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A preview of what’s to come.

Well it’s 3:30pm on Wed the 31st Oct where I am, which means that tomorrow (my time) NaBloMe officially starts. Unlike all those anxiety ridden bloggers out there panicking (where did that ‘k’ come from?) about posting every day for a month, I’m totally relaxed about the whole deal.

Could it be perhaps that I have absolute faith in my writing ability? …Nah. Or maybe I have a secret stash of draft posts just waiting to be published (as has been suggest by a few of my readers)…maybe, nah. No, it’s nothing like that, the secret lies with my complete lack of standards when it comes to posting. Nothing is too mundane, or too boring to be rejected as a possible post by me. But even more importantly, I have been known to publish posts that have said nothing more than I have nothing to post (bizarrely, they always get the most comments!).

With blogging ethics like mine, why the hell would I be worried? But I must confess I do have a secret weapon up my sleeve. Over the past few months I’ve come across some interesting B@rbie pictures which will do quite nicely as a post now and then, in addition to the conclusion of ‘When Hari me Kari’.

Just to get your anticipatory juices flowing, here’s a B@rbie clip I found a few minutes ago (because the one I have been saving for months for just such an occasion has suddenly disappeared! Grrr)…

This one was nowhere near as good as the one that got away. Damned if I know where I put it!!


A technical type announcement about my feed.

Recently the nice folks at Typepad decided to screw around with the way feeds are generated from TP posts, as usual they didn’t tell anybody they did this, and when things went wrong they didn’t tell anybody on the help desk so that they could provide answers to the poor bastards who were affected by their stuff up (or at least they didn’t tell that snarky fucking bitch Laura).

As a result of being left in the dark for several days, and not being able to generate a valid atom feed, I took it upon myself to fix things. What this means is that you may be subscribed to a feed address than no longer exists (the RSS.xml feeds were ok, but the Atom.xml feeds were corrupted). It would be nice if our feed readers would tell us what was going on but they don’t, they just don’t pick up a feed and you assume that there has been no new post.

If you do subscribe to the Dingo through a feed reader (Bloglines, Google reader etc), and you want to make sure you get your serve of Dingo fresh daily, here’s what you should do…

  • Delete the existing feed
  • Resubscribe using the button below.

Sorry for the stuff up.

In other Interweb news..

Fun Monday #39

Here we are again, Monday here and some other day there! This week’s it’s brought to you by the very candid Karina. She wants to see what see can’t leave home without, all that essential stuff that if you forgot to bring it with you, you’d die immediately and the vulchers would tear the flesh from your bones. I’m not quite sure that’s exactly what she said, but it’s pretty damn close.

Being a guy, I don’t really take that much with me under normal circumstances, in fact all I take are these three things. My keys (house and car), my wallet and my sunglasses which are prescription polarised Mako glasses that I got for playing golf but now use when I drive the car. I don’t drive a t night (I haven’t for over four years).

But it would be a pretty sorry post if that’s all I did now wouldn’t it. SO what I’m about to show you is what I take whenever I go to the Coast. I never take any clothes because I have what I need already down there, but there are a few things that I use all the time so when I’m leaving the house for more than a day, or if I’m going to be doing something far from home and will be gone all day, this stuff always comes too.

I’ve had this daypack for a few years now and it suits me perfectly, it has three compartments, the font one that is featured in the closeup that has heaps of pockets, one the same size that I put my big camera and other valuable stuff in, and a big one at the back in case I need to take a change of clothes (if I’m not staying on the Coast).



Now we get to the detail, on most cases all that I take in the pack are these…


You have to click on the big photo, I did something clever.

I don’t have to go looking for all my treasures when I go to the Coast, they all live in one place which is here…


And to put it into perspective…


I hope you all have a fun Monday.


Belle is a bird dog.

Further to a point made in yesterday’s post regarding the sheer insanity of fractions (see I can speak legal too), I have recently discovered that Belle is half Border Collie, half Beagle and half Satin Bowerbird. The devil you say? What in tarnation do you mean? (I got that from the Waltons). Well, you see Belle has this thing about dragging crap from everywhere and making a bower just like the Satin Bowerbird.

This is a Bowerbird’s bower (this is not my photo)…

And this is Belle’s effort…

I don’t even know where she gets half this stuff from! Oh, the other thing she does to prove how smart she is, is to drag the water dish all around the yard thus leaving her and the other guys without water when they’re outside. This doesn’t happen every now and then, it happens every day!

In case any of you are wondering about the things sticking out between the to top of the piers and the bottom of the wall, they are termite caps.

