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I’m back

Well I made it back here ok, too bad the same can’t be said for my glasses! Yep, I left them on the coast, so my blogging will be somewhat curtailed for the next few days while I await their arrival my mail.

I’m writing this post on the computer that was absolutely broken and wouldn’t start, now way no sir! This computer is broke. So here I am writing this on a computer that MDW just spent $800 replacing because it doesn’t work. Eight hundred dollars on a piece of garbage Acer that’s only half the performance of this one. But that’s just how it is, because this one doesn’t work. No siree, this computer doesn’t work by golly.

There is a bush turkey that has taken up residence in MDW’s front yard and has built a huge mound, as they do. I’ll post some pictures later when I disconnect this computer doesn’t work and plug mine back in. Oh yeah, now MDW wants to come up and take this one back because she hates the new one she just spent eight hundred bucks on.

Oh, I almost forgot (well actually I did forget because I already hit publish and now I’m adding this), despite  having stated numerous time over the past year that I have no desire and no intention of ever meeting a fellow blogger in person, I did just that on the way down to the Coast the other day. And I have to (grudgingly) admit, I’m very glad that I did.

I’ve read tons of accounts of how bloggers meet for coffee and it’s usually sickeningly sweet, "oh they were just so wonderful, everything I’d imagined and more" you know the sort of thing. Well as it turns out, that was the case. I’m not sure whether it’s because you share a common interest, or because bloggers tend to be a bit chatty by nature, or whether it’s because you already know a little about the person. Whatever the reason, I found myself stopping in for five minutes and spending an hour, and if I wasn’t on my way to somewhere, I would have spent more time talking to my new friend in real life.

I’d love to tell you her name, but she’s wanted in three states and I promised I wouldn’t give her up, but I swear she really does exist.

Update**  There have been a few comments that have made me think I might need to clarify the situation (and one from Mark that’s just plain weird). So for those of you who are ironically challenged, when I say that I’m writing on a computer that doesn’t work, and I repeat this several times, the implication is that I must be telling a blatant lie. The computer must work if I am using it to write the post . That’s irony.

PS. The reason I can’t post photos using this computer is because I can’t be bothered installing the drivers for my docking station when MDW will probably take the PC back next weekend anyway.


40 Responses

  1. The Neophyte has a few computer rules:

    1) Back up files all the dang time on this itty-bitty flash drives.

    2) When computer screws up, chunk it and get a brand-new one.

    You will be missed, oddly enough. And here I finally took a photo at the house site that might be of interest to you (only on my flickr site). Dang.

  2. Oh…I think this is the FIRST time I have been FIRST!

    And/or SECOND!

    Send the tooth back.

  3. I just can’t, Melissa. He doesn’t even have his glasses – it just isn’t fair. Okay, I’ll sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning.

  4. I was gonna say your post is as clear as mud, but then I read Tiggerlane’s comment and thought the same thing.

    Must be because it’s waaaaaaay past my bedtime and I’m not seeing so well…

    Bueller? Bueller??

  5. Glad to hear all is well 😉

    Good luck with the computers and with getting your glasses back. You must be farsighted, since you made it home without your glasses but can’t blog. Don’t sit on any pets.

    I’ll look forward to your turkey photos. I wonder how your bush turkeys are different from our turkeys. There are turkey feathers on the wall hardly ten feet from me.

  6. I think Mark was going to write a snarky comment because you can’t read. It’s pretty obvious that you aren’t wearing glasses, by the way. You must have presbyopia, just like me.

    The hubby left on his bike ride and camping weekend – forgot his phone. And his sleeping bag and pillow. hmmmmm…… I didn’t check to see if he forgot his glasses.

  7. Tirkey? I look forward to seeing the photos when you can upload them.

  8. WT how could you keep us wondering about who you met up with and you usually do the opposite to what you promise!!! I will await the bush turkey photos with interest.

  9. You’re a bush turkey.

    And I felt the same way when I met a few bloggers recently. I resolved not to mention it or act like it was enjoyable at all…but it wound up being a great experience to meet them. Dangit. I hate it when that happens.

    I love coming here and acting like a curmudgeon; it satisfies some latent need I must have. You bring out the best in me, W.T.! 🙂

  10. good job driving all the way home without your glasses. i guess.

  11. You want us to beg, don’t you?

  12. …p l e a s e “kiss” and tell….!

  13. OK, I have a pair of bifocals but they are a pain in the neck (literally), anyone who has ever used them knows that you have to tilt your head back to look at a monitor. Therefore I have a pair of glasses for reading and computing and another pair for driving (they are actually prescription sunglasses).

  14. I’m just hoping you didn’t DRIVE home without glasses.

  15. WT, I think that you may have created, a new term, ironically challenged. Usually, I am slow on the uptake, but I did get the bit o’ irony about the computer. Peter, you are indeed ironically gifted.

