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Pirate Day!

200pxtalk_like_a_pirate_day_2Avast ye scurvy landlubbin dogs, stop what yer doin’ and pays attention…

Arr! this be Captain Pussy Willow the greatest buckler who ever swashed, an’ I be here to tells ya that this be Talk Like a Pirate day.

So ifs ya don’t fancy a good keel haulin’, or some serious plank walkin’ then ye best be speakin’ Pirate on the 19th of the Ninth month. Those wot are a day late and a silver dollar short (that be ye who follows Black Dubya) then ye can talks pirate a day early.

Arrr, no self respectin’ pirate would writes a post without a pet
picture, so har’s mine but ye’ll ne’er get me buried booty!


Too bad about Bung, but he just couldn’t make the cut so he didn’t make crew of the ‘Willow’. Luckily me ol’ cat Bilge was ready so he joined up instead…


Arrr! Now fer the pubic service announcement….here be a product that Smelly Uncle Mark could use…


Here be the words wot was said at that start…"Avast me panties! This be Cap’n Pussy Willow speakin’ at ye on Pirate’s Day. So park yer dingys, pull up a barrel take swig o’ rum while ye visit wi’ old Cap’n Willow. Ya lily livered bilge rats!


49 Responses

  1. Thanks for making my day, Matey!

  2. Yarrrr. You be winnin’ a prize, ye scurvy dog.

    And I do so love how you can write to me from the future. I really do. I haven’t even gotten through my Tuesday yet, and you’re already to Wednesday. On a better note, I have a parent-teacher conference to attend on Wed. Should I do the whole thing talking like a pirate?

  3. Aaarrr!
    The men in white coats are looking for you.

    As for the tampons … that hook is making me cringe almost as badly as That Other Photo did!!!!!!

  4. Arr matey, you lost me when you called yourself Captain Pussy Willow.

  5. I’m so confused. I don’t know whether to type in pirate since I’m visiting a blog where it is indeed TLaPD or to just wait until tomorrow when you are no longer typing like a pirate since it will be TLaPD here.

    There was a German Shepherd at our Frontier Day celebration (that big block party held by our town) who was missing the same leg as Bung. He didn’t have a peg leg, but he seemed to get around really well. I should have gotten a picture.

  6. Arrrggghhh, Matey…great pics and thanks for reminding me to warn the teachers…my grandson has totally embraced this holiday!

  7. Just pass the rum, bitch.

  8. You’ve got to be kidding. You ridicule me on my blog for writing about a “scratch” whereas you are so desperate for content you blog about the exact same thing two days in a row? Really?

    Melissa, this one goes in the same categories as yesterday as well as pet photo post.

    I’ll be back next week when you’ve got some new, original content. Did I say next week? Next month.

    How’s that Serial coming?

  9. You lad… pants off now!!!

    (oooh shiver me timbers, yee lil bilge rat awwredy done that)

  10. Aye aye captain….

  11. ARRRGH Cap’n

    I aint showin’ up til the morrow. No fair with the Dateline and all

  12. ARRRGH! Only you could merge pets and pirates! ARRRGH!

  13. A-R-R-R-R! Matey…
    Yer post saved me time…no need to cease swabbin’ this deck to research all this non-sense… just linked to your Pirate Ship…tampons and all.

  14. Im a day late a dollar and 9 bottles of rum short… sorry WT your gonna have to throw my ass off the ship as dude i can’t do pirate speak.. im to lame

    *ended on a wale.. of sorrow;)*

  15. Arr, matey, that was fine entertainin’ what you writ! Shiver me timbers!

  16. Do you get SNL in Australia? There was an episode last year where Peter Sarsgaard was a guest at a pirate convention. Heh heh heh.

  17. Hey what an entertaining blog you’ve got here!
    I was just passing… via (how do i explain this?… i’ve hopped through SO MAnY blogs I’ve lost track of who was whose friend… but it’s many friends of mutual friends…. etc etc etc …)
    Just wanted to say hi while I’m here anyhow!
    So HI then!!
    Lovely dog pixx…..
    Your third dog down on that picture over “I award these to me” reminds me of my tiny roborovski who is called Baby Itchy and 2″ long and v entertaining… just thought i’d leave that thought with you … byeeeeeeee!!!!

    “vol 2 “……

  18. Re: the tampon ad – AAARRRGGGHH!! (Is that pirate enough for you??)

  19. tiz wakin the plank fer them as xx’s capn willow!!