Addendum: I don’t know if you noticed, but all the crap around the Satin’s bower is blue. This is no accident, they only like blue crap. When we used to go surfing on the South Coast we saw them all the time, and they would often come into our camp looking for blue stuff like pen tops, milk bottle caps and plastic straws.

Every now and then we’d be mean to one of them and out a Eveready red ‘D’ battery in its bower and watch as he tries to roll it away from the bower. Boy was that ever fun! (we were such jerks)

If I were a rich man.

(See Jen, I can do lyrics too.)

It seems like ages since I’ve been tagged (not quite as long a since I last had sex, but it’s close), I think it has something to do with me not doing them when I do get tagged. However this meme is from Karmyn, and I’d hate to disappoint her, although I can’t help but think I’m about to.

As near as I can figure, it’s what I’d do if I had a shit load of money. I think the other reason I don’t get tagged much is that I never read what the meme is, actually I got tagged again yesterday, and I did read that one, but I’ve still got no idea what it’s about, but that’s for another day.

Anyway on to the meme. This is actually pretty hard for me because I honestly never think about what I’d do if I won the lottery as I never buy tickets, nor do I bet on horses or anything else for than matter. When I was a kid I used to dream about being well off, but the truth is I actually am fairly well off, and all the things I dreamt about when I was young, I either accomplished or owned at one time or another.

That said, here’s what I’d do if I had an obscene amount of money.

1. End World Hunger.
Sort of, I think it would cost too much to actually end world hunger (or at least more than I’d pay)  so I would just pay lobbyists to have the laws changed so that TV commercials showing poor starving people were banned. Then I’d take the top level executives from the World Bank and the IMF to court on charges of usury. I would then seize their assets and use them to retire the debts owed by third world countries (do you realise that interest on loans from these sharks often exceeds the country’s GDP?)

2. Create Global Harmony.
This one is really quite easy. I’d just buy all the Macs in existence and put them in one of those car crushing thingys. That way no one would argue about which system is the best any more. Why would I destroy the Macs rather than the PCs? Easy, Mac owners are so fucking smug, I’d get the added bonus of knowing I pissed them off.

3. Improve International Culture.
First I’d buy the ABC and fire the numbskull who gave Grey’s Anatomy the green light. Then I’d sell it and buy Fox and then eighty six the fucktard who cancelled Arrested Development. Then I’d sell Fox and buy Sanyo, LG, Sony, Apple and any other company that makes stereo equipment like radios and CDs and MP3s etc and redesign all the audio equipment so that it was incapable of receiving Rap.

4. Eliminate unwanted annoyances.
To achieve this, I’d simply employ an army of contract assassins to kill anyone who answers a cell phone in a restaurant.

5. A few small things for me.
I’d build moderate dwellings (no more than 30 rooms, excluding the movie theatres, games rooms and indoor swimming pools) in Santorini, Monterey and Cape Tribulation so that I could spend half the year in Europe, half the year in North America and half the year in Oz. I’d have really neat cars and boats and jet planes at each house, and I’d pay movies stars to come and get drunk with me.

6. Improve myself.
With heaps of moolah, my thirst for knowledge could finally be quenched. I’d buy a real good book that explains how the fuck fractions work (see #5 for the reason this is necessary), hell I’d get me one of them books on grammer two, then I’d not only be a good talker but a good writer as well.

7. Change my Image.
Any money that was leftover after I accomplished numbers 1-6 would be spent on a massive advertising camapaign encompassing TV, Radio and the print media with the sole purpose of educating the world to the fact that old guys (especially bald, fat ones) are really very attractive.

So there you have it, mostly altruistic goals I know, but that’s just the kind of guy I yam.

Bonus Post.

Since I missed a post while I was on the Coast, here’s a little something extra for you. The regularly scheduled drivel will be posted later today, I think it will be Karmyn’s meme.

For those of you with boys – enjoy, for the rest, be thankful…

Please click here.

Update** Melissa (the one in NZ) just made a good point, the link is safe for work.

Home Sweet Hovel.

Ah it’s good to be home! The peace, the serenity, the high-speed internet connection!!! The car is all fixed and the bank account is all empty, but hey, that’s life in the new millennium. There was a time when getting your car fixed meant taking it to a workshop, having it worked on, paying the bill, and then pissing off.

But that was before the blogorama became a popular form of entertainment. Now you can’t get it fixed without taking pictures so that people on the other side of the world who don’t give a shit about your car anyway, can have images of the event…

I was actually planning to get the radiator fixed soon, so I killed two birds with one mechanic…


And speaking of the mechanic, here he is…


Blogging don’t get no better than this!!