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Some awards and an explanation

First the explanation. The comments for yesterday’s post fell largely into four categories 1) "If you need a break, then do what’s right for you", 2) "Keep writing you bastard, you must amuse us regularly", 3) "Suck it up, we all run out of things to say occasionally. Get over it.", and 4) "Don’t compare yourself to Ree, you’ll just feel inadequate".

For those of you in Category 1, "Thank you". For the Category 2s out there, "Whatever". If you were in Category 3, "I haven’t run out of things to say, just the motivation to say them". And finally for the Category 4 group, "It was just coincidence that I mentioned Ree in this post (and I only mentioned her by way of a compliment to her, not a comparison to me), as reading her post was the last thing I did before writing my own."

Funnily enough, there was no-one in category 5) "Hey I know what that building is!" so this clicky linky should be of interest to all of you. If the link works (I say that because I’ve bypassed the sign in page that asks some questions **immediate update, "oh no you didn’t", I couldn’t by-pass the sign in). If you have the time, enter the site and check it out (do yourself a favour and take the virtual tour at the bottom of the home page), if not then this link gives enough info, but the first link is better.

The fact is, I’ve been feeling a general malaise for a few weeks now,  maybe it’s all the pollen or the the change of seasons, I don’t know, but it has manifested itself in an overall apathy towards blogging.  And as you know I don’t normally write about such things (there’s enough out there who do to fulfil the needs of those who like to read about it). I’m not sinking into depression or anything, I just have an overwhelming feeling of blah…

Plus, my Daily Trivia quiz isn’t working out how I planned. It was meant to be an ego boost for me, but I’ve been consistently copping a hiding from a bunch of you, some whom don’t even read the Dingo!

So putting aside my gripes for now, I’ve been given a couple more awards that I need to acknowledge.

Thanks Jen, even though you only award me these things to see what I do with them I’m touched. This first one she gave me seems to have something to do with Saturday Night Fever, though I’m not sure why. But then I’m not sure why people feel compelled to keep coming up with awards either.

Now this next one has to be without a doubt the ugliest looking piece of crap I’ve seen in years! I don’t even know what it’s for, but it sure is ugly. Come on! People put these in their sidebars, how about making them a little more attractive!

If I feel like it, I’ll write the next bit of the hot and passionate love story (yeah sure) about me and MDW later today.


46 Responses

  1. FIRST!!!!! F-I-R-S-T!

  2. I got it–you’re in MENOPAUSE!!!

    Funky bling, Peter…..but you DO love those awards, eh?

  3. Wow that was quick! I was still editing it!

  4. Look People, I’m not too concerned about WT taking a break – he’ll be back, and I don’t really care about the new awards he’s gotten. (Is that award post 132, Melissa?) No, I’m concerned about the disproportionate amount of votes I’ve received in the dingo voting. Come on now, I’m not a bad guy. I have a handle that sounds like a pedophile, but I’m not, and I only fight back when provoked or Australia is involved, or Melissa provides a convenient forum for me to make fun of WT. Seriously now, go vote for somebody else, like Melissa because she is far more deserving of such an award and I know I don’t deserve this award. Thank you.

  5. Mark – As much as it pains me to say this, ha ha! who am I kidding, I couldn’t be more happier (and that’s really happy), but the voting is closed and you were a standout winner.

    I appreciate that you my be busy for the next few days, so I’ll hold off on the awards ceremony until you and your sugar momma get back to you respective domiciles.

  6. What category am I in, huh? And Swampy? We were just trying to help. We’re nice like that.

  7. dang, you were talking of a break, and I’d only just found you! I’m glad to see you’re still here 🙂

  8. Okay, a break? I thought about doing that on my little ol’ blog, but then I decided to have giveaways. It lit a whole new fire for me. I am pretty excited about it. I hope that your break isn’t too long, but I completely understand.

  9. And I think I fell in category 6 – those who tried to write a witty response to cheer you up but failed (in the witty bit, AND the cheering up bit)!
    It sounds like the blues. My new suggestion is to pop outside and spend some time in the sunshine – it’s a beautiful day!

  10. i really thought it was barbie’s palace.

    i got interupted on my quiz today — dang.

  11. yeah – so I really rocked on the quiz today (thank you very much) – but now I’m feeling kind of dumb because I don’t understand this sentence:

    I’ve been consistently copping a hiding from a bunch of you

    and do I get to fall into Category 10 – Completely Ignoring Content of Post

  12. The disco ball seems perfect for you.

    “I’ve been consistently copping a hiding from a bunch of you” I’m not quite sure what that means, either. But it’s better than copping a feel.

    It must be spring there. You can’t be depressed during spring.

    Has it been cloudy and dark lately?

  13. I took a couple of weeks off – it did wonders for me.

    Menopause…that was funny, Robin!

  14. Nin – Hi and welcome, sorry you caught me on an off day.

    ToB – That would be a good idea if it wasn’t so fucking windy, which I think is part of the problem, it’s been windy here for a month now.

    And I thought your comment on the other post was funny.

    Karmyn and Kila – It just means getting beaten in a competition.

    Julie – I’ve given tons of stuff away.

    Beckie – Yeah, Robin’s a funny girl alright. Sensitive yet funny.

  15. WT the comments you get ( and give) are always enough to cheer me up. I just cannot get my trivia time down to under a minute, try as I might~ now that is depressing!

  16. Chris – Coming in under a minute is not as easy as it looks.

  17. Ha! See! Hooked. Dingo’s have a life of their own. Rounded up by the readers and chased around the stockyard. Bet ya a cup of coffee ya can’t resist posing posting fer 7 days.

