself of a whole lamb bone! Poor Poor Belle! My heart really bleeds for you right now.

  27. I can identify Leo’s poop, with or without the errant legs of dismembered stuffed animals that pass through his intenstines intact… although I admit I freaked the day he finally pooped out a particular plush lion’s bright red mane… until I figured out what it was.

  28. poor belle’s belly.

    right now my only complaint with blogger is how pictures are posting. They know they have a problem and I haven’t seen a fix for it.

  29. How’s Belle?

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