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Mofo pet update

Before I begin, I’d like to reinforce what Molly said in her comment about yesterday’s mofo delurk post, I’m not telling anyone to do anything; a) because I have no right, and b) you wouldn’t obey me anyway. It’s just a list of some things that in my experience I’ve found useful, and Claudia, yes they are all my own thoughts.

Ok, on to the post…Man I just have to tell you this!! I have just had the best blog hopping session ever! I went all over the blogoshpere and only came across two Word Verifications, it was heaven on a stick! Now I’m not suggesting that WV should be banned forever, occasionally you will write a post that attracts a lot of spam, I once wrote one about all the spam vi..gra emails I was getting and got flooded with spam for a few days so I just turned it back on for a couple of weeks until it died down again.

To show my appreciation to you all (well at least to the pet lovers out there) for putting the fun back into commenting, here’s a couple cutesy clips. They are a bit long (both are around 2 min) and the first one is pretty boring, hmm long and boring, I could be describing my life so far.

Anyway, please take your seats, the show will be starting shortly (oh, and before I get the obligatory fart reference, that was a leather recliner making that noise towards the end)…


Just to show it’s not all peace, love and harmony around here, this clip was taken the day before the one you just saw…


And finally, for the bandwidth challenged out there, who can’t see the videos, here’s a photo. This will show why it’s so important for you to make it as easy as possible for me to comment, as you can see I’m already battling against significant inconvenience when it comes to typing…


I actually took this photo just now while I was waiting for the videos to upload. If you’re trying to read what it says on my sweater, it’s Cooperstown. Oh, and don’t make fun of my pudgy little hands, it was the camera angle.


50 Responses

  1. FIRST?!

  2. this may be the most gratuitous pet post yet.


  3. Another significant contribution from DUM.

  4. I like that photo. And okay, won’t make fun of your hands,mine don’t photograph well either; but is that a smidgen of “executive silver” we spy in the bit of beard? (We aren’t allowed to say the “g” word in this house, it’s banned.)

  5. I expect WT will use some excuse about the flash effect of the camera making him “look” gray, but the truth is the constant harassment from Melissa and I have turned him gray. He stays up late at night without sleep trying to come up with good comebacks.

    “Yeah.. well the jerk store called….” Doh.

  6. This man runs a CLEAN ship. No dust on the desk, no coffee rings anywhere, no dirty dishes on the table, no floor lint on floors or the animals and none of those trails of gunk on the walls that correspond to the height of the four footed inhabitants. Now all of that deserves an award!!

  7. Any man who sits around with his cat in his lap is alright in my book.

    Even if he has pudgy hands and a gray beard.

  8. Mark – That comment was so lame it actually made me laugh out loud, well done!
    And it’s grey over here, most folks around here are intelligent enough to spell things as they have always been spelled in books since they were first written, rather than catering to the low end of the evolutionary scale and changing the spelling to a phonetic representation. We also still know how to use ‘u’ in a word too, as do the Canadians.

  9. Nice work. My dogs heard the cat in the clip and spent the next five minutes barking furiously and running through the house looking for it. They’re really sweet, but not the brightest bulbs.

    Cute clip, I’m just not sure it was worth the aggravation on my end.

  10. Love your clips! Well Said…that’s why you have such a large fan base!

  11. are those rose colored glasses you’ve got on? kinda looks like it. No wonder it looked nice out

  12. Hey – in that first video, I think I either heard some birds singing – or a nose whistle.

  13. Leather chair. Suuuuuure… Very adorable bonding (although I was suprised that Belle didn’t choke on the leg). About the second video – do you ever interfere in their fights?

    And that last picture? What an awww-inspiring moment.

  14. Cute, very cute. I love your videos. The photo looks very familiar. I’m on my laptop with a cat squished into my visible lap and another one on my chest. I’d take a picture, but I can’t reach the damn camera.

  15. Thanks for that very prestigious Ding-Bat Award. If you go visit, you’ll understand my absence and please know I’ll be back with an appropriate acceptance speech…but for now, well, I dealing with a very odorifous situation…AGAIN!
    See you when the dust clears.

  16. That first video was like a nice, calming bedtime story. I thought, “My God, I can hear the clock ticking!” I don’t think I ever hear that around here, LOL.

    The second video made me laugh. Sorry, Beau.

    Your photo reminded me of typing while breastfeeding.

  17. I love the part in the second video where the other dog comes to investigate, only to retreat almost immediately.

  18. Make fun of you? Us?
    And now I need to go back and watch again to listen for Karmyn’s nose whistle.

  19. You have dogs?

  20. Watch out, everyone, WT enforces British English spelling on his blog. Spell like an American and get made fun of.

    Over at my blog, you’re free to express yourself in the comments with whatever spelling you prefer, and there’s no pressure to “de-lurk.” Ever. I am quite fond of my “lurkers” actually. Stop by sometime, and don’t worry about commenting or your spelling.

  21. Yeah definitely nose whistles. And I don’t think I believe you about the leather recliner…

  22. Ok I think I need to go to BeauBelleanonymous. Hi. My name is Joy and I can’t get enough videos of Beau and Belle.

  23. Dear willowtree. The oldtimers are playing it cool.

  24. Ok no comment about the leather recliner or the pudgy hands. I have taken off my WV but if I get masses of spam I will blame you!

    The first video had me oohing and aahing is that English!!

