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I’ve been remiss.

Update** It’s about 7:30pm Sunday night and I just heard on the news that Marcel Marceau has died, words can’t express how I feel. Tomorrow I’ll talk non stop for a minute to honour him.

It suddenly occurred to me that in trying to cater to the romance readers out there, I have been remiss in my duty to provide high class entertaining pet clips. So here ya go…

Ahhh, I feel better now.


36 Responses

  1. Jeepers Willowtree, never let “class” interfere with a good story .. heh.

  2. ooh and ahhs not a lot else to say really!

  3. I love watching dogs and cats play together. Belle looks good, I’m guessing everything came out in the end?

  4. Certainly more interesting than the Senate report. Belle wanted you to join in eventually eh?

  5. Davo – I can’t help it, I’m a classy bloke.

    ChrisB – How very articulate.

    Patty P – I didn’t actually see it, but I assume that everything did come out of the end.

    Caroline – Question time in the Senate is so much more genteel than Question time in the Reps.

  6. Do they always get along, your dogs and cats? And your dogs and dogs for that matter. No skirmishes ever?

    They really are too stinkin’ cute.

  7. These videos make me want to get a playmate for our black lab. The only other pets we have are the gerbils, which I’m sure he’d love to chase around, but it probably wouldn’t end well.

    At least my kids are past the squeaky toy stage. No more squeaking. Hmm, I guess that was better though than what I have to listen to now…

    Thanks for the video.

  8. Nice little break from the romance novel you’ve been supplying. I’m looking at their baby pictures in the sidebar there and it’s kind of sad how fast they grew. But very cute how they still play so well together. Nice to see Belle sharing her squeaky toy with you!

  9. Man! Where are mark and melissa? I miss their comments!!

    This clip was cute and funny!! Belle is adorable!!
    I really enjoy your pet videos!

  10. Willowtree, hi, I found you from Chrisb.

    Great video, and the hound won!

  11. OH MY GOD. 379.

  12. Belle is growing up to be a fine little lady.

  13. Belle and Beau are both adorable. The way they play together reminds me of our schnauzer, Jack, playing with our cat, Streudel. I love to watch them.

  14. Awwww….I’ll take pet videos any day over 8-legged freaks of nature!

    Well, lookee there – I see you customized your “Nice Matters” Award – HAHAHAHAHAAA! How very Willowtree of you!

    P.S. Crap! I missed talk like a pirate day!

  15. I still can’t decide whether they’re just getting warmed up or are approaching exhaustion.

  16. Okay, I have to leave another comment here because I can’t comment on a post you did last month. Since I saw your “new and improved” award, I had to go back and read the post associated with it….

    I just want to say, I haven’t genuinely L.O.L’ed after reading a post in a long time.


  17. RC – For the most part it’s just one big happy family, but occasionally when there’s food involved the beagle will get a but narky.

    Kila – You’re welcome.

    Joy – I agree, it’s a shame the grow so quickly, but then I didn’t think that when the pup was crapping everywhere. And yes, Belle is real good about sharing her toys.

    Kaytabug – Thanks, but it seems you would prefer mark and melissa’s comments 😉

    John G. – She usually does. You’ve been here before btw.

    Karmyn – That’s one way of putting it, although technically the correct phrase is she’s getting to be a big bitch

    Kaycie – It’s better than TV.

    Susan – You’ve missed a lot of stuff!

    Shades – It’s a cyclical thing, it just keeps going.

    Susan – You’re welcome. And the not being able to comment on old posts is a trade off I’ve made so you don’t have do word verification. Most spam seems to show up on old posts, so I close comments after about three weeks.

  18. I was really enjoying this until Beau squeaked that toy and June Bug jumped in my lap trying to find it…As you know, I’m not much of a cat lover **achoo**, but I think I would really like Belle.

  19. Swampy – Close but no cigar. Belle is the dog and Beau is the cat.

  20. They are soo stinkin cute!

  21. How ’bout you send me your pet buds for a visit and I’ll send these 8 grandkiddies of mine?

  22. I knew that ! We had been to a bbq & hops cookoff and I didn’t have any bbq…the hops was great.

  23. Besides…it says so on their pictures.

  24. I love how (mostly) careful they are with each other – and boy, have they grown!

    The end made me laugh out loud. Very funny!

  25. I love seeing your pet clips Peter! Thank you!!! They sure have grown a lot! and quickly!!!! So much fun!

  26. HEE! It looks like it was YOUR turn next!!

    Oh, and *sniff* they grow so quickly!! Next week they’ll be asking for the keys, *ahem* wrestling over your car!!

  27. Re: Update

    If you plan on talking for a whole minute in tomorrow’s post be sure to include a mute button.;)

  28. Belle and Beau are so cute I could cry.

    I’m v. sad about MM passing away. I saw him on stage when I was 12 years old. He was AHmazing.

  29. Your update left me speechless…

  30. They’re just growing up so fast. You are a good bitch. I mean dad.

  31. I think a more appropriate tribute would be a video of you trying to work your way out of an imaginary box. Plus it would really freak out all those people who say they have a fear of clowns. I know he was a MIME, but that’s close enough, don’t you think?

  32. I LOVE this! I need to upgrade my blog and start posting videos. I’ve never seen a dog and cat play so well together!

  33. what a cute squeaky toy.

    (I was at my brothers house – and they had giant invading spiders.
    They sent their one black cat in to sleep with me because he is a spider killer. )

  34. you’re clips make me feel like I’ve been for a visit. 🙂

  35. damn I can’t type today – Your clips. . .

  36. Oh Oh….the other Caroline got here before me. Your pets are cute. Are you confused now that there are 2 Carolines commenting on your blog?

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