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Techincal difficulties

It seems that a lot of you have been unable to get into WT’s Trivia Challenge, all I can say is…


The Fun Trivia site does seem to be having a few technical difficulties lately, actually it shit itself completely over the weekend! However this is pretty rare, I’ve been playing on this site almost everyday since March and this is the first time it’s happened (typical, just when I make my own challenge it craps out!).

I played yesterday, and I’ve noticed that a few others have been able to as well. There is one thing I just thought of, some of you may have trouble because of your privacy settings, I don’t know if the site uses cookies or not but it may cause a problem if you have them blocked. But I think it’s more likely that the site itself is experiencing problems.

Just do what the graffiti says and try again, it’s a lot of fun.

Update** I just checked the site to see if there were any announcements or anything and here’s what I found…

Subject: Site Connection Problems
Date: Sep 10 07

Please bear with us as we sort out some connection
problems. We have been experiencing some problems particularly with the
private tournaments.


So  there you go, it’s not you after all! BTW, Ours is a private tournament.


11 Responses

  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, I understand you’re having problems differentiating between Melissa and Mark, probably because they are both such awesome names and start with M. You want to vote for the Longest Name; the one at the Top of the List; the one with double S’s. Say it with me, Mel-iss-a. Gimme a M! Gimme an E! Gimme a L! You get the idea. (A retired Canadian cheerleader taught me that.) Go V-O-T-E Vote!

  2. Maybe that wasn’t perfectly clear. We’re talking about the Dingo Award here – the Polling Booth is open and in the right column under the calendar and the clock (near the top). Can’t find it? Try the other right. There you go. I think someone may be stuffing the ballot box. Help counter this. Vote for Melissa.

  3. Mark – No, I think you’re leading the polls on your own merits. At least I haven’t been stuffing the ballot box, although I don’t know about your Canadian paramour.

  4. I’ve tried twice and can’t get in. I suspect I’ve been banned because of my incredible intelligence.

  5. LOL! at how it shit itself completely.

  6. it worked for me.

    how’s my dog, belle, doing? the one you are looking after for me until i can get to australia and pick her up?

  7. I’d give it a go but I can’t remember my user name and password. I’m hopeless at that.

  8. I’ve been trying and trying and trying –

    Still Temporarily unavailable.

    I want to play, really I do –

  9. I would like to thank all the brave Dingoites who saw my name at the top of the voting list and supressed the urge to click my name despite my inherent awesomeness. Why? Because you possess the wisdom to know when remembering to “go fuck yourself” is exactly what mark needs. He needs our help, and you’re leading the charge. That, my friends, is true support of someone as awesome as myself.

    You’re a charitable group. Thank you. Thank you all.


  10. I still can’t get through to the quiz either, as for privacy settings and cookies, I’m lost…I can bake cookies though!

  11. Hey, where did the Trivia link go? I can’t see it. I tried to play yesterday (several times) but kept getting errors.

    I’ll keep trying —- when I see the link again. (gonna close my browser…clean the cache and see if that helps’)


    What Melissa said.

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