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I give up.

I’m sorry, I’ve been ditzing around for the last half hour trying to come up with a post. Truth be told I’ve been struggling for the past few weeks and am seriously contemplating taking a blogging break. I was  doing some blog surfing just now (trying to do anything other than write a post) and ended up reading the latest instalment of Ree’s romance, she’s really a good writer.  You tend to lose sight of her writing ability with all those cow pictures and burp clips, but she’s really very good with words.

So, as much as it pains me to admit it, I’m just not up to writing a post. Please accept this pretty picture as a peace offering. If anyone knows what it is (and yes, of course I know what it is, I took the damn photo!) please let everyone else know in the comments…


This one I didn’t take…



33 Responses

  1. I do not know what the interesting building is. My guess is a prison.

  2. Woohoo…first

  3. First pic looks like a smart monastery.
    I like the second one – a Loo with a View. Though could be quite disturbing if they were all occupied simultaneously. Talk about stage fright.

    I can understand kind of drying out and needing a blog break, when you blog 6 days a week. So, you know, if you need a break you need a break … but I think I speak for the majority of your regulars – we’d miss you!

  4. Looks Greek to me.

  5. That is an interesting building. There is something I don’t quite like about it, but I’m not sure if it is the stark white or that there are parts of the walkway with three arches and stairway that look too modern. I think I mostly really like it, though. Is it a rehab hospital? It would make a really good, peaceful place to get well.

    I hope you’re not comparing yourself to Ree. We all read your blog because we find you interesting, too. Ree’s great, but it would be a less interesting world if everyone was the same. We like your pet clips and your dirty jokes and all the things you find to write about. That said, I can understand not being able to think of anything to write about. Enjoy your break if that’s what you need, but please don’t be gone long. We would miss you.

    Hmmm, it seems I’m either taking a lot of liberties in speaking for everyone or I think I’m the Queen of England. It’s probably the latter. I’m a bit delusional pre-coffee.

  6. That’s what happens when your Barbie is nicked, even with knickers intact. I’m on your side and when I see that witch flying around cackling, I’ll rescue Barbie for you. I am sure she will be properly grateful to her hero. 😉

  7. No idea what that building is. Sue me.

    Listen, about the blogging. If you feel you need a break you should take one, but one day of struggling to come up with an idea doesn’t mean you’re dried up. And I’m not being self serving in the slightest. I wouldn’t miss you one bit if you were gone.

    And, seriously, about Ree? I love her blog, don’t get me wrong, but she is very much who she is. The essential Ree is always there. Well, you are very much who you are, and you write just as well as she does – just different. Think of taste buds. She’s sweet and you’re sour. In a perfect world you need some of both.

    I’m just sayin’…

  8. Breaks are good, dear. Unlike RC, I’d miss you, but don’t let me guilt you into continuing! (Like I could).
    I was thinking the building kind of looked like a big white washed adobe hospital, but I have no idea where one of those would be. So, I’m just as clueless as everyone else.

  9. arghhh! all of my favorite bloggers have gone walk-about in the last month or two!

    it’s the competitive thing for many, I’m thinking. I just enjoy the conversation with those who still stop by to comment, and enjoy playing with ideas and words.

    STOP COUNTING COMMENTS and it’s much more amusing…

    (please don’t go)

  10. It’s a monastery.
    I a with Jenni and everyone else saying they would miss you. Take your break…everyone needs a break every now and then…I hope you come back and I hope you’re not gone for too terribly long!!

    Who would I pick on if you weren’t here? 😉

  11. Don’t know where the first picture is but it looks quite like a place we stayed in Spain. I love flushing meadow LOL.

    We would miss you if you took a break but would be here when you returned. The well written blogs (and I would include yours in that) often make me feel I should give up (oh and a daughter who picks me up on my grammer). Then I think no way- if people don’t want to read what I write they won’t come back (and a lot don’t) but that’s Ok. You have a lot of readers who genuinely enjoy everything you write~ and you know some blogs can be too professional!!

