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The Dingo Award Sept 07

Welcome to the September 2007 Dingo Award Ceremony.

**Important notice! If this post shows up in your reader, don’t be fooled, it’s not a new post, I’ve just moved the award down a little bit so that you don’t see it when you get to end of the Fun Monday post. I don’t want all them Fun Monday people seeing it and wanting one of their own, the Dingo™ is far too prestigious to be handed out willy nilly!

There’s been altogether too much sugary sweetness in my last few posts, so much so that I’m feeling positively hyperglycemic (if you don’t know what that is, its the opposite of hypoglycemic, that was helpful wasn’t it), so now it’s time for a shot of insulin before I expire from cuteness overload. And here it is.

For those of you who read the comments I get here at ADGMB, and have been following the voting over the past month, it would come as no surprise to find that the winner of this month’s Dingo award goes to none other than Mark of Dirty Uncle Mark fame. Mark was by far the most decisive win we’ve seen here at ADGMB since polling began. With a massive 67% of the total votes, DUM left the competition in his wake.

I’m not really sure how he managed to end up so far ahead of the field. It may have been his pure obnoxiousness in ignoring the content of every post written in the past month in favour of coming up a comment that sought to deride the author by categorising every post, rather than actually commenting on the post itself, or it may have been his desperate attempts to swing the votes towards Melissa, his nearest rival. But more likely it’s because I voted for him every couple of days, but even without my help he would have been a clear winner as he was 56 votes ahead of his nearest competitor.

If you were surprised at Mark winning this dubious prestigious honour, all I can say is "You wouldn’t be if you extracted your cranium from your rectum long enough to read some of his efforts" and here are just a few…

  • "I think the 500 posts break down as follows:

    2 – (as pointed out by Melissa) of your naked body and creamy white thighs 5 – "photoshopped" photo posts 20 – "serials" 23 – miscellaneous 450 – Pet photos."

  • "You know, Melissa, I’d completely forgotten about the 20 or so food posts that WT has done. Shall we call this 21? Except it’s really a hybrid post, a noxious hybrid of bragging and food."
  • "Melissa, you’re absolutely right, let me recalculate: 2 – of your naked body and creamy white thighs,

    5 – "photoshopped" photo posts, 20 – "serials", 23 – miscellaneous, 100 – complaints about not winning awards/winning awards, 350 – Pet photos."

  • "Melissa, slight modification; A post that tries to hook readers by promising content, while delivering none. With optional media to add to the illusion of content. (Now with more self-promotion.): 2"
  • "Melissa, I didn’t comment last night because really, there’s nothing to comment on. Look at this post. It’s a prequel to a serial. He’s simply telling us he’s going to write posts about meeting, screwing, and marrying his wife. What is that? I don’t even know how to class that one in our WT post counting system. This may be a whole new area."
  • "Melissa, I think this one goes down in the "desperate for content," and "stringing readers on for a serial," categories. There’s no disrespect in being desperate for content, WT, we’ve all been there, right Melissa? You ought to know better than to string your readers on for that serial you promised last week though."
  • "I’m trying to remember what blogger it was that used to whine and complain about not getting any awards. Now I can’t count all of them on both hands. They do say that the squeaky wheel gets the oil."
  • "… perform a pap smear"
  • "You know how I know you’re gay? Three hundred and Fifty-three (353) pet photo posts"
  • "It comes as little surprise that Willowtree LOVES a musician named Dickey Betts, but doesn’t appreciate things like soap, or treasured items like dog teeth. Big Surprise. Do I even need to say it?"
  • "You’ve got to be kidding. You ridicule me on my blog for writing about a "scratch" whereas you are so desperate for content you blog about the exact same thing two days in a row? Really? Melissa, this one goes in the same categories as yesterday as well as pet photo post. I’ll be back next week when you’ve got some new, original content. Did I say next week? Next month. How’s that Serial coming?"
  • "*looking to Melissa* Pet Post? Close enough for me. 361."
  • "Melissa, that’s perfect. We’ll count this as 1 of many to come."

Minx_award_smallSo there you have it, just a small sampling of DUM’s unwavering support for me as a fellow blogger. If you are confused as to why he addressed so many of his comments to someone who’s blog this isn’t, then join the queue. And as with last months award, I didn’t go back looking for the worst
of the worst, these were just the ones at the top of the list after I
sorted it by name.

If you think I harbour a grudge against DUM then you are 100% correct, but not because of his comments, which I actually find very clever and often quite humourous (although always obnoxious). No, I hate him because he stole the love of my life right from under my nose! (although what she was going on my top lip I’ll never know)

Congratulations Mark, I hope you and your Dingo are very happy together.

PS. For those who don’t know him, Mark is a really good guy who is just having some fun, but now it’s my turn.

Oh, I almost forgot! Mark, here’s a nice photo for you to put on your wall somewhere…



29 Responses

  1. Oh, come now. Don’t forget Mark is the one who wears those “leisure suits” that the rest of us grew up hearing referred to as “dickies”. Hell, my grandpa wore ’em all of the dang time, and that’s exactly what my mother called them every birthday when we went to the store to pick him out some new ones.

