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Presenting ‘the Dingo II’ Award.

boomerangs_smallbOver the past few months I’ve received more than my fair share of criticism awards, and while I make fun of them, I always love to get them. But as you know, it is my policy not to pass them on to anyone as I believe that most of them are really just a way for the originators to get more traffic (as opposed to those who receive them and then pass them on in good faith).

The ones I’ve received have generally been awarded in good faith by genuinely nice, fellow bloggers (except for a few recently that have been awarded simply to see what I would do to the award).

In an attempt to give back to blogsiety, I even came up with my own award, that most prestigious of awards, “the Dingo“. Sadly, it hasn’t proved as popular as I’d hoped (with the exception of Swampy, who bizarrely seems intent on winning it). I’ve yet to see any of the ones awarded so far showing up in sidebars, that may yet change with the next presentation in a day or so.

It therefore gives me great pleasure (in fact, almost as much pleasure as the original Dingo when the batteries are fresh) to present the new and improved Dingo II, which has been created to honour those who have honoured me (ha! and you all thought I was egotistical, lots of people give awards purely on the basis of having received one themselves, and to ensure a steady inflow of awards).

So the Dingo II (or the boomerang as I like to call it, hey why didn’t I just call it that?) is my way of saying thank you (or if you’re too dense to get it by yourself, “what goes around, comes around”) to those who have complimented my work here at ADGMB. This way I get to give out bling to worthy bloggers without being part of someone else’s agenda. And in truth I can’t think of a single regular reader of mine who wouldn’t qualify for any or all of the awards I’ve been given up until now.
boomerangs_smallThe inaugural recipients are (in no particular order):

Pamela of The Dust Will Wait.
Swampy of Anecdote, Antidotes and Anodes.
ChrisB of Miss Cellania.
Susan of Are We There Yet?
Beckie of Give it a Try.
Kila of Momto3cubs.
Laurie of Three Dog Blog.
Min of Mama Drama. (not actually an award)
Jenni in KS of Prairie Air.
Joy T of A Spot of Tea.
Jen of A Snowball’s Chance.
RC of Confessions of Rotten Correspondent.
Shades who wishes to remain anonymous.

If I’ve left you off the list (and I’m sure I’ve left people off), please forgive me, it wasn’t on purpose, I just never kept a record of who gave me what. Let me know and I’ll add you.

I’ve included two different sizes so you can take whichever one (or both) that suits your requirements.

37 Responses

  1. That’s very nice and tasteful – no-one will mind putting THAT one on their sidebars.
    Um, I’m probably the last one to the party here … but in the DGMB pic top left … were her knickers always halfway down???

  2. Much preferable to the original dingo.

    At least for a sidebar….

  3. “…almost as much pleasure as the original Dingo when the batteries are fresh” Huh? Did you switch teams?

    OK, breathe, refocus…

    The award looks great! I love it. Good job. (You and I seem to like the same colors.) Thank you very much. I will be proud to display it on my shelf.

  4. you are hilarious.

    and i think i have to re-register for your trivia game under my actual name. now that i see that not ALL of the quizzes are australia-specific.

  5. You’re so sweet if someone poured water on you, you might just melt ;).

    (nice job, Peter)

  6. “You like me, you really like me.”

    scratch that.. it has already been said.

    really pretty award peter. I’m putting it in my side bar.
    thank you.

  7. Love your header! Yeah, the fuzzy green meat probably will give you a belly ache.

    This boomerang award is a really neat idea.

    I don’t think I know of another blog that wins as many awards as yours. You’re a popular dude, huh?

  8. What a nice thing to do. This new award is lovely. I was a bit afraid of that other award.

  9. I love your boomerang award and I will display mine with pride so thank you 🙂

  10. Your new award is lovely and clever.

  11. Okay, okay, I did come mostly to play the trivia game. But the award is very nice. I am always in a quandary what to do with the awards. I know that there are usually rules. Pamela had a good solution of reflecting back on the giver. Your new and pretty Dingo does reflect back on the giver. Nice work, Peter.

