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Of Cakes and Bloggers

Why is there a cake tin on my computer desk?


That’s an interesting question, and for an answer we need to go back a couple of days to when I received an email from a fellow blogger who, along with another blogger, was making his way back to Gympie after a holiday in Sydney. He knew that I have policy of not ever wanting to meet fellow bloggers in person, but he had also read my post where I actually met one and wasn’t too scarred by the experience, so he asked if I would be up for a brief get together.

My initial reaction was "Fuck! How did he get my email address?" followed by "If I just ignore the whole thing he’ll assume I didn’t get the email".  After thinking it over, and deciding that as he was older than me, if things went bad I could probably take him, I replied "Sure why not, but don’t expect me to talk to you."

And so it was that Peter and Wazza showed up at my refuge for cats, dogs and people that hate everything…


Wazza (on the right) isn’t really as angry as he looks in the photo, yet strangely enough, Peter (on the left) who is smiling, was one cranky son of a bitch! Just kidding, they were both good blokes and we had a lot of laughs in the short period they were able to spend here.

So what’s all this got to do with cakes and dogs having severe pain inflicted upon them. Well let me splain. I’m a big fan of the CWA and what they stand for, so knowing that two itinerant bloggers were heading my way I made this cake…


Yumm, looks good eh? It was a Tea Cake, and we each had a small slice. Now this is where the story takes a turn for the worse. Seeing as these two bloggers were on the road and hadn’t had regular internet access for a while, I offered the use of my connection to check their mail, which Peter accepted, but Wazza being only semi-literate declined, as it normally takes him several hours to read a couple of emails and they didn’t have the time.

And so it was that while we were all in the computer room, Belle came trotting down the hallway carrying the cake tin in a scene reminiscent of Oliver Twist asking Mr Bumble for more. Having lived with Belle for the past three plus months, the warning bells started ringing immediately, so excusing myself I raced back down the hall only to find the cake that was sitting on the table awaiting our return had disappeared without a trace.

I’d love to show you photos of what happened next, I had my hands full doing in impersonation of Homer choking Bart! However, Peter took a picture of it so if he sends it to me I’ll post it.

As a postscript, Belle was funny to watch for the rest of the night. She was obviously feeling the effects of her over indulgence (it was a pretty big cake, full of sugar, flour and three eggs) that had only had three small slices taken out of it. She was slow in her movements and couldn’t stay awake, but neither could she seem to get comfortable. Serves her right!


43 Responses

  1. . . .frist

    What a coincidence! They look uncannily like the Peter and Wazza who called in at the caff!

  2. that’s my girl, belle.

    the same thing happened at our place a while back. john and ann from duluth brought a blueberry pie that ann had made. their dogs, pal and burly, were with them. burly is big and old, pal is fast and young (or was–he got hit by a car and is now dead and so not just slow but immobile).

    while our backs were turned, one of them ate the pie.

    ann and i are pretty damn sure it was pal. he’s fast. and nimble. but john refused to believe it. he’d put months of intensive training into that dog, and he coudln’t bear to admit that it hadn’t taken. so he decided to blame poor burly instead.

  3. Ha! That is so funny! Poor Belle! I hope she didn’t suffer too much from her over indulgence. Now it could have been worse, My Bella has eaten or destroyed half my garden while I was away and her very own bed. She obviously has a cast iron stomach as she has no remorse what-so-ever.

  4. You know what Belle was thinking right?
    “Dumbass human leaving a cake on the counter top.”


    My dearly departed cat, Dempster, used to raid the fridge and breadbox. Our dog used to be his accomplice. Together they tore through steaks, sausages, loaves of bread, cakes, cupcakes, muffins and bacon. Many times.

    We eventually put a lock on the fridge. Seriously.
    And, we turned the breadbox around to face the wall so Dempster couldn’t open it, though he tried many times to turn it around.

  5. What a coincidence. . .my parent’s dog, Bella, (who used to be our dog but she was dognapped and prefers her new home)does THE SAME THING. She finally taught them their lesson after two whole pans of cornbread disappeared.

  6. Pete! You’re not a complete hermit! Amazing!

    That cake looks delish. Do you ship to Canafornada?

  7. Small children and pets clearly have lots in common!!
    Nice cake. I love that sort of tea cake. Very hospitable thing to do, making them a cake.