    (Would be a bet that i’d be happy to lose, but dunno how I could pay up .. the last time i poured coffee into the keyboard there was a bittuva phht! and it cost me $25.00)

  18. (um, typepad comments don’t accept “strikeouts”)

  19. Davo – You are quite correct, TP doesn’t accept strikethroughs in it’s comments, actually I think it may just be the template I use, as they do show in Preview.

  20. Well I know that announcing to the world at large that I’m going to have a blogging break, usually results in me not posting for, yeah, about a week.

    Davo, I owe you a coffee so maybe I can assist in your wager. And that’s FOR Davo.

  21. I think the disco ball will be so pretty hanging up around here. As for the other one…please know, I didn’t design it. I just passed it on to the bestest, coolest, most fun…yeah, yeah, alright. I’ll stop. But I still like you!

  22. I so wish I knew how to create one of those award thingys…see I don’t even know what to call them…I have the perfect one for you…even better than the Swampy Award, and that’s saying a lot. *smile* Someday, it will be bestowed upon your pointed little head.
    Jen, please don’t ask him to put me in a category. I shudder to think what it might be.
    If you do stop creating posts for awhile, at least just open this place up with a title and place for us to comment back and forth. Where will I go to drink my coffee and then blow it out my nose everyday?

  23. (that’s two orphan apostrophes, so far .. heh )

  24. (sorry folks. private joke)

  25. Are you going to add another category for your last post – People Bitching because their original comment got taken the wrong way? Hmmm?

    You’re a pain in the ass to cheer up, did you know that?

  26. Oh nobody told me the trivia thing is TIMED!!!!
    I so could have done it quicker. I was just taking my time and reading it out to my husband because he is smart, but in the end I didn’t need his help. Plus he would have got one wrong anyway. So maybe he is S-M-R-T not smart. Then I find I am the slowest of all. Well poo to everyone.

  27. Pout…I sort fit into category five, and someone else said monastery. Jen in GA guessed a hospital. Oh well, I am sorry about your general malaise and hope that feel better soon.

    It is interesting how people choosed to comment on entries. Sometimes the smallest point is selected.

    You know which award is the ugliest that I have seen?

  28. RC – You may have noticed that I didn’t assign anyone to any category. Nor did I take your comment the wrong way, (Jen may have though, she’s the one who referenced it) as it was so obviously tongue in cheek. But yes, I agree, I can be hard to cheer up at times, people who suffer from depression sometimes are.

    ToB – Well of course it’s timed! I’ve only selected easy to average difficulty questions, everyone would get the same score otherwise.

    Molly – I’m guessing the Dingo (which I think is rather pretty), but when was the last time you actually saw one, apart from in the polling booth? It’s not really an award it’s more of a joke, and no-one has ever put it in their sidebar, including me.

  29. Yep, the Dingo is rather ugly. Do mean the last time that I saw the Dingo award? The last time was probably right here on your blog for the introductory post.

    Time for work. I hope that you have a wonderful and serene day. Take care.

  30. Molly – Yes, I meant the award. The Bodacious Blog award is ugly, the Dingo is more distasteful than ugly. Oh, and I’m just about to go to bed.

  31. I’m loving the daily trivia quiz though now Sam has started playing I have to get faster, sibling rivalry and all that!

    Loved the virtual tour, I was way out with my guess!

    Getting those awards gave you material for this post and look at all the comments they’ve inspired…you must love that surely?

  32. I’m too distracted by that “copping a hiding” line to think of anything else. Is it like copping a feel and getting spanked at the same time? I hear some people are into that sort of thing. Freaks.

  33. Ooh, I’m glad I went back to that link and clicked the virtual tour. Beautiful!

  34. Caroline, everything is negotiable .. heh.

  35. I think monks drink wine..some even work the vineyards..don’t they? Oh who cares! I LOVE WINE!
    In the meantime I am going to think of something to make you smile! 🙂

  36. Jeni in KS

    m too distracted by that “copping a hiding” line to think of anything else. Is it like copping a feel and getting spanked at the same time? I hear some people are into that sort of thing.

    Nah, just proves that yer a human being ..i guess.

  37. still thinking…

  38. Thinking is bad for the braincells, Lady K, it only encourages them.

  39. Well, there ya go Willowtree. Just post some non-descript topic every now an’ then, and let the commenters run the show .. Whoooo hoo!

  40. Well, hello my dear friend willowtree. I’d leave you a thoughtful comment but who’s going to read it, click on my name, and increase my blog traffic this far down the page? Yeesh. Totally pointless.

    Vineyards, huh. I’d like to start drinking wine – what’s a good one? I think my dad told me once that I like dry wines. I have no idea what that means.

    Btw, pointing out that I live 20 minutes from the Napa valley will not have any effect on me.

    ps: join nablopomo with me. it will be fun.

  41. Melissa – How very nice of you to leave such a heart warming comment. I don’t think being this far down the page is a problem, but commenting a day after the post may be, bloggers have such short attention spans. I’m thinking about NahBloMe.

  42. Has it been a day? Ah well. Life and all that. That Canadian broad doesn’t even comment at all anymore.

  43. You redecorated!! It’s lovely ~ aesthetically most pleasing and still very masculine. Good job!

  44. It’s good to see you’re still with us!

  45. I like your new layout. I also like that you’re still posting.

    I hate to be one of those Lurking Mofos, but by the time I get here everything has been said.

    Plus continually losing the trivia game is psychologically damaging for me and is stunting my speech…..

  46. i’m late and you’ve probably already decided about the break thing, not that i’d be any influence, but …. take it. just come back. you amoooose me.

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