    I am not sure about meeting other bloggers. I am afraid of making a bad impression or at least a different impression than my online persona, which probably is not that exciting either.

    Oh well, you do know that we are all checking to figure out the identity of this mystery blogger. Why? because we are curious (nosey).

  16. Are you sure this isn’t all an ironic ruse to throw us off the story of you and your DW?

    I’m smelling turkey shit.

  17. gah, willowtree, you promised not to mention our little rendezvous. enidd’s sorry about the glasses – but stalin does look so fetching in them.

  18. The idea of meeting blog or message board buddies freaks me out a little. I’m sure there are quite a few I’d like IRL, but would they like me, or would they think, “Gee, she was so much cooler online”? It’s not that I have anything to hide, but my self confidence is a little low in that area. Plus, I’m not very good at initiating face to face conversations. The other person has to get things going and then I’m fine–or I talk their ear off. I’m getting a little nauseous thinking about it.

  19. Pathetic, isn’t it, Mark?

    ps: I’d rebut your “Melissa Top 7”, but I’m tired. Even more reason for people to vote for you instead.

  20. I am starting to suspect this anonymous blogger – who is this person who doesn’t want link love? Who is this person who doesn’t want a gazillion comments?

    Have you been taking any medication that might alter your reality a bit?

  21. Karmyn – If he’s forgotten his split personality meds again, maybe WT is having a relationship…with himself.

  22. Robinella… Some of us can see things in the distance. We just can’t see anything withing arms reach.

    I can drive without my glasses — but I can’t read without my glasses.

  23. I only recently discovered that my arms were no longer long enough. Of course, this being a new gig to me? I’m ALWAYS forgetting to take my reading glasses with me. Most especially when I’m driving somewhere and need to read a map.
    Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

    Glad you made it back okay.

    No snark today. Too pooped.

  24. I’ve met some online friends IRL, and, yes, it was wonderful and we are friends forever 🙂

    And get this–they’re from Wisconsin AND they chew with their mouths closed!

  25. When I first came here, it took me quite a while to figure out if WT was an ex-pat Yank. I read many posts, found a few photos, but still wasn’t sure. What clinched it for me that he was indeed a fellow Australian was the dead roo pic with the message that it was–sleeping. The roof fall post made me realise he was different, and the Random Comment Generator Post, told me he was clever, ridiculous and a twit, all the things a friend should be. So it was with some measure of delight that I saw the little white Feroza pull up outside my cafe (which is on the glide path to the coast), and spotted the dogs. I knew immediately who it was.

    He stayed for hours. The man could talk under wet cement. I just regret I didn’t go and meet the dogs. . . next time.

  26. Don’t know much about geography…er Australia

  27. Specs? specs .. fumbling fer me specs .. heh.

  28. so…how ’bout coming to Redneck Pheasant Yankee country for a fall wedding bash? Check it out!

  29. (and BTW, the Acer brand is crap. Have had two go “belly up” so far.)

  30. love ‘ironically challenged.’ will without doubt steal the phrase.

  31. I wish Caroline had a blog.

  32. Do what? Computers are supposed to work? What glasses?

  33. Hey…Hey… this is the old fart you would leave in the fire. Good thing that choice is not up to you. The Robin will take me to safety

  34. I completely had trouble with this post even with your clarifications. There seem to be a few computers, one of which cost $800, and none of them are working. The comment section has finished the job and now I am feeling really clueless. Some of your commenters are odder than you. Not me of course. Given that it is Monday I’ll just embrace the vague and think I might smile and nod at people for the rest of the afternoon.

  35. I just met a couple bloggers too. I really liked them. Of course they probably think I’m a freak.

  36. I must be a smartass or something, oops wait, no I was raised by a smartass trucker dad and am now married to another smartass. Anyway, I totally got your post, the irony of the typing on the supposedly broken computer. I was giggling then I read your update I was LMAO. 🙂 Now I have to read people’s comments.

  37. I have to wear glasses to watch tv or drive btu I do everything else without them.

    What’s IRL? You all keep throwing it around and I’m in the dark.

    Kila – You do still lvoe me, right? 🙂 – closed mouth smile too. 🙂

    I have yet to meet a fellow blogger but would love to, I meant my husband online and he’s awesome. I write just like I talk so I think whoever I meet wouldn’t be too surprised.

    It seems we have taken over your comment section. I’ve never hd so much fun reading comments.

    Otherbear – only one computer “supposedly” didn’t work but it does actually work, the other new computer works but is a piece of crap. 🙂

  38. Lisa, IRL = In Real Life

  39. TOB is too funny. I think I’m lost too. But that’s nothing at all new. I find myself confused in a lot of conversations. So, I’ll sit here and just look pretty.

  40. I’ve met bloggers in person… really liked them..although some of us only remained friends for about 8 years…. for whatever reason… probably because they quit blogging/writing…lol…

    Meeting new peeps that you know from blogging is more fun than just meeting new peeps…:) because you have already passed a couple of the stages…

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