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When Hari met Kiri Pt 4.

It was my destiny to join in a great experience. (I just didn’t know it yet, but do you know the book without googling the sentence?) It seems the more that  I assemble my thoughts in order to write the story of how MDW and I got together, the more I realise that I was just a innocent, and clueless, bystander in the whole process. So much so, that now even I’m interested in reading how she managed to snare me, and how things turned out!

After our official first date there was no contact for a several weeks as I was in Truckee, and she had a strange work schedule, something like ten days on then four off. But eventually I came back down to San Jose. The guy I was building the house with had a few apartments in SJ that always seemed to need some kind of work done, so for a while we went back and forth between projects.

It was on one of these trips down that I called MDW and asked if she felt like doing something, and she told me that Bread and Roses was on and we could go up to Berkeley to see Jimmy Buffet, Neil Young and Robin Williams. Sounded good to me, so off we went. We were hurtling up I17 trying desperately to keep up with traffic in her VW beetle (if you’ve ever driven on a California freeway you’ll know what I mean), when suddenly the cars in front stopped, causing MDW to hit the brakes hard. As she hit the brakes, she reached her arm across and stopped me from lurching forward. That simple act was one of those things that really sticks in your mind, here she was in the middle of an emergency having enough regard for me to try and protect me. Or so I thought at the time at least, turns out as an OT she regularly drove old and infirmed people around and it was just a reflex action, but hey, ignorance is bliss and it was kinda nice to think someone wanted to keep me safe.

After a week or so in SJ it was back to Tuckee for me. But this time, we spoke by phone every few days, this was before cell phones, but the trailer I was living in had a phone so it was no big deal. Anyone want to see the view I had? OK why not, here ya go…


That’s the Truckee River in the right foreground and the back of the shops, restaurants and hotels in the main street of Truckee itself. I was happily working away when one day I got a phone call from MDW saying she had a few days off and that she was coming up to visit. She came up and we had a great time playing house and doing all those touristy things that I never got a chance to do, like whitewater rafting on the Truckee River (we’re talking kindergarten rapids here, not  like the Russian River), and going to the casinos in Reno (Las Vegas’s dirty, retarded little brother).

After about five days she went back to work, and I realised that this was the first time in years that I had spend a lot of time with someone in close quarters and felt completely comfortable being half of a couple. It was another four weeks or so until we saw each other again.

35 Responses

  1. I’ll refrain from saying FIRST!

    Sounds wonderful, WT. You’re a lucky guy. And, yeah, that arm reach would have done it for me.

  2. I did have to google the first sentence, and am now quite interested in reading the whole thing.

  3. No I didn’t know the book but I do now !! I hope we won’t be waiting 4 weeks for the next instalment!!

  4. Nope, had to do the Google thing. It’s very sad to be quite bright, but not THAT bright. Sigh.
    Nice post! Are you and PW racing to the finish?

  5. Your next to the last sentence might just be the most personal, sweet thing you’ve ever written :).

  6. I thought that everyone did that arm-reaching to protect our passengers gesture. Or maybe some people are careful drivers and never need to protect their passengers from lurching forward. I can remember reaching my arm to insticntively protect a variety of folks; maybe I should just slow down.

  7. I hate to tell you this, Willow, but I do that arm thing even when there is no one in the car! (seriously).

  8. Kila – Yes, I know I’m lucky.

    ChrisB – No, it won’t take that long for the next instalment.

    MelissaNZ – I don’t know how long Ree plans to keep her story going, but I’m sure mine won’t be as long. Why is it sad to be quite bright?

    Robin – Thanks, I’ll fix that.

    Molly – I’d never seen it before, nor have I ever seen it since.

    Beth – So you’re protecting the seat?

  9. The arm thing is a “mom” reflex, too. And, we never get over it no matter who is sitting (or not) in the front seat. I’ve protected that empty front seat many times. theHansMans has bruises across his hairy chest to prove it…well, not bruises, but I whack him pretty hard.
    I recognized the Truckee pic immediately. Was just there two weeks ago.
    And, yes, I agree with Robin about that sentence. Your ‘soft, gentle side is oozing through today.

  10. 4 weeks! That is too slow for me. I would have moved on.

  11. Well, I was going to say that’s a mom reflex, too. And I agree with Robin as well. No hiney tingles in this story for me, though, just an “Awww, ain’t that SWEET?” Hemingway you are not.

