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I’m plumb tuckered out.

Whoa, that was a big Fun Monday yesterday! I’m blogged out and pooped so I’m just posting a picture and a video, neither of which are mine. Plus I visited a blog buddy today so I’m a bit tired form that too.

Update** I’ve just been tooling around on YouTube and stumbled upon this episode of Star Trek, now I’m a long time Trekkie, but for the life of me I can’t rember this episode called "Lethal Atmosphere" do any of you remember it?

Ok, back to the post. Here’s why I’ve never done the face recognition thing…

And now for a clip, this one never fails to mesmerise me (turn the sound up just a bit). You really should watch it a couple of times…

Oh ok, here’s another inspirational poster…


37 Responses

  1. Hey! I recognize that family! You know they have another couple of kids these days.

  2. Hi Karisma! You’re supposed to yell “first” !!
    I think there’s a new baby in that family. Yikes. I hosed myself at the caption!

    Nice music, it was very entertaining!

  3. I have seen the music one before but have just enjoyed it again.

  4. whoa, that poster!
    offensive in so many ways. i love it.

  5. That episode of StarTrek to my breath away, but I scents a disturbance in the “Force”.

  6. I was going to say it was crap, but I don’t think it went far enough.

  7. Star Trek *and* a fart joke–now *that’s* funny. Why are farts so funny anyway?

    Your little inspirational poster there is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while, though. Frickin’ hilarious!

  8. Okay. I have never found farts funny. Maybe its because I’ve been a mother so long. When you get a couple boys in the car and they start farting and laughing I DON’T think its funny. I now tell them before we get in the car, “No farting.”

  9. The fart video was hilarious!
    The music one was interesting.
    That last one is defiantly a circus of freaks!

  10. All I could think through the first one was “Crane. Denny Crane.”

    And who knew we didn’t need people for music anymore. Awesome.

    The poster is hilarious. So I should feel better about my clown car that shot out only five kids? I can NOT for the life of me understand. The sex can not POSSIBLY be that great. Hello birth control? Long time no see.

  11. yep, mesmerized by the music clip. in the beginning, desperately WANTED TO BELIEVE that this goldbergian contraption exists somewhere, in some corner of an eccentric man’s house – but when the balls started going back in to the cups I gave up believing. Still is an amazing visual representation of music. Should be used somewhere in teaching music.

  12. 1) I provided the sound clips. ‘scuze me!
    2) Amazing
    3) Where are the other wives and kids?

  13. What man and woman in their right mind would want that many kids?

  14. Ew. Yeah, that’s it. Ew. Although the music video is pretty cool.

  15. Maybe if the dad in the third poster farted more they wouldn’t have so stinkin’ many kids.

  16. LOL!! you are dangerous with highspeed access!

  17. that music video is cool. (such astute comments i leave here. you bring out the best in me. or something.)

  18. That poster is just freakin’ hilarious. Thanks for sharing. My goal, once upon a time, was to make a bumper sticker that would offend everyone. “Nuke a gay baby black whale for Jesus” What do you think?

  19. Sadly for me – that family lives in Arkansas. Draining our resources, I tell ya!

    Had to chuckle at the Star Trek vid – too funny! And I usually HATE fart jokes.

  20. That family….I need to go rest just looking at them.

  21. It’s not a clown car!! ha ha ha ha ha! That’s just PLUMB great, as you would put it. I know some people who could use the reminder…..

  22. Amanda Text me a while ago “Check out WT’s blog….that last picture is you-know-who”. She was right.

    Okay – no way is that music video real. It has got to be digital because I can’t believe those little steel balls would hit those wires EXACTLY every time.

    First Darth Vader and now Star Trek? Have you no shame?

  23. ohh my gosh that last one is just to much LOL

  24. For someone who claims to be all hermit-y and averse to interacting with fellow bloggers, you sure go on a lot of blogmeets…

  25. I cannot imagine having that many babies come out of my. . . well. . .and I cannot imagine having that many kids in my home or that many dirty diapers, that much clothes to wash, that much food to cook, the list will never end. Count me out. 6 is more than enough, we’re done!

  26. Karmyn posted about Chili that was out of this world, too. Well, you didn’t post about chili… but they must have been eating it.
    I watched ALL the star trek episodes.
    So I know that old Vulcan saying: “Only a Klingon would fart in an airlock.”

  27. Loved the music clip. You’re right, it is mesmerising!

  28. Sorry, can’t help you with Star Trek, but my brother and my mom could. I remember it often being on our home TV.

    The celebrity photos are hilarious!

    All the kids came running to see the music video! Very cool!

    I’ve long been mesmerized by the Duggar family. The parents are so calm and happy, and their kids are all so damn cute, and generally well-behaved. Have you seen the TV shows about their family? (That’s an old photo. There are now 17 kids.)

  29. Re: the amazing machine – WOW! That’s incredible. I saw where a couple of viewers were doubting the authenticity. What do you think?

  30. Cheaper by the Baker’s Dozen. Look at those dresses. Are you sure there is not a clown car someplace?

  31. That music video is outstanding! Thanks for sharing that.

    Good heavens, 17 kids. Two was more than enough for me. Have you seen their website?

  32. OK WT can you get along with a new post I keep seeing I am plumb fuckered out! Thanks!

  33. I think a television program about that family would be fascinating (in a moribund sort of way). They all look so fucking happy, there must be something seriously amiss, aside from the obvious. The title is beyond me, I know what a vagina is. No, really I do, no need to explain that part.
    But I don’t understand the connection with clowns or cars. I’m a bit frazzed too, perhaps WT you could kindly and patiently explain?

    The clip is exhausting, and fascinating. Very clever. Who did it? And what for? No wonder you’re tum pluckered after that lot.

  34. No draining of the resources by the Duggar family,,,and there’s 1 more by the way, another one was born in August. They pay their own way, both Dad and Mom have their real estate license, own commercial property, and he’s a former state representative. He’s also quite wise in his financial endeavers. They just moved into their new 7000 sq ft home that took them 4 years to build (mostly on their own) and it’s free and clear of a mortgage.

    Can we say live and let live here?

  35. I’m thinking it’s not a clown car by now, but maybe a clown triple decker bus!!!

    I think she must wear a belt around her knees until the baby comes or it would surely come early.

  36. My dad co-wrote the Star Trek clip, Hmmm to the second picture, we have both dvds of the third pic, and WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE?

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