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Turkey trot.

Before I get to the turkey photos and clips, something I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting, I must offer some grudging respect for the fairer sex. Why are they called the fairer sex anyway, I’ve never known a woman to play fair!

There are some things that women do that men, well, don’t. No, I’m not talking about the obvious childbirth thing, I’m talking about asking directions, checking the price of something, realising a mistake and taking corrective action and finally, taking back an item they aren’t happy with. While I wouldn’t change genders for all the tea in China, or even all the money that Mark paid for his operation, there are times that I do admire the way women are prepared to make things right.

And so it was with MDW. After proving that there was nothing wrong with her computer, she did something that I would never do. She went back to the store and asked about returning it (a week later), and lo and behold, they said "Sure, no problem". So she got her money back and now she has to come up here to get her computer, now way I’m going back down there again, one trip per emergency is enough for me.

So now, on to the turkey. Here he is in close up…

Here is is getting the temperature of the mound just right…


This is a better clip of what they do all day…

And this is the mound…


MDW’s hates it, but think it’s a neat part of nature (plus you can’t do anything about it because they’re protected). We’re not sure if there are any eggs in there, but if there are, he’ll be around for another seven weeks. And before you all start telling me he doesn’t look like your turkeys, that’s because he’s not. He’s an Australian Bush Turkey.


31 Responses

  1. So, about the bizarre clicking sound: is that you or the turkey? If it’s the turkey, he’s probably Morse-coding his mates to say he’s found a cool place to live and why don’t they pull in for a beer?
    If it’s you, perhaps you are multitasking (another thing that women generally do better than most men) and clicking a Bic pen on and off while you film.
    Or perhaps it’s the Posse, scratching at the door to get out and at that turkey …
    Hey at least I have an imagination …

  2. I was going to mention the clicking sound (it drives me crazy), but I figured since I’ve explained it a few times I wouldn’t have to do it again.

    So here goes, it’s the auto focus making that noise, the lens must need some oil or something. It’s not only totally annoying, it’s a design fault because auto focus is on by default and is can’t be set to off as the default, so I have to turn it off every time I make a clip or I get that fucking noise!

  3. i really like wild turkeys. there used to be one who hung out by the freeway, in a grassy area, and every time i passed it (every evening, on my way home) it made me break into a huge smile.

    until it was hit by a car.

    that’s a great photo at top, WT.

  4. He may not look like Benjamin Franklin’s kind of turkey, but he does look similar. Shall we call him George?

  5. They are way prettier than our turkeys….wonder if they taste as good?

  6. Very cool wildlife shots and video. He may not look like our turkeys, but he is definitely very turkey-like. I really thought that was the turkey making the clicking noise. (My second guess would have been the turkey behind the camera, not the camera itself.)

    There are wild turkeys that sometimes roost in the trees near our brome field. Their favorite spots are a few fields nearby, though. We often see large flocks of wild turkeys in the same fields as we’re driving toward town.

    Now what happened to this serial you were going to do? You didn’t take me seriously did you? I will read it even if it is Hemingway-esque.

    But I’m wondering, are you really a Hemingway fan? And could you tell me just what you like about him if you are? It’s one of the great mysteries of life. What makes a Hemingway fan tick–and like Hemingway. (My fingers are starting to itch from typing that name so many times in a row.)

  7. I’m with your DW, why waste money when you can get a refund!

    Forgive me for being thick as usual but if this is a ‘he’ where is she who presumably laid the eggs that might be there?!? I can see we could be in for some more interesting videos!

  8. Robin – Given that the close up looks like neither, that’s quite a nice job of pimping.

    Molly – Sure, George is as good as any.

    Beccy – I’d say he’d be a bit tough.

    Laurie – Now that’s a cheery thought. it actually sounds like something I’d say!

    Jenni – I’m not a Hemingway fan, I find him boorish and not all that bright, I only used him as a counterpoint to the Mills and Boon reference on Ree’s blog. I prefer Tom Robbins.

    Chris – Ah, that’s the question, and it’s why I said we’re not sure if there’s eggs in there. I can’t believe female would be silly enough to hook up with this turkey (turkey being used in it’s derogatory form). There is a whole reserve behind us and he chose to build his mound in the front yard of a house in a cul-de-sac full of kids!

  9. I think its cool. Love wildlife in the yard.

  10. I would suggest that he is goin’ a courtin.
    I know that some birds build a “nest” and show it to the females who choose the one they like the best. the best nest. So, it’s not only the human species that is attracted by wealth. (:

    I would really appreciate seeing more of this story, WT. especially if the nest is used and we get some little poults hatching.

    as for women and exchanges: I’ve even taken back a watermelon to the store when I cut it open and it’s mush.

  11. True, WT…

    Your close up is a fantastic picture of a non-ostrich-or-cobra-looking turkey.

  12. Just love it when someone can take an item back. When I try, the people at customer service look at me like I have two heads…even if I have the receipt and offer a blood sample.
    Does that turkey realize he’s lucky to be in Australia taking into consideration Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

  13. Just love it when someone can take an item back. When I try, the people at customer service look at me like I have two heads…even if I have the receipt and offer a blood sample.
    Does that turkey realize he’s lucky to be in Australia taking into consideration Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

  14. Typepad is being snarky today.

  15. Anyone else hungry all of a sudden?

  16. *looking to Melissa* Pet Post? Close enough for me. 361.

  17. Thanks for the lesson. We’ll check that subject off of our list today.

  18. He sure is a lot prettier than our turkeys….of course the only ones I ever see are called Butterballs.

    I agree with my mom – I think he’s looking to attract a female.

  19. Willowtree yours are the only videos I click on and watch – so interesting! Love your turkey, George! I swear we have as many (or more) turkeys here than deer and we have a lot of deer. However, bear season opened a few days ago so I can’t traipse through the woods much right now. I kep stumbling upon bear bait.

  20. enidd was looking for something to eat at christmas.

  21. My boys are gonna love these videos (right now I’m on my lunch break and they are at school). Our turkeys here have more colorful feathers, but yours looks about the same size. (The ones my DH shoots are about 22-25 lbs.)

    Which pooch was whining in the background? Someone wants turkey for dinner!

    I’m glad for DW that she was able to return the computer! If the next thing she has problems with is the toilet, she might not be so lucky!

  22. Cool footage.

    For a minute (until I remembered your explanation from waaaaay back…), I thought there was a ceremonial turkey-drum cadence playing in the background.

    And I’m with kila – who was the whiner?

  23. Buddy is the whiner, he’s always the one who carries on about noise outside.

  24. I was JUST going to tell you – pet post.

    Definitely 361.

    Even though he clearly thought you were turkey paparazzi and frantically tried to get over that fence and lose you.

  25. We bumped into a couple of turkeys at the Sommersby falls on Sunday. They were most obliging with the photographs. An old couple had been feeding them and were quite excited to tell the children! My sweet BIL piped up with “who needs them I came here with a bunch of Turkeys!” Do you think he was talking about us?

  26. Mmmm turkey. Great viddies!

  27. Hmmmm, wondering how he’d be headless, plucked, stuffed, and roasted? Thanksgiving isn’t too far off ovah here.

  28. if they are protected you can’t eat em right?

    I’m saving this now to show Brian later, the hunter in him will love this.

  29. That is so cool!!!!Beautiful bird! Make that one for the Turkeys! yah! 🙂

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