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Talk like a Pirate Day.

ArrAhoy! All me loyal readers, once again we be celebratin’ Talk like a Pirate Day. There’s a bit o’ seafarin’ hearty in all o’ us, an’ I know Mark has had more than jus’ a bit o’ a seafarin’ hearty in him!

So let’s all throw caution t’ wind an’ embrace our inner gentleman o’ fortune.  T’ kick things off, here’s how I be writin’ me posts terday and termorru…

If you are wondering how I manage to translate my usual perfect English into Pirate speak, it’s really quite simple, I just use one of these commercially available pirate keyboards.

So simply by using one of these the previous sentence would appear on the screen as "If ye be wonderin’ how I manage t’ translate me usual perfect
English into Shipmate speak, ’tis really quite simple, I jus’ use one
o’ these commercially available sea dog keyboards


But for the really tricky words I use me trusty EncycloPirater…

So now ye know how t’ harangue in sea dog like th’ Long John Silver, go ou’ an’ do yer worst!
Ya scurvy dog whut deserves the black spot! And don’t forget to keeps ya bung hole dry!

Aarrrr! I can’t gets me pikturs ta line hows I likes ’em! I’ll keel haul the mangy bastards if it keeps up…

Beware o’ the meanest cat on high seas!