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Talk like a Pirate Day.

ArrAhoy! All me loyal readers, once again we be celebratin’ Talk like a Pirate Day. There’s a bit o’ seafarin’ hearty in all o’ us, an’ I know Mark has had more than jus’ a bit o’ a seafarin’ hearty in him!

So let’s all throw caution t’ wind an’ embrace our inner gentleman o’ fortune.  T’ kick things off, here’s how I be writin’ me posts terday and termorru…

If you are wondering how I manage to translate my usual perfect English into Pirate speak, it’s really quite simple, I just use one of these commercially available pirate keyboards.

So simply by using one of these the previous sentence would appear on the screen as "If ye be wonderin’ how I manage t’ translate me usual perfect
English into Shipmate speak, ’tis really quite simple, I jus’ use one
o’ these commercially available sea dog keyboards


But for the really tricky words I use me trusty EncycloPirater…

So now ye know how t’ harangue in sea dog like th’ Long John Silver, go ou’ an’ do yer worst!
Ya scurvy dog whut deserves the black spot! And don’t forget to keeps ya bung hole dry!

Aarrrr! I can’t gets me pikturs ta line hows I likes ’em! I’ll keel haul the mangy bastards if it keeps up…

Beware o’ the meanest cat on high seas!



33 Responses

  1. ARRRR!!!!! FIRST!!!

  2. That thar pictar of da kitten is Photoshopped! ARRRRRR.


  3. Oh, and Willowtree, International Talk Like A Pirate Day is on September 19, Not September 18, you bung hole

  4. Awww! That thar kitty is too sweet to be a pirate!

  5. What? No Johnny Depp as Cap’n Jack Sparrow?

    Can we have drink like a pirate day? I have some rum in my pantry. Ooh, maybe I’ll have some hot buttered rum coffee. Does the alcohol counteract the caffeine, though? Cuz I need my caffeine.

    And finally, that kitty sounds a wee bit Scottish to me.

  6. avast ye landlubber and post ye the stories about ye met yee’r wife! arrrgh.

    ok i’m not so good at that. but why are you changing topics now? you owe us some stories about that attractive woman you were photographed next to while you were wearing big boots and a lot of chest hair.

  7. Mark – This is just an announcement for TLAPD, it’s not the actual day, which you correctly pointed out is September 19th (Mark Summers ex-wife’s birthday). But in any event, I’ll still be a day before you.

  8. Melissa, I think this one goes down in the “desperate for content,” and “stringing readers on for a serial,” categories. There’s no disrespect in being desperate for content, WT, we’ve all been there, right Melissa? You ought to know better than to string your readers on for that serial you promised last week though. There’ll be a mutiny before you know it.

  9. I bet that pirate speak is way cool with an Aussie accent.

  10. ok, sorry, it’s not avast ye landlubber.

    i think the correct pirate terminology is “avast ye matey.” or maybe it’s “ahoy matey.”

    ok clearly i have some more studying to do.

  11. Karmyn and I were just on the phone talking about “talk like a pirate day”
    … I’m going to go find my Dirty Mary Flint hat and sail the seven blogosseas.

  12. or is that blogassseas. heh heh… beat ya to it wt

  13. Argh. This be a mighty fine post, matey.

  14. You are too funny; thanks for the smile.

    I think this is the first time you’ve missed/skipped Fun Monday.

    Fair Winds to you 🙂

  15. avast, me hearties! this cap’n pete does talk pretty.

  16. I’m pirate-speak impaired :/.

    But that kitty sure is pretty!

  17. Willowtree. You really are a scream when you can see properly. I wish I had a scintillating, amusing comment to post but I’m way out of my depth among you lot. So today I’ll just be Tiger Lily and sit quietly tied to a post while the water rises towards my chin.

  18. Mark, please put one in that column. Also, notice when I’m desperate for content, I just post things like shitcakes and my readers go wild. It’s a gift.


    PS Vote 4 Marnie. Maybe she’ll put the damned award in her sidebar.

    PPS Resurrect the “Avast Me Panties” post. Ma will like that one.

  20. omg thank you because, like the *cough* Canadian, I WAS WAITING FOR AVAST ME PANTIES, and all we got was the lolcat. Which is cute, but hello. Scary melty thighs.

  21. I just told my husband about it being “talk like a pirate day”, he got all excited, then rememberd that it’s his day off that day….now he’s sad.LOL.

  22. I can’t picture (umm, imagine) what an Australian Pirate sounds like. I think you should tape yourself talking Pirate so that I can get a laugh!

  23. giggling.. the picture is too darn cute! and so is the post!
    I need a translator !

    I want to say Thank You as well for the lovely hats and koozie…I’ve been wearing the black hat to keep light out of my eyes… so perfect Peter! Thank you!I’m going to love the beanie when I’m living back in Montana this winter. It really brightened my day!!

  24. I’m in love. I want that LOLkitty!

  25. Dear WT, since you’re a day ahead of me and it’s compliment day from my blog on the 18th, I’ll post here. Plus, all I know about pirates is scurvy.

    So here, WT is your love… Regardless of how much fun I make of you, or how often I tell you I love you, the fact is you were one of my first commenters and helped show me around the world of blog. Without you I’d probably still be back in the VERY clueless age instead of just the clueless age of bloggery that I live in. You’re also consistently quite entertaining, and I thank you for that.

  26. This here site don’t speak Pirate, but it translates websites and blog posts into other fun jargon. You’ve seen The Dialectizer, right? It’s hysterical. A friend translated her blog into “jive” last week, and I laughed until I cried when I tried to read it!

  27. Ye ‘ole prolific comments a bein’ posted at the top ‘o my list…me turned it topsy turvey to cornfuse the rest ‘o you scoundrels.

  28. …and my personality has changed…AGAIN !

  29. The Kitty Scares me.

  30. somehow I missed the recoding the first time around..
    that was hilarious!!!!
    Dirty Bess Vane is late for work

  31. “R”…freakin’ hysterical.

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