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Wall a’ll be dahned who knew?

Thank you all for participating in "WT’s brain buster", and thank you even more for not getting it right. Well that’s not strictly correct, LMM who disappeared without a trace some months ago must have some sort of ‘prize radar’ set up in Molvania, because literally within minutes (ok, 2 and a bit hours but that’s still 130 minutes) came swanning in and gave both correct answers.

Too bad Little Miss Molvania, I’ve got you on a technicality! You said "Is it Wallabadah Rock?" Well yes, in fact it is, but… you didn’t actually answer, you asked! Ha ha ha! Rumpelstiltskin would be proud of me! And darned if you didn’t go and do the same thing for the Swannies, who were originally South Melbourne! But being a fair both in mind and visage, here’s what I’ll do, if you send me $20 I’ll send you a stamped self addressed envelope.

Come on, it was a joke! Send me your mailing address and I’ll send you some Vegemite, but since you’ve got rellies coming, you may want something else. Just let me know what you want and I’ll see if I can get it for you if it’s not too outrageously expensive.

For those of you who said a termites nest, this is a termites nest…


That’s a termite nest in a nature walk behind our house on the Coast, and that’s my best friend ET next to it.

Wallabadah Rock is the second largest monolith in Australia (which makes it significantly larger than a termites nest, or a hairy tit or camel’s hump for that matter). It is apparently the plug in a dormant (or is that extinct?) volcano. The Sydney Swans on the other hand are an AFL team that relocated from South Melbourne around 1980.

And because no post is complete without a gratuitous pet pic, here’s the one I promised you. This was me and Belle shortly after I discovered the cake was missing, I like to call it "Why you little…"

Before you call the RSPCA (or Humane Society), this was done as a joke and Belle was not hurt or frightened in any way.


28 Responses

  1. thank you thank you Willowtree. yay I won something! My self confidence, after being away from the blorld (blog world) so long is low, hence answering a question with an answer, i mean, a question. (BTW I always read your blog via google breeder. And now I’ll be swanning off again for a week or so) (and I’m not sure I like the connotations of the word ‘swanning’. Makes me sound haughty and stuck up…. I guess I can live with that).

  2. Does ET need a shoehorn to get into those shorts?


  3. oh and?


  4. That LMM is very clever. Yes Belle looks like the dog who got the cake!!

  5. Little Miss Moi, that was mighty impressive. Second comment and all. Doubly so, as you live way over in Kiev. Well done. I didn’t think anybody would get it. Did you know that its Australia’s second largest monolith? I lived up the road from here, with a clear view of it from my bunker. Some people find it creepy and reckon it causes them sleepless nights.

    WT, Belle is clearly in incredible agony in this shot. You cruel, cruel man.

  6. LOL! Shoehorn! I’m going to show this pic to my kiddos so they will stop laughing at old pictures of him in shorts. Clearly they don’t know what short shorts (for a guy) are. I hope it doesn’t give them nightmares.

  7. Belle might not be frightened, but she looks like she thinks you’re a wanker…and she’s wondering when she’s going to get more cake.

  8. Leave it to you to find a loophole in your own contest.

  9. I can see from the expression on Belle’s face that it’s a joke. She has this “Here he goes again” look.

  10. belle does not look the least bit frightened.

    she’s practically rolling her eyes.

  11. Belle is totally mugging for the camera! She’s looking right at it, probably thinking “are you getting this?”

  12. Belle is just humoring you, you know? Yeah, you do. Thanks for the pic.

  13. I love the way Belle is looking/smiling into the camera and thinking, “He doesn’t scare me. As soon as he lets me go, I’m off for more cake.”

  14. “Shoehorn” is going to be my new non-sequitor comment.

    Belle is looking at us like, “help me, blogland. He won’t leave me alone”

  15. My little dog likes it when I play with her like that. She wags her tail.

  16. volcano plug – omigoodness

    So, add that to my list of things to see when in Australia.

    I just hope it stays plugged while I’m there.

    I miss squeezing my dogs neck His was huge and so soft and fun to ruffle.

  17. Just wait until Belle’s blackmail demands over that picture start rolling in. You’d better start baking now.

  18. *shrug* She doesn’t look hurt or frightened, either.

  19. Belle is as cute as a button…even in a choke hold! I have GOT to show my kids that termite hill. Too cool!

  20. yeah, Belle looks REALLY scared. (yes, I am being very facetious.

  21. ET looks like a gay Billy Bob Thornton.

    And Marnie? Omg, your comment made me howl laughing. Shoehorn for shorts; priceless.

  22. You know, I hadn’t noticed the shorts. Of course I HAD to go back and look then.

  23. There are/were volcanoes in Australia? Hmmm, interesting, I didn’t know that, will have to do some Googling.

    Marnie, it figures you would notice the shorts, LOL 😉

    Congrats, LMM!

    Belle sure has grown compared to her baby picture.

  24. Wallabadah rock? You Aussies have some neat names down there. Just a guess but I bet there was beer involved when they named that rock 🙂

    That is quite the termite nest. We don’t have termites in our neck of the woods. Or if we do, there isn’t many of them. Too cold in the winter for them I guess.

    Love the look on Belle. Very cute pose.

  25. Okay – something about this is pornographic. Who is taking this photo?

    Poor Belle. Poor, poor Belle.

  26. Belle is probably enjoying the attention! Those shorts are so SHORT….OMG!! My husband has a pair like that…I don’t let him out of the house in them!

  27. C’MON people! Doesn’t anyone else think ET looks like Billy Bob Thornton in that photo? Gay Billy Bob Thornton.


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