  20. Arghhh! I am stumped fer woids!

  21. I heart ye, matey!!! Sorry I’ve been absent in the comments, but I’ve been reading ye. (Bleh, I make a bad pirate!!!)


  23. Aye’m with Beccy…:/

  24. Thanks for the reminder on this day. I managed to get some posters up yesterday afternoon at work, and today the entire office is telling people to walk the plank ye scurvy dog, etc. Fabulous fun 🙂

  25. LOL! I remember that SNL episode with Peter Sarsgaard.

  26. har har har har maaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrnie

  27. You’re too much! I LOVED that you posted a snippet of your pirate talk. You put Captain Sparrow to shame! I laughed my arse off.

    The tampon ad is hilarious. Where do you find this stuff!?

  28. BLIMEY! Believe em er not, matey, I fergot it was pirate’s talk day and my pirate chantey was coincidence. Begad matey!

  29. Ahoy me timbers and shiver me panites, ye all be honorary crew on the Stinky Willow! Stepherz, I’m pleased yer liked me dulcet tones, I put that in jest fer ye, arrr!

    If any of ye scurvy bilge pumps wants some pirate tampons, I be takin’ orders. But I must be telling ye, there be no hook included in the pack, so youse hafta get ’em out as best ye can.

  30. Begad! Too tired to talk like ye addled folk, but just wanted to say, Pussy, that this is damn funny and I enjoyed it very much. Great job, and thank you, me bucko.

  31. Ahh, I be goin’ t’ be havin’ soo much fun wi’ this next high tide’, me post be in pirate too!

    *I had to cheat and find a translator, because I suck:o)*

  32. ‘Twas a Pacific Pirate named Willow
    Used a cutlass for a pillow
    He cried “Avast! Me hearty!”
    And let rip with a farty
    Which propelled him o’er land to Amarillo!

  33. Well, once again, my 3 yo was thoroughly entertained. Reading that crap gives me a headache.

    I was with a friend and her kids and we were by the water and saw pussy willows. When her daughter (11yo) asked what it was, I said Pussy Willow. She and her mother gasped. I reckon I should have said cat tails. I didn’t realize plants were also topics for PC. Arghhh!

  34. Aargh! I see this be the same post I’ve commented on twice. This landlubber’s got a question for the Cap’n, though. What the heck is a sex-tent?

    I need some of that hot buttered rum coffee. I’m having difficulty with this pirate talk.

  35. ohh…that’s so cute. i want to join in the fun too! 🙂

  36. Arrrr! Glad to see a fellow pirate! So Cap’n Pussy where ya keep ya rum?

  37. I say there good man. I seem to be lost. I was looking for the dread pirate Captain Cleavage and instead seem to have found Captain Pansy. Oh dear. Whatever am I to do next.

  38. Melissa, A PIRATE LIMERICK??? I can’t believe I didn’t think of that…Hmmm, maybe I will now! 🙂

  39. i can’t believe that such an inane posting drew almost 40 comments.


    by the way, robin, i tried to post a comment on your piensieve but typepad wouldn’t let me.

    so you can add one comment to your comment number.

    six comments, if you want to include how many fr***ng times i tried.



  41. Laurie – Be nice, comment envy is such an ugly thing. What you might call inane, some might call a refreshing diversion from the mundane.

    Caroline – Stop shouting, I can hear you.

  42. Well Well Melissa! You CAN write a poem! Now that would have got you a prize for sure! LOL.

  43. I’m confused by all the melissa references that aren’t about me. Maybe I should change my moniker to VOTE FOR MARK permanently. That’s a great idea.


  44. See, Melissa, that’s why I call myself “Melissa in NZ” … bit of a mouthful but at least then Mark won’t come after me by mistake … ‘Specially since I’m trying to keep his votes up …

  45. The tampons….omg….dying…here…must….catch…breath….

  46. Aye, you be full o’ yourself. This mermaid thinks you need your bloomin’ arse kicked for that affrontery, argh!

  47. Ever thought of a career in Advertising? The tampon ad would definitely sell!

  48. Captain Feather sword killed my uncle and I shall have my revenge.

  49. We LOVE pirates around here!! Yep. Even those that wear big girl panties!!

    So just for you, here is a link to one of my favorite pirate singers!! (I think Bethany has a crush on him!!) Oh, and he even has a song about a sea-going doggie!! Enjoy!!


    Stephanie, rumorsofmydemisearegreatlyexaggeratedIjustcan’tcommentfromworkanymore

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