    (I do admit to feeling a little glee at seeing my initials above glenyalla in today’s trivia challenge.)

  12. hey–thanks for the award, willow.

    but can i have the cash equivalent?

  13. This award is much more tasteful. I love the boomerang idea, but now I will be singing this song all day: http://youtube.com/watch?v=a5gMeXz2YMw
    I haven’t displayed any awards in my sidebar because when I had too many things over there I got complaints that they were blocking the posts for some people. I don’t know what *that’s* all about.

    I had forgotten your trivia quiz, so when I saw it mentioned today, I decided to try signing on one more time. I actually got in! And then I couldn’t believe that’s what I had waited for. Um, just who is “challenged” by these questions?

  14. I’m glad you explained it. I was all “What’s a Dingoll?” I suspecting it was like a dingleberry. Do you have those in Australia?

  15. Aw, thanks, Willowtree. It’ll go at the top of my side bar. Well, not at the very top, just where the awards are. *grin* And I’ve missed out on trivia, but that’s okay.

  16. You old softy you. What a cool award. No vibrators or anything. Wow.

  17. I don’t get an honorable mention for wanting to give you the SMILE award but not because I was being too damn nice cuz you were running out of room on your sidebar…that and the lack of headroom in the blog world?

    Just so you know I would display the first Dingo on my sidebar…I wouldn’t be embarrassed by it or afraid of what others thought about the looks of it!

  18. thats supposed to be “but did not because” NOT “but not because”

  19. If i didn’t know better i’d say you were tryin to get more side bling bling;)

    but of course i know better cause your just that kind of a sweet guy:)

  20. I love all these browns and pumpkins. Very nice.

    I’d like to thank you for not creating the “A Dingleberry’s got my Barbie” award. Although maybe you could make one for Jenny.

  21. I think you should call it the, “I have too much time on my hands so I’m making up a non-award award to buy comments with.”

    Wait… I already won, didn’t I? I don’t need to be snarky anymore. Where’s the fun in that, though?

    Melissa, is this a self promotion post? Might also be an award post.

  22. ps: Mark and I tried our best to increase your dingo popularity.

  23. pps: I liked the original Dingo – it would look especially great with someone who’s a Dirty Uncle.

  24. 1. I am hesitant to put a dildo on my sidebar because my mother reads my blog. I might offend her, you know!

    2. I am blog-constipated at the moment too.

    3. I bought you something in Daktoka. I’m thinking of sending it in the same box you sent me just so its well-traveled.

  25. 4. Are we doing a list now?

    5. I like lists.

    6. I don’t really have anything else to add, though.

  26. 7. Count me in on some Listage.

    8. It was my idea to get you something from Daktoka, I’m just a broke ass student, so Marnie had to buy it for you.

    9. Lists Rule.

  27. 10. She better be sending me something Daktokan. Perhaps some dust, or a picture of the flat, flat terrain?

  28. 11. I’ll see what I can do Melissa. Would a box of fresh, fall South Daktoka air suffice?

  29. 12. I ate kangaroo in Iowa.

    13. Does anyone else find it self-indulgent that “A Dingo’s got my Barbie” is in the “Blogs That I Read list in the left column? I’m imagining WT sitting down at the computer in the morning and saying to himself, “hmmm… I wonder what I wrote today?”

  30. Jenni in KS – It’s a shame your derision wasn’t matched by your performance, you came in 16th out of 21, so obviously you were more *challenged* than 15 others. It would have been 16 if I hadn’t missed a question by accident.

  31. WT interrupted the list. Bummer!

  32. I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you kids were playing a game, and that my comment didn’t count (that’s a pun, get it?)

  33. WT, you’re so witty.

  34. I like your awards and your reasoning behind them. I think I like this one best, actually…

  35. Very cool. Ok I’m going to admit I clicked on it to see if it changed into anything obscene. What? You never know around here. So thank you very much, this is very nice of you.

  36. Me too, Joy T!! Shuuuuddder thinking about that ‘burger’.

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