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This is for the birds

I’ve been a bit busy today, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for your romance fix. Knowing how much gas (petrol) costs and I’d hate to think you wasted your money coming here, so here’s a pretty picture…


Hey, Check out the tits on this!


34 Responses

  1. I can’t believe you’ve got time to search for hilarious photos, but no time to write about When Hari met Kiri??
    Priorities, WT, priorities … tut …

  2. Tits?? can’t see no tits .. heh.

    (PS. this is one nasty Aussie basket, is forcing me to include a link to some irrelevancies).

  3. I clicked it. I knew what it was, but I clicked it anyway. I’m so disappointed in myself.

  4. It took me a second to decipher what the birds meant…must mean I haven’t had enough coffee yet (when I finally did, it was pretty doggone funny).

  5. Melissa – Those were photos I’ve found in the past.

    Davo – You shouldn’t have to include a link, you’ve been able to comment in the past without including one, and I have made it optional. Unless I’ve misunderstood your PS.

    Jen – Don’t worry about it, we all do it. I know I did, it’s just human nature.

    Robin – Lucky I can edit my comments, yours arrived as I was typing mine. It took me a while to get the first picture myself.

  6. Everything is “optional” Willowtree. I chose to include the link. que.

  7. Two things, though, with comments on this blog .. i have no facility to delete, without trace .. if i think it wrongly written, and i doubt if your readers would enjoy, or understand, what i write.

    Cheers, David.

  8. “comments” are always a problematic exercise WT. Personally don’t have the time to cope with them, and am impressed by your concern.

  9. I don’t care who ya are, that’s funny!

  10. At the End Of The Day and Having Said That .. might just go mmmmph .. heh.

  11. Hi Davo!

  12. Get with the times WT its Emo and slut these days!

  13. Davo, do I know you?
    Cheers from CO !

  14. Who knows anybody .. in cyberspace.

  15. Love this post! I’m going to have to start finding some funny pictures for my blog too. It could become a competition! 😉

  16. Doubt it, Swampy .. like yer style, though .. heh.

  17. If mark weren’t occupied with that Canadian I can safely say he would have a category for this post, entirely seperate from all previous categories. In his absence I will say simply “vote mark”!

    And also, PHOTOSHOPPED!

    Hi min! And Davo.

  18. Sometimes your comments section is the internet equivalent of a bar fight.

  19. You never fail to amuse me, Willow.

  20. okay – you got me with the tits picture. sheesh, you think I’d learn….especially after your Blonde Swedish gal.

  21. Love the birds!!!!

  22. i actually took the time to read everyone’s comments today (have no idea why), and i have to say: half of them made no sense to me.
    but i love the pic!

  23. Love the first picture, seen the Tits before, funny though!

  24. This is for the birds!!!!

  25. hilarious!

  26. Sooo funny ~where do you find them!

  27. You are a naughty fellow. Thanks for the laugh.

  28. Very entertaining! I enjoyed all the avian images!

  29. That made me laugh out loud. Very funny.

  30. Very funny, you never fail to amuse your adoring public.

  31. I confess I clicked. Loved the Tart and the Tits and never in my life would I ever have imagined I would ever say that!

  32. LOL, now that was funny.

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