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A Dirty Uncle Video.

Hey guys, Dirty Uncle Mark just sent me a video, you wanna see it? I’m not sure if it’s actually Mar(k)nie1 and Mar(k)nie2 in the clip or if they used body doubles, but I know that Mar(k)nie 2 (the Daktokan one) is doing the singing.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with these two international love birds, you’re lucky…

Shoehorn eh Marnie? Ok…

If you don’t like love stories, here’s one of my clips…

Mark, you may categorise this however you like, but I’m filling it under "More sappy cross border romance with a pet clip for those who prefer real life."


27 Responses

  1. Alberta? That is where I live. Vancouver is a very nice place too. I could live there…if it weren’t so expensive to live there. We were just there in the beginning of September. The unfortunate thing is it is 1200kms away…

  2. Alberta from Vancouver. Now, that was really special. I’d like to post something equally special from America from the Rude Pundit. I am. however, afraid that ears and eyes might be crazed and glazed.

    WT please give me specs on accepable links, visuals, and language. Many thanks, C

  3. wow.
    I’m third.

  4. That made me smile, a nice way to begin the day 🙂

  5. Funny.

    My puppy gets into everything. She is driving me nuts.

  6. Very interesting, isn’t love wonderful?

  7. ah, willow, you coudln’t pull the chair out for poor belle?

    they are so damn funny. all dogs. i swear to god.

  8. Thanks for the laugh WT, after the week I’ve had I really needed it.

  9. Okay, I loved Avenue Q, and I can’t think of a better use for that song LOL And poor Belle. Not such a little puppy anymore. I can identify with her. It’s always sobering when you begin outgrowing things *sigh*

  10. I’m still reeling from ET’s shorts and the shoehorn.

  11. A good laugh to start the weekend with – thanks!

  12. Poor Belle! She is just getting cuter and cuter. As an added bonus, you now know where to store the partially eaten tea cake!

    Thanks for your comment yesterday. I think the guys around here call them bull racks ’cause it makes them feel tougher. It’s all about perception, you know.

  13. Belle made me laugh. The things these wee buggers get into and then freak out because they can’t get out again…

  14. Shoehorn!

    Marnie’s only not responding because you posted on Grey’s Anatomy night. I’m sure that’s the reason.

  15. hahahahahaaha – wait a minute. I didn’t know Marnie had a pussy – I thought she only had a dog.

  16. and i can’t wait either, neither could beau

  17. I, too, was busy watching Meredith and company on Grey’s, but WTF is mark? Defend the honor of your woman, mark!

    Jealous Aussie man….

  18. Thanks for the intro to Alberta. My eyes will never be the same. 😉

  19. Pants-wettingly funny.

  20. I’m seventeenth! Or so.
    Marnie has a cat?
    Belle is too cute.

  21. Ohmygod.

    People are wondering why I am wiping Coke off my desk and monitor and laughing out loud when I have a very serious deadline.

    I’m thinking this deserves retaliation. Lots and lots of retaliation.

  22. TLG – That was yesterday, and it was the fashion when the shot was taken, get over it.

  23. i smiled along to the video right till the last line when I choked on my lunch. Too funny!

  24. Is that a table with a shelf underneath it? I can’t figure out why the dog dish is underneath the top.

    Belle is so cute. Also Marnie, who comes across well in pencil.

  25. The first one made me laugh out loud.

    In the second one, how did Belle’s dish get there?! You meanie. She sure is growing, so apparently she does get to her dish fairly often.

  26. Uhhhh…I’m in the “business center” at the hotel right now. I don’t know if it’s wise to watch that top clip in a public place. Maybe I’ll just wait till I get home.

  27. I had to come back and say very funny! I didn’t get to finish the video the first time – too many darn kids around here.

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