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Fun Monday #36

The inimitable Pamela from the Dust will Wait (who incidentally is possibly the nicest blogger ever to have blogged) is hosting this week. Pam has stepped it up a bit form "show me your front yard" to "show me where you live", which I think is a spiffy idea!

I will confess that I’ve had a bit going on lately, so I didn’t go out and take pictures specifically for the Fun Monday post, which I normally do. But hey, it’s not like someone came and changed all the landscape over night!

1. My place form across the field…

2. Looking left from my driveway…

3. Rocks in my backyard…

4. Bentley trying to get back in…

5. A sunset from the front porch…

6. Two pictures of the same tree…

The first was taken in the middle of a heavy storm when the clouds opened just enough for the sun to light up my place, the second is why I don’t cut it down.

7. Some cattle grazing 100 yards form my driveway…

8. Some pig shooters stopped for a chat (again, taken from my front porch)…
If you look closely, you can see the frames on the back of the two trucks on the left, they have wild pigs on them.

SO there you have it, not all that spectacular, but that’s part of the reason I like it here…it doesn’t attract crowds!


50 Responses

  1. so….are you saying that i’m NOT the nicest blogger ever to have blogged?

    nice pix. i really like where you live. i’d love that remoteness, myself.

  2. oh wait, am i supposed to say ‘FIRST!!!”???

  3. Third! Oh… wait. That doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it.

    Your place looks absolutely beautiful, WT. With the exception of the dead hogs, it looks very much like what I dream about. I love the tree, too!! Totally jealous. You make my neighborhood houses seem kinda silly. xoxo mate!!

  4. First, I have to agree about PamelaPamelaJamela being one of the nicest bloggers to have ever blogged…(or, if you read it the first way I typed it: the nicest globber to have ever globbed.)
    Second, your pics are why I love visiting your country and the people who live there are another. I have to say that the Aussies are some of the nicest, most accomodating people ever.
    Third, the drugs have not worn off, so I’m not responsible for anything I say at anyone’s place for another few days. Another trip to the dentist is on my agenda tomorrow.
    Fourth, am I fourth? By the time I get this thing posted, I’ll probably be tenth. But Laurie posted twice, so does that make me tird, oh I mean third?
    Tenth, have a nice week.

  5. FIFTH! Dang WT, I came over here to leave you a mean comment (probably because you are SO not nice to me), but instead I have to say your pics are gorgeous and make me wish I didn’t live in a neighborhood with people. Now a neighborhood with cows….. that’s your thing I guess.

  6. Where you live looks spectacular to me or at least spacious. Your tree in the storm pictures are fabulous.

  7. Gorgeous pictures. It’s kind of wild looking where you live. Is most of Australia like that outside of the populated areas?

  8. Great pictures! Love the sunset one and the tree in the storm. After my battle with the chaos of commuting today, I think you win.

  9. Somehow, I just KNEW there would be pets and animals in these photos.

  10. “not all that spectacular”. Are you shittin’ me?? I’m very much a city person, but these had me reconsidering. Y’know, if the country was a tad more accessible…

    That picture of the tree, the one from the storm? Took my breath away. Incredible.

  11. Great pics. A wonderful view!!

  12. Very spectacular if you ask me. You are too modest.

    Did I just say that? Duh. I take it back.

  13. Nice wide open space – can’t beat that!

  14. Beautiful pictures, Im ALMOST jealous, but not quite since you really are not that far away. HE HE

  15. Fabulous photos, I love where you live it’s just beautiful and that sunset – gorgeous

  16. Laurie ~ Of course not, I’m just saying that Pamela is.

    Amanda ~ I just came from your blog, ‘silly’ is not how I would describe you neighbourhood houses!

    Swampy ~ I’ll get back to you when I’ve figured out what you just said.

    S.Jenn ~ I only respond in kind to the way I’m treated.

    Molly ~ Thanks.

    Kaycie ~ It’s not really wild at all, as it’s all grazing land. We are a large country with a small population and there’s not much outside the coastal fringe.

    ToB ~ The SRA is enough to try anyone’s patience.

    Tiff ~ Well at least you weren’t disappointed.

    Lene ~ Thanks, it is an unusual picture. Yes, the country would be a lot better if it was in the city.

    Debs ~ I try not to take it for granted.

    Blue Momma ~ Too late!

    Beckie ~ Nope.

    Karisma ~ You do realize that this isn’t on the Coast don’t you? It’s just south of Tamworth. But you are right, it’s only 3 hours away.

    Alix ~ Thanks, it’s a choice between urban stimulation and rural isolation.

  17. That’s a really nice post Willowtree. You are lucky to be in such a beautiful place.

  18. Don’t you just love those W I D E OPEN spaces???? I sure do! Great storm pic…actually I enjoyed them all!! Think I need to book myself a trip!