  12. Blooging Break? That’s stupid. Who in the world takes blogging breaks?

  13. That should have said blogging break. Spelling, who in the world needs spelling?

  14. We would miss you and your sarcasm but, if you need a break, take a break – like you need our permission. Echoing everyone else, we really do read you because you’re you, you know. So, go and do whatever it is that makes you smile and just have fun!

  15. The first picture looks like a toilet paper factory and the second is some kind of shitty field.

  16. Do you read YOUR comments? Cuz Mark and I want to fight you and Swampy has ordered me to tag you with FIFTY things you like about yourself. Well, technically she dared me to tag you to do the 25. Come on, do it. DO IT.

    It’ll give you a post.

    Plus the other bear is HILARIOUS! That’s my favorite guess. Are we voting?

  17. barbie’s palace

    (I’m having the same feelings about taking a blogging break. Will it ruin our careers? grin.)

  18. Keep writing WT! Where else am I doing to get my daily dose of sarcasm and snarkiness?

    I don’t always comment (by the time I get here seems like everything has already been said!), but I always read.

    But I can’t seem to ever win the damn trivia thing. I think it’s this laptop. If I used a mouse I know I could win….

  19. I think we all hit blank walls on occasion. Mine have become brick lately.

  20. Hey Brian…I may fly over your place and drop this Barbie in your lap…even though it’s not DubYaT’s and she still has on her knickers, you might just like her.
    Come on DubYa…take Simply Jen’s challenge. I Double Dog Dare Ya…
    And yes, Jen, he DOES read ALL his comments. I know. When I make a foolish mistake like calling Belle Beau, and calling Beau Belle, he nails me.
    I’ll go through withdrawals if you take a break. At least just put up some snide remark pointed at one of us on a daily basis.
    I’ll be first.
    Go ahead.
    Take a shot at me.
    I’m ready.
    Seriously, though, I do understand about needing a break. If Breast Cancer Awareness Month wasn’t just around the corner, I would be taking one, too.
    And to prove my point, I’ve only had time to visit O.N.E. Glob today…guess who’s? (Does who’s need an apostrophe here? Whose? Hoo’s?Whoz?

  21. It BETTER be mine Swampy, and not WT’s.

  22. It’s mine Swampy. It better be mine all mine. 😛

  23. Santorini?

    We all have moments/days/weeks where there’s nutthin’. Stop trying to force it, take a break, try free-association, post a few times a week instead of daily, whatever. It’ll be back.

    (but really? You’re running dry just as I found you? Hrmf!)

  24. I hit a wall too. My posts are inane. My daily internet highlight is coming over here to leave snide comments and play trivia.

    Don’t be gone too long, friend.

  25. My guess is a monastery….or a golf course in Timbuktu. (do they even play golf there?)

    A blogging break? Where was the fracture? ha ha

    I think about it everyday myself.

  26. Have pity. Please tell us what the building is AND please tell us that you won’t be gone long.

  27. You’ve got to at least finish when Hari met Kiri. Don’t leave us hanging, Willow.

  28. Sometimes we all hit walls in our writing. I had to specific like that or you might fall, jump off another roof. 🙂 You could just tell us about your pets some more. 🙂

    I skillfully avoided the photo as I have no clue.

  29. Quit your bitching and take a break OR go adopt about 1/2 dozen punk kids – you’ll have blog fodder coming outta your ears. It’s funny because my “quit blogging post” is where we met.

  30. A break is good sometimes…but is it because the black dog haunts???


  31. Well, I already commented on the other post that I completely understand about you taking a break. I hope you know I still read, just don’t have a lot of time to sit and comment on everyone’s blogs – yours included. But I had a brilliant idea. Instead of writing everyday you could post a different photo everyday. We would all enjoy seeing photos of WT, Australia. I am sure many others would agree.

  32. You can’t stop. Bush is still President 😉

    Seriously, my days wouldn’t be the same without your wit and sarcasm, and your furry friends.

    The photo reminds me of the buildings on the Greek Islands. They are my office calendar for this year.

  33. You’re a riot!

    The pink toilet is so pretty. I’m such a girl.

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