  25. I can’t believe the power of WT, one post and we all remove WV, just imagine what else you could get us to do!

  26. You are getting sleepy…sleepy…you feel calm and relaxed…you have an uncontrollable urge to send naked pictures of yourself to WT…snap! you are wide awake and remember nothing.

  27. RC – That happened to me once while I was watching one of Laurie’s clips.

    Jeanne – Aww thanks, but most of them a just come for a cute fix.

    Claudia – No they’re not coloured, it must have been the flash.

    Karmyn – A polite person would have ignored it.

    Lene – No, I rarely intervene unless it sounds like someone is in distress.

    Kaycie – Luckily my camera was on the computer desk.

    Swampy – You’re welcome, glad you got it.

    Kila – Nope, no breastfeeding here.

    Kalin – He’s like that.

    ToB – Hmmmm

    Min – I used to, now I’ve just got fleas.

    Mark – *Ignoring*…But you’re welcome to try to increase your readership by whatever means you feel necessary.

    ToB – Hmmmm

    Joy – It’s a twelve step program, start by talking to Mushu.

    LMM – Holy shit, you’re out of control! Two comments in two days!!!

    Chris – Don’t blame me, it was ultimately your decision. OH hey, do you need any vi..gra, or maybe I can offer my banking services.

  28. Buddy ALWAYS cracks me up with his superiority complex…or indifference. He has no use for Beau and Belle’s shenanigans.

    Bless Bentley’s heart…he thought about it for half a second, then just threw in the towel…

    Cute….reeeeal cute.

  29. Buddy and Bentley…..ahhhhhh…bliss;).

    Uh, yeh, it’s the camera angle. Sure. If you say so.

  30. i love the videos, but you knew that. i always love your dog and cat videos, especially when they star my dog, belle.

    i also now love (a) your piles of afghans (i thought it was spring there now?) and (b) your beautiful hardwood floors.

    why do you wear a stocking cap while you surf the web?

  31. Despite seeming pudgy, Hands looks like a nice cat!

  32. Yeah! Just like I said, you’re not the boss of me!

    And like I’m soooo sure that wasn’t a fart in the first video. He who denied it supplied it. Hey, we had beans for supper last night too. You don’t see me denying anything.

  33. I would just like to say that as crazy as I think some of your spelling is, I can’t spell grey the American way. It just doesn’t look right and I think it would make me break out in hives to use that spelling. After being corrected and told to spell it with an “a” so many times, though, I sometimes get confused when I’m typing. Yesterday I caught myself typing “greay”. It’s the same phenomenon that causes me to trip over the word Arkansas after having lived in Kansas for the last 16 years.

    BTW, Na loved your pet clips. She would like to know why all your pets have names that start with “B”. I asked her why most of our cats have Spanish names, and she said, “Yeah, that’s what I’d like to know, too!” She has nicknames for some of the cats because she has trouble remembering and pronouncing their names.

  34. I am in love with your pets! Buddy just cracked me up with his look of indifference or was it arrogance? It almost looked like he was saying “I’m SO board!” Funny Funny Bentley! Who knew Beau was really a chew toy?!
    Wait! I spied outdoor shoes on indoors…what’s up with that?

  35. Love the pet videos as always.

  36. Fine damnit. I turned off the freaking word verification. Are you happy now? If I get flooded with spam then I’m blaming you.

    (You do know that your cute pets are your saving grace?!?)

  37. I love how Buddy and Bentley just know to stay the hell out of the way. Smart guys.

    I can relate to cat/typing related issues. I’m getting clawed right now. Clawed with love of course, but clawed.

    And woo-hoo Cooperstown! I tried to arrange to take my hubby there for our honeymoon, but we couldn’t get enough time off after our wedding. I’m thinking we’re going to try to go for our next anniversary.

  38. I wasn’t aware of the fart noise.

  39. Awww, Bentley ran away from the fighting. Poor guy. I have to say for someone who tries to be as crotchety as you are these pet videos kind of negate your image.

  40. What kind of fresh comment war has been unleashed here? See what I miss when I get away from the computer?

    Min and Kila cracked me up. Unfortunately now I have an image of you breastfeeding.

  41. ps: I thought that was Bentley with Beau until the very end of the first video. I’ve got a keen eye for detail, oh yes I do.

  42. That is the most precious picture. It makes me want to get my kitty cat and curl up with her. Cat even has it’s paw curled around your arm. Awwwwwwwwww.

  43. They are so cute, I am going to renew my efforts to persuade Tom to get a dog or a cat or both or two of each so they can have friends!

  44. I love the peace of snuggly puppy and kitty.
    Have I mentioned that The Contessa has gotten very lovey in the past six weeks.

    I wake up sometimes and she’s on my chest…purring

  45. Okay – so you’re not supposed to swat and beat the cat away when you’re trying to type? Who knew?

    And I am SO not surprised to see dog hair on your sweater.

  46. I always blame it on the chair too….so don’t feel bad;o)
    Loved the clips and love seeing your fur babies!

  47. The blog whore in me says, “hey”. BTW RePete loves your videos as usual.

  48. Oh, thats the sweetest photo ever! Makes me miss my kitty. Not that she was ever that loving. You think a kitty on your arm is an inconvenience, though? Try doing it with a squirmy pair of twins on your lap!

    (Pair of twins… is that redundant? Would that make four kids??) hmmmm….

  49. hmmm whats mark talkin bout WT? i never once heard you makin fun of my spellin?

    btw bout time you brought some photos and clips of the pets back i was going through withdrawls.

  50. After I die I want to come back as one of your pets. They live the good life.

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