  8. HA! I think most of us with pets have had that happen. My mum baked a cake in the shape of a piano once. Just before all the children arrived for a party she caught the cat eating it. Luckily it only ate the piano stool and nobody noticed. I always wondered if there were any lick marks on the rest of the cake that she pretended not to see before she fed it to us. My cats have eaten all number of things from my benches. I caught Oreo my special needs cat sitting on the bench licking a stick of butter I had got out to soften the other day. Perhaps she is not so silly after all.

  9. You’re lucky she didn’t lose the cake all over your house. My black lab, who is the stupidest dog ever born, loves to eat the metal part of pencils around the erasers. She’ll pull them off tables, counters and under furniture (kids, you know).

    One of these days she’s going to see the light when one of those jagged pieces of metal comes out the non-chewing end.

  10. You are the sweetest man you ole grouch! You knew they were coming so you baked a cake. Belle is my kinda dog!

  11. All food in my house has to be guarded or put away. Cats can get it from anywhere, and Jack can chew through anything. Really. Anything.

  12. This surprises me and doesn’t at the same time.

    Sweet–in more ways than one!

  13. Letting kitties cuddle while on the computer, baking a cake for blogging buddies. I love it when I’m right about people.

  14. No Apathy Ball for Belle

    I would have loved to been in that house with the two Peters.

  15. At least you got a photo of it.

    Damn kids.

    (The guys aren’t buried in the backyard, are they?)

  16. Too funny! 🙂 Trouble walked off with a ham years ago…. My Bella chewed up a couple ( separate incidences ) cases of coffee cup tops for the go cups…they were every where..then she chewed up the weight bench…stole about 15 socks..a t-shirt…she steals skeins of yarn and decorates the yard with it…

    The cake looks really good!

  17. This story brings back memories of when our dog ate embees dinner and when she stole the girls Christmas choc. Remember I’m partial to a cinnamon bun (I’ve just checked the link so cinnamon tea cake will be just fine)!!

  18. Pamela- Hahahah

    WT, Of COURSE I still love you. Do you still love me since you beat me today?

  19. Beat me. TeeHee.

  20. I have a pic of Hamish with front paws on the table diving into Na’s birthday cake. By the time I caught him, he’d eaten quite a bit. I was less concerned about the china and the fact that he could pull everything over if his nails got caught in the tablecloth than I was that he had eaten SO much cake and that it was chocolate. He’s a small dog and he probably ate his weight in chocolate cake. Worried as I was, there was still time for a picture. I need to write more pet posts.

  21. Caroline – I believe they both have twin brothers, so it may have been possible.

    Laurie – Yes she’s your girl alright, and we’re waiting for you to come pick her up.

    Karisma – I haven’t even mentioned all the genuine destruction she has wrought, it would be too hard to keep that post light-hearted.

    TLG – You know what I was thinking? “One more stunt like that and you’ll be getting a dose of lead”

    Sabrina – She’s a real piece of work, but really lovable.

    Melissa – I could.

    the other Melissa – Yes, I thought so too. Obviously Belle didn’t agree.

    ToB – This story will contain a stool too.

    RC – Agreed, and I was expecting it too, but it never happened.

    Lisa – Yeah I’m a sweet guy. If it’s ok with Laurie you can have her.

    Kaycie – I’ve never had this problem before, but Belle is a climber.

    Robin – Yeah, I’m a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

    Joy T – I’m just a victim of circumstance.

    Pamela – Ahh, I’m pretty certain that in America, that means something dirty.

    Kila – There are another couple of photos that I’ll post when I get them.

    Katie – It was, and I was really looking forward to afternoon tea!

    ChrisB – Just let me know what time you’ll be here.

    S.Jenn – I beat you? Sweet!

    Jenni KS – Yes you do.

  22. This also made me remember the time Tamsie ate das dinner, we found it funny but dad wasn’t at all impressed!

  23. At least she didn’t eat the knife. I had a boyfriend once, who thought he’d teach my begging cat a lesson, and coated a piece of leftover venison roast in hot sauce and caynne pepper. He thought it would teach the cat to leave stuff on the counter alone. He was wrong. And yes, I made him clean up after the cat for the next three days. Relationship ended after the cleaning.

  24. Poor Belle. You must keep sweets away from the kids.

  25. That cake looks delish! Belle’s cuteness saves her doesn’t it? If not send her my way! But she has to bring her favorite chew toy!
    The most recent pet incident in our casa was our geriatric dog pulled a pan full of grilled Brats and Steaks down from the counter and cleaned the entire pan.

