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I’m not mean!

There were a couple of comments about yesterday’s post, relating to Belle, the table and why did I put her bowl there. Let me splain…the table is a breakfast nook type table and the the shelf is to put (I think) place mats and other assorted crap such as salt and pepper etc. away so that you can read a newspaper or whatever you do when you’re not eating breakfast.

Why were was the bowl there, and why was I being mean to Belle by putting it there? As it happens I wasn’t being mean to her, that bowl was right where it has been for the past four years and actually belongs to Buzz and Booey. I have fed them there without incident for four years. Neither Bentley nor Buddy ever thought of trying to get to their food and everything was just fine…


The cats got to eat their dinner in peace, and the dogs didn’t cost me a fortune in pilfered cat food…


That was until Belle showed up! From the very beginning she was a climber, and used to climb up the latticed side of the table to get to their food. She got so good at it that I had to move the cats’ food higher up (onto another table, but she can still get to it) in an effort to maintain some shred of sanity at mealtimes. I just wish I had got a picture of her as a pup climbing the table. Hang on, I think I’ve got something…


It’s not actually of her climbing (which used to be pretty funny) but rather shortly after she made it to the shelf. Here’s yet another clip of the youngsters from a couple of months ago…