  19. Didn’t realise you were just south of Tammworth. I lived there (although most of it in town) from age 7 to 14. That’s why I can sing country music so well. (not really)

  20. Sigh. Yes… big sigh. except for the dead pigs.
    Poor little guys. (I’ve heard you don’t want to meet up with a wild hog on the rampage. so maybe they aren’t so sad)

    I must paint the tree.
    The pictures are very inviting WT…. they say: Come enjoy the peace and quiet.

  21. I just knew I’d love your country pad. All that space no pollution, beautiful sunsets sounds like the perfect holiday destination to me!

  22. YOU are SO lucky!! That is beautiful! A great place to live. I bet there isn’t a day go by without you thanking your lucky stars to be living in GOD’s Country!!!! [Bentley too]

    Great Fun Monday

  23. i could sure live there, want to house swap then?!

  24. Seventy-fifth!!!
    Nice surroundings … it’s lovely to be in the middle of nowhere. Very peaceful. Except when the Posse are scrapping, I suppose.

  25. Wow! I only Thought I lived in the country! Awesome world you live in!

  26. Gorgeous photos! Lovely neighborhood!


  27. Looks quite spectacular to me. Well except for the pigs. And I happend to have some cattle near me. Across a big field and out of sight but some times they can keep me up all night with their mooing.

  28. I want to come to your house. Please invite me and I will bring beergaritas. You will learn to love them.

  29. I love the storm picture. That dark midnight blue sky is beautiful.

  30. I may have to sort through my picture files to do my post as well. Once again I procrastinated, planning to take the pictures this morning, but now it’s raining. Bah.

    I love your pictures and I think where you live does look spectacular. Some of those pictures look like they could have been taken around here. Maybe not everyone would think where I live looks spectacular either, but I like it:o) There’s beauty everywhere if you look closely enough.

    Now, what kind of tree is that on the left side of picture #3? Is the bark stripped off of it, or is that how they normally look? It has a very interesting look to it.

  31. When you figure out what I just said up there, would you let ME know?
    I’m going back to the dentist today for more drugs. My comments may just get better and better.

  32. I was supposed to visit my hubs in Australia back when we were in the Navy but his commander let the sub run aground in Japan and then there was this whole changing of command thing and stripping of stripes and whatnot and damn, the trip to Australia was cancelled. Can you imagine the disappointment. UGH! Of course I would have been visiting the populated area and not this gorgeous country. It’s so wild and untamed. Kinda like me. *snort*

  33. Beautiful pics of a beautiful part of the world! It is now totally understandable why you live where you do…

  34. Looks great to me! Great scenery, and more animals than people, perfect!

  35. Looks great to me! Great scenery, and more animals than people, perfect!

  36. Peter,
    Thank you for those breathtaking photos!! You must love where you live, I can’t imagine living a scene from a Discovery Channel show!!
    Thanks too for leaving me a comment on my breatfeeding post! My Fun Monday pics are up if you want to check back.

  37. Hmmm….I’m willing to bet YOUR neighbors don’t have loud music going on ’til all hours of the night. (Truthfully mine don’t either, then again they don’t moo)

    You live in such a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Lucky bastard. Want to host a lovely family of four for an Australian vacation? We’ll even bring a dog with us.

  39. I saw you on Brenda’s blog and was impressed that right off the top of your head you knew what mode was… I was way off!
    Great place to live… do you have to feed the dingos barbies to keep them happy?

  40. that’s a lot of beautiful land–and i love that tree!

  41. Not spectacular? Those were some amazing photos. I love the two of the tree, and can see why you wouldn’t want to cut it down. Beautiful place you live in!

  42. Just found your blog – and glad I did. Your pics bought back some wonderful memories of travelling/working up and down the east coast on cattle and sheep stations. Can’t work out where you are in Australia, but having read your profile what need do you have for the pinstriped suit? Can’t see much call for it out there; or is that the pig hunting uniform?

  43. I am loving the views from your place & would just drop everything to come live with you but for two things 1. I assume I’d have to take an airplane to Australia, which would be a problem as I’m deathly afraid of them 2. I don’t think with the unobstructed views I’m seeing you have a Target within a couple of miles? You have a beautiful hood.

  44. Those are great photos. I love the way it looks around your area. It reminds me of my trip to Australia. Your trees are so different there. The cows look pretty much the same though. You have a great view.

  45. beautiful Peter! I love seeing your views, your countryside! Thank you!

  46. Georgous,Beautiful,Spectacular photos! I love them. I love wide open spaces…someday I will live in the country! I would love to visit AU and you!

  47. Absolutely. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

    And I don’t care what you say, you lucky bastard.

  48. Wow, your pictures are very neat, looks like it’s very pretty there, and it’s a place that I really want to visit:o)

  49. Must be nice to live without breathing down your neighbor’s neck. Beautiful sunset pic and I LOVE the tree-in-the-break-in-the-storm shot, too! I wouldn’t cut it down, either!

  50. Hello! I found your blog from Junebug. Just wanted to come by and say hello. I’m looking to meet new bloggers! Have a blessed day!

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