    Did you get any Crocs?

  26. and it’s a wise dog owner who makes non-chocolate desserts! My two biggish dogs have trained the littlest one to go from the couch to the counter to the microwave to the top of the fridge! I now stash all non-dog friendly foods in the oven. I occasionally forget to remove them before preheating the oven but that’s another story for another day. Glad that Belle recovered.

  27. I don’t blame Belle, it looked really yummy!

    recently read a study that was done – (too small to be properly scientific) a bunch of grad students trained several litters of dogs, using both verbal cues and visual signs. Not one of the beagle pups learned the verbal cues, but they did quite well with the visual.
    While different litters responded differently to visual/verbal, the beagles were the only litter that did so poorly on verbal.

    Thought of you…

  28. That was freakin’ hillarious WT! Thanks for the laugh.

    By the way, I stopped by to tell you that I have a follow-up post up today, and you earned a quick mention in it. Just a thank you for a comment you left…sort of. 😉

  29. LOL! Poor Belle!

    P.S. Thanks for the award! Although, I guess I should thank myself since it was my act of awarding YOU that earned me this prestigious award 😉 I think I’ve gotten more awards during my blogging hiatus than I ever got when I was blogging every day! I should fall off the face of the earth more often :/

  30. I’m laughing at the whole scenario – because here is WT – self-imposed recluse who has met more bloggers than anyone else! And poor Belle – eating the cake he made to entertain other bloggers!! (she must not be used to having cake in the house).

    When Zeus was a young dog I had gone Christmas shopping – came home and laid all my bags on the couch. Had to leave again and when I came home – Zeus had gotten into EVERY SINGLE bag – chewed all the tags off of things but had ripped open – through the cellophane, and opened the tin of chocolate-covered raspberry cremes. (I called the vet immediately and when they said he would most likely be okay due to his size I got angry). When Dave got home, Zeus was literally running in circles around the house. I believe my words were “Take YOUR dog for a walk, right now”

  31. From the looks of it, neither of those boys needed any cake.

    Don’t tell them I said that, tho. HA!

  32. Oooh! Shame on you, Belle! You’ve made a liar out of your Auntie Jen, who thought (until now) that only a friend’s beagle got up on top of tables and counters and ate things they weren’t supposed to.

    At least you’re not rolling in the dirt with Leo…

  33. hey, if i ever make my way down under, i sure hope you don’t ignore my email to meet you up, willow. if you do, i won’t be able to play with you anymore.

  34. I’m totally swinging by for tea and crumpets. I’ll bring Mom so you actually answer the door.

  35. OOoh, I weally fwightened now.


  36. I mean, oooh, BELLE should be weally fwightened.

    *mutters something about too much wine last night*

  37. so if i ever make it to oz so i can go diving on the reef you gonna bake for me to? your such a gentleman;) hope belle isn’t feelin to bad.. LOL she is going to keep you on your toes.

  38. so i looked at that tea cake recipe. does it have to be margarine? can’t it be butter?

    i think i’ll make it.

    and keep it away from riley. hahaha

  39. Hi WT, first thing, thanks for the slice of tea cake… it was as good as it looked (would’ve loved another slice) also thanks for being sociable and such a good host (for someone who hates people that is)
    I’ll email you the picture of the remonstration with Belle after the cake incident.
    Enjoy your solitude.

  40. Dear willowtree. Reminds me of the time my parents had friends around a couple of years ago. Dad had a lovely rotti, she was super sweet. Well, mum had the tea and coffee and after dinner booze set up on the coffee table, but before they indulged, everyone popped out to the pool for a swim. Then, when they all come back in, mum poured out coffee for everyone and grabbed the cream. And there was no cream in there – the dog had drunk it all (and didn’t break the cup). There was also the time she ran through the yard with a silverside dangling from her mouth – she’d grabbed it from the bench. And the time with the dead possum, but that’s just gross.

  41. She’ll eventually work off the sugar high with her chair climbing arobics.

  42. I can’t really see you being too mean– I bet you picked her up and baby talked her. I can’t wait to see the picture!

  43. At least Bella’s farts will smell, erm, sweeter.
    My old dearly departed dog used to fart for England, so we had to be sooo careful what she ate.

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