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WT’s Trivia Challenge Award.

For those of you who have been playing the Daily Trivia Challenge, you may have noticed that the cumulative scores have changed. That’s because it’s a monthly tournament and the September one has finished.

So what does this mean exactly?
It means that Melissa has won this spiffy new award!

These are the final standings:

  1. melissa (153 points, 6 wins)
  2. glenyalla (145 points, 8 wins)
  3. Lene (124 points, 2 wins)
  4. KarmynR (118 points, 3 wins)
  5. beccy (101 points, 1 wins)
  6. BlueMomma (93 points, 0 wins)
  7. chrisb (85 points, 0 wins)
  8. mjd (75 points, 0 wins)
  9. Sixy (56 points, 0 wins)
  10. notadingo (49 points, 1 wins)

15 Responses

  1. Girls rule, boys drool 😉

    Congrats, Melissa!

  2. Love the “green meat is bad for you”!

    Working on movin’ up this month. This really isn’t good for me – I’d gotten a handle on the compulsive competitiveness and now see what you’ve done…

  3. Honestly, I was too chicken to play.

    Well, that and the whole time thing :/…

    Hmmmm, looks like Melissa won a little somethin’ after all :). I don’t hear her cheering for Mark right now ;).

    (you go girl!)

  4. I didn’t attempt it. Trivia is so trivial.

  5. Quizzes, especially where one has to identify oneself and therefore reveal what a buffoon one is are too much like ‘exams’. The reason why people, hate exams WT, and this I am sure is all but beyond your experience, is that it is such a rude, rude, shock when you think you have done so well only to discover that you have actually bombed out rather badly. Such as what happened when I did the link to a quiz you posted here not so long ago. Nup nup nup. Not playing.

  6. I promise to play it more than 3 times this month

  7. Congratulations Melissa.
    Boo hoo I’m a loser but it’s fun trying. Everyday I try to get under 60 seconds but somehow the old brain doesn’t engage quickly enough!!
    At least I’m on the leader board but maybe everyone is!!!!!

  8. Congratulations to Melissa, Platypus award is the best-looking award ever. Well, the award is very nice.

  9. As it couldn’t be me I’m delighted it’s you Melissa, well done.

  10. LOL way to go melissa

  11. YAY Melissa!

  12. omg YAY!

    I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Now that word of my trivia fame has leaked onto the internet, I can’t get the papparazzi to stop hounding me.


    Robin, October is Melissa’s Month. She WILL win the Dingo. I Assure you of that.

  14. So much for my trivia prowess.

    What a loser I am. ~sniff~

    Congrats to that fast know it all Melissa!

  15. 4th? Dang – it was those Australian questions that threw me. (did you know I tend to get kind of competitive when it comes to game playing?) I am ramping up my scores.

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