    In other news, I have decided to disable WV for a while. Mostly for you, but also because I got one on my own post that said “bburke”. Ick. Not ironic. Not even funny.

  2. Congratulations, to Dirty Uncle Mark, it seems quite fitting that the prestigious honor goes to a dirty uncle.

    (Now, we never have to see the Dingo Award again…I say ever so quietly.)

  3. Don’t get your hopes up, mjd, I’m sure it will be trotted out again soon. Condolences…er, congratulations, Mark. I’ll be coming by to see how proudly the award is displayed.

  4. Congrats Mark!
    I am looking forward to seeing who the next set of contestants are!

  5. I’ve read Mark’s comments so now I have to go see what the man who shares my man’s name is all about.

    My dad has a really bad joke that HE thinks is really funny. He always says to BN, “Your name sounds like something a hair-lipped dog would say…mark-mark, mark-mark.” Like I said, HE thinks it is hilarious. My BN must really love me to still be here today with all that abuse.

  6. OOH – you got him where it hurt – his Mac!

  7. It’s because I wrote Vote Mark everywhere I went (well, mostly just at Melissa’s). Don’t deny it, I’ve got POWER.

  8. Snark Queen has finally found her Snark King.

    The world is now at peace.

    Peter, be glad that I am no longer yours… you couldn’t afford my vet bills.

  9. It’s nice to know that Steve Jobs can grow facial hair while Boy Wonder can’t.

    And WT, listen to marnie – You have no idea how much it costs to get a 30 year old woman de-wormed

    Oh yeah, thank you, thank you, thank you very much.

  10. Shades – Yes, he really is cute in those dickies. There should be an award just for that.

    MJD – What? Are you crazy? The award is the only thing this blog has going for it!

    Jen – Good on you, he’s always trying to get my peeps to go visit him.

    Kaytabug – The panel is in discussions even as we speak.

    Robinella – I haven’t heard that joke since I was a kid. Yes, by all means go and visit Mark, he gets lonely over there.

    Karmyn – Hopefully.

    Simply Jenn – Yes that would be it, it’s all because of you. In fact you should see if you can share it with him, just don’t forget to wipe it first.

    Marnie – Don’t be so hard on yourself, despite what’s written on various toilet walls, you’re neither a bitch nor a dog.

  11. Mark – Your comment appeared as I was typing mine, seems we both saw the same thing in Marnie’s comment. Too bad I didn’t come up with your angle though, I think mine could be a bit high risk.

    Well done on the award.

  12. Asshole. I made the right choice. My LAWYER will be in touch. I’m taking Belle, Beau and your hat collection.

  13. Jeeezus not the hats!!! You can have the pets, just leave the hats alone!

    Hmmm, I should have listened to my instinct on that smartass reply to Marnie. Well at least now I’m glad I didn’t marry her after all, sheesh what a grouch!

  14. Ha! Go Marnie! What will you do without the cute little furry babies? What will all the videos be of? Your deep breathing?

  15. Love the mac joke, you picked a good one there.

    I hope the amusing running commentries are not going to flounder now the month has drawn to a close!

  16. What does it mean for Marnie to be “going” on your top lip???!!!

    I am so pleased to be passing the torch…or dingo…or whatever…I was scared to touch it!

    I thought Mark and MARNIE were an item (although he only exists in smilie faces…;) ). Why does he keep talking to MELISSA??

    (my dog just woke me up…3 in the a.m….talk about a b!tch!!!) (I was talkin’ about the dog, not myself.) (although being woken up at 3 makes me kinda twitchy…….)

  17. Congrats to Mark on a well-deserved award.

  18. Go Marnie! Take it ALL!!

  19. Gee, lucky dirty uncle mark. Clap clap.

  20. I’m enjoying my Dingo…but I had a lot more fun playing with Robin’s.

  21. hey, willow–an award for you at my place.

  22. I guess it is good to win something.**LOL**

  23. I’d like to thank the blogosphere for recognizing what it takes to win the Dingo, and saying with their votes “MARK HAS WHAT IT TAKES”. Kudos to all of you.

  24. Awwww another Dingo Award victim. Congrats Mark! 😀

    Marnie I hope you do take it all! 😀

  25. I wonder if this award will be proudly displayed!!

  26. That was a good Mac joke.

  27. This is awesome! Mark is a character! Now I’m all interested in this Mark fella. I’m off to read Dirty Uncle Mark!

    But I still love me some Willowtree, of course…

  28. i don’t know mark…so not gonna comment on him. just wanted to say that that ‘go fuck yourself photo’ on top there is just a bit disturbing (not that i’m adverse to those things..i just think it’s the furry stuff around it), but for some reason my eye keeps getting drawn to that. lol

    btw…i came here by way of rotten correspondent’s blog.

  29. damn i don’t know, i think i might skim the post from now on and go straight to the comments

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