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Fun Monday #35

Fun_monday_2This week Robin (the Pensieve one) is hosting Fun Monday, and as we all know, she’s a bit of a foot fetishist. So it comes as no surprise that she wants to see shoes…

Being a guy, my footwear falls into two categories:- Summer and Winter and two sub-categories:- Inside and Outside.

Winter outside…


Summer outside…


And finally, Inside (I’ll let you figure out which is Summer and which is Winter)…


Well, I guess that’s it. Have a Fun Monday.

**UPDATE** If you’ve ever given me an award, could you please let me know either by email or in the comments, I think I have most of you already, but I may have forgotten one or two. I’ve got a little something I’m cooking up.


47 Responses

  1. You got sucked into nablopomo? Who would do such a thing?!

    I can’t believe I’m seeing a grand total of four pairs of shoes. Where are your tennis shoes? Where are your dress shoes?


  2. I guess that you are ready to put away your winter shoes just as some of us are getting out our warmer clothes and shoes.

    About Nablopomo…you blog about everyday anyway.

  3. I notice your winter inside boots are higher than your winter outside boots. I take it you don’t get much snow there?

    Do the cats use your inside boots as scratching posts? (Not that they look scratched up, but it’s what came to mind…)

    With those boots on, and a pair of boxers, who needs pants?

    They all look very clean. As do your feet. Nice feet, BTW.

  4. Melissa – I don’t need tennis shoes because I don’t play tennis, nor do I wear dresses so I have no need for dress shoes.

    Molly – Yes, I do blog six days a week. I don’t blog on Sundays because no-one reads them anyway.

    Kila – Snow???? I actually do have full length outside boots (ie cowboy boots), but I rarely use them as the short ones are easier to kick off when I come inside. The indoor winter boots are Ugh-boots and are made of sheepskin.

  5. Ahh, Ughh boots, where have all the sheepskins gone? gone to yankees every one.

  6. You have very nice feet, WT, and I’m not just saying that, you know? Somehow I was expecting Hobbit feet. Hairy.
    We wouldn’t have survived this winter without our sheepskins shoes. That’s really why there are so many sheep here. To make foot warmers.

  7. Wait, you play tennis in a dress? No wonder you just gave up and wore flip flops.

  8. nice toes…

  9. Seriously. You have great feet! Love the sandals.

  10. This was exactly the kind of post Robin was looking for.

    Now I’m going to be in trouble because I strayed from the theme… and then I called her loquacious, as well.

    How about Bloguacious?? ha ha.

  11. Not strictly true I do read on Sundays (if anyone has anything to say -sad person that I am). Shoes that are practical and to the point, not sure I was expecting this!! The boots look very cosy. I gave you an award.

  12. You have two more pairs of shoes than my hubby!

  13. Dude, you need to do something with those toes.
    Seriously. Trim the nails evenly. Or something.

    But the flip flops do look pretty well broken in…and therefore comfy. And I’m all about comfort when it comes to flip flops. *snort*

  14. Here in my area, I wear summer shoes in the winter sometimes it’s so hot!

    [ps…I didn’t send you and awards. Dang!!! I am curious now. Oh!!! And I love your Darth Vader entry below. Poor Guy]

  15. Aunty D – They will always be Aussie.

    Melissa – You need them even more over there.

    Janet – Thanks

    Jeanne – Thanks to you too.

    Pamela – Bloguacious could work…

    ChrisB – Yes but your Sunday isn’t the same as everyone else’s.

    Beccy – It’s a guy thing.

    TLG – You need to do something with those eyes. Seriously, they are trimmed even. Some work on your tact wouldn’t go astray either.

    Hootin A – Sounds like it’s pretty temperate where you are.

  16. I wear flip flops year round (Florida). I even have toe socks should it get really chilly…

    You have more shoes than my husband. He owns 2 pairs.

  17. did robin require that bloggers show *all* of their shoes? this could make for some interesting posts….or at least lengthy ones.

    and where are your hiking boots, willow?

  18. See, those are the Uggs I want. I’m impressed you had a pair in 1970. Shows how you wore them when they weren’t cool. I wish it got cold enough here to justify a pair…no I don’t. I hate cold.

  19. Looks like brown is your color**LOL**

  20. What a collection. How do you keep up with all your shoe purchases?

  21. I miss Southern California where summer and winter shoes were the same thing.

  22. Great toes. Flip Flops rule. 🙂

  23. I like a man confident enough to wear flip flops! You have nice lookin feet too!

    Today is the first day that your new look showed up for me…ppl kept mentioning stripes and I thought they were all going mad! I saw the new photo and then the new line in your header but finally today I get to see the new color and the total package!! NICE!