    I did not know the book that sentence was from. The only one I’ve known so far was the Moby Dick–and I did know it was the first sentence.

    And, just so you know, I do hate myself just a little for doing that meme. That’s why it took me so long to do it. A little public embarrassment and self-loathing is good now and then. It helps me redirect my annoyance with other people onto myself. Which in turn creates more angst and gives me things to blog about.

  12. I’ll jump in and agree that the arm thing is kind of a motherly tick. I don’t know why we do it, because, really, if you were about to hurtle through the windsheild, someone’s arm isn’t going to help much. But it’s sweet anyway. Matter of fact, the whole post had that kind of “Oh, that’s so sweet” air about it. *grin*

  13. You fluffy Aussie. Aww.

    My bff lives in ‘Truckee. I never get up there because, well, it’s in Truckee. Gas costs too much. Also she has a three bedroom house and a husband and three kids and where would we all sleep? *sigh* 😦


    Dear Reno,

    I miss you. Been thinking about you lots lately. I hope to see you soon.

    Love, Melissa

  14. Sounds really nice and your picture looks good!

  15. awwww! I think it was just being in Truckee. I have a theory about chlorophyll overload and how it affects your brain. Could be ’cause I grew up in the redwoods and now live in the panhandle of Texas. We have no chlorophyll here.

  16. PERFECT description of Reno. PERFECT.

  17. Such a motherly thing – that reaching out and putting your arm across the person in the seat next to you

    In todays cars and car seats, that instinct is a lost art. (I still do it)

  18. Yeah, you nailed Reno all right. While you were in California did you ever go whitewater rafting on the Kern River? Now that has some very nasty (and oh so fun) rapids.

    Enjoying the softer side. How much longer will we have to put up with it?

  19. OH my goodness. I am not a mom. Or protective. I never reach over to protect anyone because I know I’m going to have a wreck and I have to save myself.

    (BTW WT, um I wasn’t doing a meme, I was under strict command by Swampy and I always do what she says. You just showed how irregularly you read my blog. I’m not sure I can love you any more.)

  20. Well, that line sounds really familiar but I don’t know if off the top of my head – so have to go google. dang it. (hold on) Nope – never read it.

    All I can say about the story is it is Sweet – and from my experience – love bites you when you least expect it to.

  21. Nice story! I LOVE Jimmy Buffet. I’ve yet to make it to a concert, but have spent quite a bit of time in his Margaritavilles in Key West and New Orleans!

  22. aww sounds so sweet!!!

  23. Gawwd! There is a reason I do not read Romance novels. I do need to have a few before coming to read this series…where is the excitement man?
    BTW I loved that 2nd to last sentence too…you are sugary sweet!
    OH Crap! Now I have “Pour some sugar on me” and “Love Bites” playing in my head!

  24. Did you spend those four weeks torn to pieces? Do we have to wait for weeks to hear more? I’m not patient, What’s next?

  25. Great post. MORE…we want more!

  26. Truckee looks like Italee. Nice buildings.

  27. Simply Jenn – As a scientist you would know what a corollary is, and the danger of a false one.

    “You just showed how irregularly you read my blog.” is a false corollary, as not knowing about Swampy’s assignment gives no indication as to how often I read your blog, as it was in the comments and not the blog proper.

    A correct assumption would have been “You just showed how irregularly you read my comments section.”

  28. ooh! we’re practically neighbours *waves hello from the East bay* 😀

  29. Well, damn WT. I didn’t expect you to actually BUST me on it.

    Wait, are you accusing me of NOT being a scientist, or are you just accusing me of being a bad one. One of those statements I agree with, whether it is a corollary or not. Maybe I should just not use big words.

    Besides you know what they say about assumptions and I don’t want to do that to U or Me.

  30. I think I’m having a coronary, or is that corollary, seeing my name in the comments section here…and I’m ASSuMing it’s not my ‘signature.’
    Who’s on first?

  31. It’s official, you’re all soft and squidgy inside.

  32. I doubt you were innocent and I think even in her “instinct” she wanted to save you.

  33. You have no idea how many times I did that with Kansas (nor how many times she hit the dash) before she outgrew the front seat and had to become a backseat dog.

  34. when i was in a car that stopped like that on the freeway, i curled into the fetal position and wrapped my arms around my head.

    i figured the person i was with could fend for himself.

    of course (a) he was driving, i wasn’t, and (b) it was my little brother.

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