  24. Guys have it so easy. You never have to worry about what shoes go with an outfit or how to fix your hair. And you never, ever have to worry about breaking your neck from wearing a pair of heels–unless your the Artist formerly known and once again known as Prince.

    I love the winter indoor pair. They look so toasty.

  25. your Ugg boots look like my Staheekum’s..Except your boots are taller and the seam is in another place. I have a pair of turqouise cowgirl boots,a pair of hiking boots, running shoes, trail shoes, my Teva river/sailing shoes that I actually wear mostly for the j.o.b. , and a pair of leather sandals. No dress shoes.. mine burned up in the fire and I never bothered to replace them.

    Fun post Peter!

  26. Aw, you have cute little toes. 🙂

    Don’t those houseboots get warm in the summer and your toes freeze i nthose winter flip-flops? I love boots!

  27. I’m a little surprised, Willow. Never pegged you for a flip flop owner.

  28. Okay, I passed on the You Make Me Smile award, otherwise known as the schmaltz award.

    Seriously, though, I do have a question for you. If I were thinking of going to TypePad (which I obviously am) do you have a recommendation on a site that tells you in idiot language how to do it? Something dumbed down for the computer challenged who have gotten really cranky with Blogger’s quirks?

    If you don’t know of anything (or just don’t feel like it) don’t sweat it. I thought I’d try though since you really seem to like TypePad.

    Thanks! (Or not, depending.

  29. What cute little piggies!

    I gave you that Nice Matters award. I am only too curious what you are cooking up.

  30. 1) I just read your comment at Pamela’s. I’m on my way to Australia to step on your naked feet.

    2) I like how you categorize your shoes…simple, organized, no problem finding what you need….

    3) Yeah, you do have nice feet…unless they’re REEEALLY gnarly and you photoshopped them.

  31. The sandals look very comfy!!

  32. Those are great sandals. It would be nice to be pared down (excuse the pun) to 4 pairs of footwear. I didn’t even show my winter boots, but being in Canada, we need that extra pair or two of winter wear. I have snow boots, and town boots for winter. Sure takes up a lot of closet space. You have a good selection.

  33. I like it – simplicity.

    I wear the same pair of Clark’s sandals summer an winter. The only thing that differs is whether I have bare feet or am wearing socks, the latter handknit and funky (a benefit of using a wheelchair is the lack of concern for stepping in puddles and snowdrifts). Yes, I am aware that socks in sandals is an abomination, but I don’t give a rat’s arse.

    p.s. had no idea the trivia contest was a monthly thing. I’ve had a blast, which may or may not be related to being in third place. Me? Competitive? Ok, maybe a little bit… 😉

  34. The flip flops are cool. You could easily wear them here in Florida. But the others? It may have gotten cold enough for those here in Miami once…when it snowed here in the early 70’s!

  35. If there was any doubt about your part of the world having actual, distinguisable season, your shoe collection should clear it right up. Great post, nice footwear.

  36. Shoes might actually be the number one reason why I wouldn’t want to be a man. I mean, nice shoes and all, but…where’s the color, where’s the frilly, and the silky and the shiny? See, I just couldn’t do it!

    Love your flip flops though, those are nice!

  37. Nice, non-hairy man toes.

    I, too, am surprised as I am married to a cross between bigfoot and a platypus.

    His feet are a cross, not him. Well, maybe….

  38. You asked about the awards. Well, if it counts, I was the one that nominated you for the Brainest Award 😉 But it was issued by Kailani at Island Life.

  39. yes, two classifications for shoe types will suffice for a man…. i love being a man

  40. I may be wrong, but it looks like you have small feet. Not hobbit-small, but not size-12s, either.

    And that crap they say about the size of a man’s feet and/or nose in relation to other body parts is SO NOT TRUE.

  41. Speaking of cooking things up, can’t you add a category along the lines of “Cook with Willow” or something – I had to scour the entire site looking for your beans; I forgot it was a Fun Monday thing. Sigh. I’m too exhausted to cook the damn things now.

  42. I’m pretty sure I’ve never given you an award…maybe once…but I think that was an accident.

  43. You have cold winters down there?

    Your shoe wardrobe sure helps when having to make a decision about what to wear.

    I have a bunch of shoes but only a few favorites that I wear year round. 🙂

  44. i have something like that sandles for summer sneakers for winter:) im not a shoe girl…

  45. Good toes, my friend… good toes!! 😉

  46. ACK – more flip flops. What is this world coming to?

  47. My hubby loves those boots, so much so that his sister just shipped a pir to Canada at a cost of $70. Though it may have been the 2 jars of vegemite and the 6 things of chicken salt that upped the price so much.

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